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@Wolvodin:   Yea I'm having the same issue. 
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I still like JRPGs.  I think I got too much stuff at once and just moved on before I was finished.  I'm thinking I may just go one by one and beat them all.  It'll make me feel less like I wasted money.

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Anybody else have a problem with playing 90% of a game and then quitting before finishing it and never going back.  In the process of getting ready to move and packing up games I started going through my old games that I've kept and loading up saves just to see where I was.  I counted at least 11 games, (Lost Odyssey, Shadow Hearts 3, Persona 3, Star Ocean 3, Dragon Quest 8, Suikoden 5, and more) all JRPG's, all with saves either at the beginning of the middle of the final dungeon, all of which I've never taken the time to beat and have no desire to.  I didn't even realize I was prone to doing this until now.  This happen to anyone else?

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Degree in Biology.  Do quality assurance chemistry.  Pretty much hate it and thinking of going back to school.

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I played through once as a pure paragon and once as a pure renegade.  I really want that insanity achievement but its going to take some kind of significant story DLC in order to get me to play through it again just for that.  Ive been getting all of the new weapon and armor packs, but that and the stolen memory hasn't been enough to get em to pick it back up again.  Give me a significant story dlc and I'll play it again.  

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I wish it would come sooner rather than later.  After doing a paragon normal and a renegade hardcore playthrough, I really need something new to make me go for that insanity playthrough.  I really want that achievement.

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2 to 2 1/2 hours is great.  I work 12 hour night shifts so the longer I can listen to something funny and interesting the better.  I can always count on The Bombcast and Talkradar to take up about 5 hours a week.