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Yep. Just turn around fan 1 to make it an outtake.

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SupernormalStep, get bent! That is awesome.

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I want to know where this cynicism goes when the gaming media interviews developers or reviews games? Watch out, we got a lot of Twitter bad asses over here.

Typical gaming media, on Twitter, after seeing the demo of Military Shooter 2012: Beige with lots of explosions. Yawn.

Typical gaming media reviewing Military Shooter 2012: 11/10

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@EvilNiGHTS said:

...couldn't the person who augmented Jensen's vision have just put in brightness/contrast settings?

Then how would tell other people to "Deal with it?"

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The Dark Mode weapons are so annoying to use. I modded out the effect on PC because I couldn't play the game with it. Apparently they didn't address it for the console version.

Hey, could you explain to me how to mod out that effect on the PC version? It's really annoying to me, to the point where I am using worse swords so I don't have to see it. Thanks.

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I finished my Dark Mode game a couple days ago. Went with a Sign heavy build except for a few skills in the Swordsmanship tree like increased roll distance and less damage from backstabs. My main potions were Swallow, Petri's Filter and Tawny Oil with the liberal use of Grapshot and Dancing Star bombs when I had depleted my Vigor.

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Movement is the only thing I liked about using the controller. I tried for an hour before I went back to keyboard and mouse.

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You went too far.

This video is still great.

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Last May, I chose Roche then I played again and chose Iorveth. For my third, Enhanced Edition playthrough, I chose Roche again. What I love about The Witcher 2 is there is no wrong/right/Paragon/Renegade choices. Each side has their heroes and their assholes.

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Crabs because they do a lot of damage and they can move sideways.