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I have a full time job with a nice amount of disposable income. I honestly don't mind paying more for quality games that I put a lot of time into and really enjoy, in fact I encourage it.

I am more than happy to 'reward' developers who have managed to create a fantastic product that I really enjoy, with more of my hard earned money. I think DLC is a great way of doing this, I think its helps stop developers from creating increasingly generic games that appeal to a wider audience (to increase their revenue), and instead give their fans - the guys who really enjoy their work more of what they want.

By this I don't mean sequels. I hate sequels. A sequel can be nice in a story driven game, but just the one, cliff hangers and open ended stories with the hidden title card "SEQUEL?" after the credits just makes me feel dirty and think less of the developer. I'm not stupid, they need to make money, but they don't need to throw that fact in my face, I'm much happier thinking they wanted to create something for our enjoyment, and that the money we pay for the game as well as DLC, shows how much we appreciate that.

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Is this game even out?

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Religion is just fairytales and stories told for generations that sooner or later people start believing.

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Yeah I love warping things with heat!

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This thread is making me hungry

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XP is just too GOD DAMN GOOD

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@baconbits33 said:
" @FireBurger said:
" How are you in the military if you're a junior in high school? "
I'm 17, I've signed the papers, I just have to wait for this summer to go to Basic, however I'm allowed to go drill and go to PT with the unit I'm gonna be in here. "
I don't know how Seoul works, but if that was here you'd get the shit ripped out of you, that is even if you were allowed.
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Should have one review from someone who plays PC games a lot, console games rarely.
Another review from someone who plays pretty much just console games.
I think the majority of PC gamers have already made their minds up about this game. Console gamers however will probably be relying on reviews and hearsay before they make their decision.
Basically they're two very different demographics that require reviews and reviewers from the relevant background.

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All fanboys are condescending twats, so are people that rant and rave about them.