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241, 48 installed. Wolfenstein is my most recent.

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Hi there, duders! Myself and your friendly neighborhood GB site developer @laika have decided to try our hand at making a Let's Play!

For our first entry, we decided on Aliens: Colonial Marines. It's our first time out with this and there are definitely some rough edges but we wanted to get some feedback from our favorite gaming community. I'm the one with the terrible microphone who speaks first! Anyway, here's our first episode:

  • Watch as we struggle with basic volume issues and streaming software problems!
  • Marvel as we mis-remember details of the Aliens franchise!
  • They mostly come out at night, mostly.

Any feedback is appreciated. Tell us what you like! Tell us what you hate! Suggest other games! Anything is welcome.

We're new to this and we want to get better as we go. Hopefully you have as much fun watching this as we had making it.

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Titanfall is pretty great, and totally replaced CoD for my shooter fix.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you might have a hard time finding a game in any mode but Attrition (which is the only one I really want to play anyway, but you have your own preferences).

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Hi duders,

I wound up with an extra 7-day access key. PM me if you want to use it!

EDIT: It's been claimed!

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I'm going to also recommend Sennheisers. They're comfortable, they sound good, and they cost a lot less than comparable sets.

I'd also say you honestly don't need to go higher than $100 for headphones, especially if you don't want to find an amp for them. Mid-range Sennheisers are plenty good for the money.

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I mean, I don't really play Metal Gear for the story, I play it because it's a fun stealth action game, and the sandbox angle to the new one seems really promising.

Metal Gear's story has pretty much always been dumb anime nonsense, but it's a fun justification for the action. It's silly and ham-fisted but it's interesting because there's not really anything else quite like it.

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@cornbredx: Holy shit what.

Firesign Theatre dudes worked on that piece of garbage? That's mind-blowingly depressing.

Sorry for necroposting, but this just changed my entire outlook on life.

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I'm not an expert or anything, but like... this dude sounds like he kind of sucks!

Maybe chalk this one up as a learning experience and move on.

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There's even a really "good" song in Pyst that features Goodman singing.