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Importing is for Pre-Order only? I'm Shocked...

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Awesome videos.
Is the Rock's eyebrow moving up & down in the video?

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@yani said:

" There is already a multiplayer mod out there somewhere.  Need to try and find it once I'm done withe the story.  Rolling with a gang of dudes and blowing stuff up and doing insane stunts should provide endless entertainment.    With multiplayer you should be able to multi tether no? "

JC2-MP, At the moment the Multiplayer is only in Vehicle form you can't see other players on foot. But It is only still in Work in progress.
I had fun with SA-MP and we already know these guys are capable of doing this kind of mod, It looks great as it is now I can't wait till it's finished.
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FireFox for me, I've planned to move to Google Chrome I really like the UI and all, But without the two main addons I use. Adblock (Adblock for Chrome doesn't block Ads from downloading only hides them) & NoScript, I'm slowly moving over I use Chrome for some websites but FireFox is still my primary browser.

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