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The best entry in the franchise 0

DMC; a game that sends furious rage up the spines of the supposed hardest of hardcore Devil May Cry Fans, showing once again that for whatever reason Capcom’s fans are some of the most passionate and thus easily provoked sub culture in the wider gaming populace.The insanity that has poured forth from their misguided hatred was to be honest; a key element of my interest in Ninja Theory’s latest. While I am one of few people (apparently) who not only owns and has played both of their previous game...

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A glimpse in to the future potential of game narrative and story 0

The general “gameplay” of Spec Ops: the Line is nothing special but it by far makes up for this and then some. In a traditional sense it isn’t going to blow your mind and regardless of my personal feelings towards the game it is indeed very short, around four hours and the multiplayer is utterly pointless so don’t even bother thinking about that.No what you are going to play Spec Ops for, if anything is something most video games still struggle to pull off; a very compelling narrative with well ...

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Tedious and mediocre at best 0

No one should really be surprised Blades of Time is a bad game given it’s a spiritual successor to an even worse game.It is however a shame the developers didn’t figure out how to do much better than 2009s X-Blades. The most surprising thing about its follow-up is that it exists at all. You’d think a game that no-one asked for or expected would at least come off as feeling like a passion product with some unique qualities or quirky characters and ideas but instead everything about it is as clich...

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A great story but a lot of bland shooting 0

Binary Domain is a surprisingly competent Japanese take on a predominately western genre of game.While I found the story to be well written and engrossing and the characters especially entertaining and interesting some pretty tedious and at times; annoying gameplay stops Binary Domain from being above average. Being the most obvious comparison yes this is another Gears of War style of shooter where you spend most of your time behind chest-high objects and popping yourself out to shoot enemies as...

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Crazy action Anime - the game 0

Asura’s Wrath is such an unusually unique experience I don’t know whether to call it more of a game or an interactive anime or even who to really recommend it to.While that might sound negative I can certainly say it isn’t bad, far from it, there is action and presentation values at work in Asura’s Wrath that make games like God of War look positively restrained in comparison. When you aren’t exploding planet sized bosses with a single punch you are throwing tank sized missiles at space craft or...

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Time has been kind to these still amazing games 0

The greatest trilogy of PS2 action platformers returns in high definition and they are still just as good as ever.If you played the Jak and Daxter games last generation then you really aren’t going to be surprised by anything in this HD collection as very little has changed and there are absolutely no bonus extras to speak of. If you never did get a chance to check them out however consider these some of the best action platformers still in existence, easily on par with the likes of Super Mario ...

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The soul still burns, more or less 1

I am no fighting game aficionado so when I say Soul Calibur is the best fighting game series in existence you’ll have to keep in mind that I’m not the sort of person who can remember elaborate combos or who counts frames or thinks about things like what counter is best for what attack. Long story short I suck at fighters but still like them.I come to Soul Calibur because unlike other fighting games I can. While the likes of Street Fighter clearly have the bigger fan base I simply can’t get in to...

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An imbalanced but often fun time 0

Serious Sam 3 is another entry in a series that is well known for sticking to the classic FPS shooter design established by titles like Doom and Quake of just you verses a never ending horde of enemies. It definitely holds up in this regard, and while the first few levels may have you thinking otherwise it isn’t long until the game begins throwing absurd amounts of things to kill and at times can get pretty overwhelming. By the final level you will find yourself running away and scrambling for h...

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A tonne of crazy absurd fun 0

Saints Row the Third is an ambitious and often very weird creature that has some truly incredible creativity behind it and will have you doing things you’ve never done in an open world gangster game or well, any game before. In terms of raw content however, it can get quite divisive and often feels like it could have been so much bigger and better.Sticking to the core story focused portions of SR3 is how best to play but being an open world title you are naturally inclined to want to explore, to...

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A dismal mess of failure 2

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One is a dismal mess of failure. It ignores what makes the series great, does a terrible job of incorporating the touted new feature and overall is just an unrefined, repetitive and dull entry in a previously brilliant series.Gone are all the creative and interesting weapons that these games are known for, replaced instead by a much smaller arsenal where nothing stands out and only two or three of the weapons you ultimately unlock prove useful in most circumstances. In s...

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The best non-rts Warhammer 40k game ever made 0

While not perfect in and of itself, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is by far one of the best video game entries into the twenty-four-year-old licensed property to date, bringing with it an incredibly fun and fan-service riddled campaign and some relatively standard but competent multiplayer.Relic has been making games set in the Warhammer 40k universe since the original RTS title Dawn of War back in 2004, and it is very clear many games later that they above all game studios truly understand the...

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A unique experience but one that repeats itself a tad too much 0

Alice Madness Returns is a delightfully imaginative journey back to American McGee’s take on the weird and often creepy fantasy world of Wonderland.Although technically a sequel, I found myself easily understanding what was going on fairly quickly despite having never played the original game. A free copy of which comes with new purchases of Madness Returns.Featuring an art aesthetic rarely seen in many modern titles, every character and location brims with personality through visual design. Whi...

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What happened relic? 0

I don't know if a lot of people were fired or if Retribution was simply given to the C-team portion of Relic and rushed out in under a year but this game is awful, not awful by rts standards (which it still stands out more or less) but by the standards of the past two titles in this series.   Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising had incredible campaigns, engrossing focused stories with good narratives, brilliant voice Could have been amazing work, epic mission design, thrilling boss ...

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Arcadey racing madness at its finest 0

Thank you Evolution Studios for being one of so few developers that are still willing to make high budget arcade racers when everyone else seems utterly determined to spew out simulation after boring bland simulation.  I understand that gaming technology has resulted in some truly mind blowing advances in car handling software but in all honesty I'd rather stick a pin through my hand than play another racing game where I constantly have to worry about how my tires are reacting to surface...

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Franchise insult meets mediocrity 0

I love mechs, I think mech games are awesome, I am a fan of the Armored Core, Mech Warrior and old Front Mission games. Front Mission Evolved tries to be all three of those at the same time, somehow manages to fail at or not include everything they did vastly better and ultimately does nothing new and nothing that hasn't been done before. Include graphics that would seem dated in the early 2000s, a story so awful it makes badly dubbed D grade anime seem better written and you have a recipe for o...

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A very fun game despite alot of its odd design 0

Lost Planet 2 is an interesting insight in to the state of the Japanese gaming industry, one that is struggling to remain relevant in a world where 90% of the "big games" are made in western countries.  Capcom is one of the few Japanese developers that whole heartedly embraced this simple fact; that if you want to sell your game in the current industry you need to appeal globally. Between Devil May Cry 4's more approachable combat, Resident Evil 5s heavy shooter emphasis and Lost Planet 2 trying...

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Super addictive simplicity at its finest 0

Beat Hazard is part Geomtry Wars and part Audiosurf and although it is a relatively simple game if you like listening to music while potentially giving yourself a seizure in a glowing bullet hell then this is the game for you.  Admittedly I took a gamble when I bought this game, a journalist who I like said I should buy it and so I did.  I had no idea if I would like it or hate it but for only seven bucks I figured it wasn't going to be a big loss even if I didn't take interest.  To my delighted...

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The dark gods are strong with this xpack 0

  If you liked Dawn of War 2 you are going to love this game, I sure as hell did but it is definitely not without flaw.  Dawn of War 2's campaign is arguably the most unique and innovative take on the RTS genre to date and Chaos Rising is essentially more of the same but with less repetition, more linearity and overall just more kick ass Warhammer goodness.    Both Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising do away with base building and mass army unit management in favor of small squad RPG like gameplay c...

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A great inspired hybrid game but not without flaws 0

Many similarities have been drawn between Darksiders and games such as Zelda, God of War, Portal and so on. All of these comparisons are fair but it’s more accurate to say that the game is simply a massive hybrid of good game design; an homage to other games we’ve all enjoyed or at least heard about. Bad-ass-ery incarnate Whether you think of it as simply derivative or not their is no question that Darksiders pulls off every borrowed mechanic and similar idea just as well as the games it seems ...

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