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Final Fantasy games tend to have inflated review scores. It is nice to see that the game isn't being heralded as some big event that will change gaming. It is obvious it is another boring and tedious JRPG from Square. This can only mean good things as Square would have to actually improve their games. What is that? They decided to ignore review scores? What arrogant pricks.
I regret importing this game, and getting my otaku friend to translate everything. It just was a huge mess.

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No one would care, and people would actually make a big deal about its serious faults. Because it is a Final Fantasy game, the fanboys sugar-coat everything. The game is tedious and boring, and yet it gets/is expected to get special treatment in this respect.
If it didn't have Final Fantasy, people would call out the game for what it really is: a mediocre rpg at best, that has a lot of tedious filler.

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Final Fantasy games tend to have inflated scores anyway because of the brand name and nostalgia factor.

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Nice to see them review the game, instead of being complete fanboys about it, or getting caught up in nostalgia. 
After playing the import version, I think I'm done with the Final Fantasy series altogether. It is obvious Square Enix isn't willing to actually improve, or take any criticism, so the game will never actually be good.