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Hentai is lumped in with anime right? I choose that one.

Wrestling porn is vastly inferior. I also choose the animes

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@behardy said:

Small Business Man! (Listen to the bombcast and you'll quickly understand).

Oh the Adverts at the beginning? Yeah I listened to one about a month ago and lost my shit. it was hilarious!

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I would have guessed that about Dark Souls. It's a hard game to get into if you don't have the right mind for it. Despite those things related to Brad being hilarious, I am reluctant to believe them! As much as I want the tattoo one to be real

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I think a survival themed game through the hills and abandoned cities of Northern France would be awesome. Maybe Squad based, but a third person shooter. Something that really hits home the desperate situations of some of the men that were a part of that war.

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The Notebook

The Road

these are the two big ones that come to mind

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Hey... I hope a few of you remember me. I took Ryans death pretty hard and haven't been on here in... forever.

What memes or inside jokes have I missed? Someone help me get up to speed

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Get a tattoo. Your body is a canvas waiting to be covered in art.

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I also had a problem figuring why I liked that game so much. It was a satisfying super meat boy that rewarded you with a floor full of gore for your efforts.