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More games need a Hard Reset-ish approach.

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Kalameet kicked my ass for such a long time. I needed that tail gone.

I've never thought of Artorias as hard. He did take me plenty of attempts but I found that fight to be the most fun I had in the entire game. It was such a blast to keep going back and try to duke it out.

By sheer number of tries though, Ornstein and Smough were it for me.

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So basically there's a snapchat icon in a framed picture in a Black Ops 2 map. People put two and two together, added callofduty on snapchat and then there was this.

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Is Call of Duty one of the most pointless franchises to tease with ARGs? Or is it just nice to see something different? It'll at least be interesting to see where they go with gameplay after Advanced Warfare.

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Amazon and Green Man Gaming are two that I still use semi-regularly.

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Has Rogue Legacy been a PS+ game before?

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Bike or Bike

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@insidioustuna said:

@nolastname: different people have different favotites, but you and your friend should watch the Best of Giant Bomb videos on YouTube. There's like 60 of those, but they're all super-well-done compilations that are like 10 minutes each. Check out a few of those. Glad you're enjoying the site!

Links: xpantherx's "Best of Giant Bomb" and TheBurlapLemur's "Bitesize Bomb"

xpantherx makes his highlights on a relatively concurrent basis with what's being put up on the site. From memory TheBurlapLemur makes his as he works through the Quick Look backlog, slowly catching up to today. I should mention that there is minimal crossover between the two.

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A much needed board.

RTJ2 is my album of the year. Blockbuster Night is fucking hype.

Finally got around to listening Ab-Soul's latest, These Days recently. Thoroughly enjoying that as well.