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" Kessler...tone down the sugar dude.  "
erghhhh can't agree more. I seem to get a feeling that he's just trying too hard. And seems to copy Ryan's style too much. "
you're taking it too seriously.  are we discussing them like soap opera characters or something?  "
Considering we pretty either see/hear from the fellas at least once a day; yes we are discussing them like soap opera characters. I heard that Ryan's going to get pregnant next season, and he doesn't know whether Jeff or Vinny is the father!
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" Kessler...tone down the sugar dude.  "
erghhhh can't agree more. I seem to get a feeling that he's just trying too hard. And seems to copy Ryan's style too much.
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" Is it worth the $20 price? "
If by 20 you mean 15, yes it is. "
It's not $15 everywhere in the world. "
Didn't know that. :( Well, if you enjoy a hack-and-slash game with silly (sometimes too much) humour I'd say go for it. I love it so far, wouldn't think twice even if it cost $20. "
Don't worry about that and cheers for the help, i shall be picking it up next time i'm at EB or JB. "
You realise it's downloadable only, and not available at stores.... Unless you mean buying a points card
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@MAN_FLANNEL: What do you think of Cyborg vs Finney then? She was never knocked out, yet the fight was stopped (very lately by a lot of people's opinion) by the ref. 
I mean sure, I wish that fights were only stopped once they lose conciousness or are obviously very hurt, but they're not. A lot of fights are stopped legitimately before the guy on the bottom is KO'd. Brock was just lying there, covering his face with his ginormous forearms, and just turtle-shelling. Occasionally using his legs to kick Carwin off of him. I still maintain any other fight, with any other fighters, the fight would have been stopped.
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@fresh2deafbill: Why does that mean nothing? Because Americans are the only ones that watch MMA? lol.... Akiyama being a big draw for the asian market is probably one of the major motivators for dana's signing him to the UFC. The world's bigger than the US, you realise. 
Fair enough, about the Leben thing. 
Just because the people you talked to dont know most of the fighters, doesnt mean that they're no names. They're pretty damn big names in the sport, in comparison to the fights you get in other cards. 116 was completely stacked in comparison to say 115 even. What you're saying is the same as saying for example the US Basketball Dream Team has no big names because some people i talked to havent heard of chris paul, or dwight howard. Doesn't mean they're not big names....
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@fresh2deafbill: Ok... Leben, "one of the best stand up guys in the business?" Are you crazy? He's got some heavy hands, and a granite chin, but he's far from being grouped as one of the best in stand up. 
What do you mean no marquee names? Sexyama is huge in Japan/Asia, Chris Lytle is a vet, Sotiropoulos gained a far deal of exposure after his 110 win, Soszynski's fame from being in TUF as one of the most well-liked cast members of that season, and stephan bonnar's infamous war with forrest means he's well-known as well. There's something wrong with you if you think that's not a lot of names. 
Agree with you on the main event though. Everyone knew that the winner of the fight would evolve from whether or not carwin would defend against brock's wrestling/takedowns, and keep it standing. Amazing fight though, to see Brock come back from that beating his face endured to win by a SUBMISSION, of all things. I still think if it was any other fight with any other fighters, the fight would have been stopped in the first round.
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@Termite: Nope, that's what i've been saying to the people that have asked me my thoughts on the issue. What's so rude about it? It's the truth. Gillard is a ranga, and Rudd was a geek. You must be a sensitive person for you to find this "rude". For me, it's conversation. Especially more so with friends.
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@Ace829: You're probably aware, but it stems from hip hop songs. Primarily Cam'ron and his Diplomats crew. I say it all the time as more of an in-joke with my mates, as we all think that cam'ron and his diplomats songs are atrociously hilarious. I mean, he makes up words to rhyme most of the time.
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@FirePrince: Agreed with quest spam, but what's wrong with hating? As long as there's a valid or substantial reason for hating that is. I don't like Brad. As other people have mentioned his "fake exhaustion" is stupid and annoying. I don't like Ryan that much either, I find him arrogant and that he seems to think he is really funny, when he isn't for me.  
Nothing wrong with that, I reckon. Also, what's wrong with hating on people "on the internet". People seem to think because there's a sense of anonymity on the internet it's less "real" or important. We consume the internet as media just as much if not more than television news or newspapers. Do you think its stupid and senseless to have a negative opinion on something that's in the newspapers or TV? (ie. having a female ranga as a prime minister, replacing the old geek of a prime minister)
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The GB Staff Dickriders, who basically have become a cult in and of themselves, worshipping the staff as their gods; copying the way they speak, etc. It's kinda scary in a way.