Hey duders help me out if you can.

Long story short. I took care of my mother and father for years. Most of which was with 0 gains of wealth. I am about to lose everything I have. Give if you can. Thanks, http://www.gofundme.com/j3q2pk


Where to buy used games and systems?

Alright duders,

I got a hankering to play some old PS1 games, Also some other random old games.

I also am kind of looking into buying a vita.

I would like to get things on the cheap side if I could mainly because money is tight for me. I was looking on ebay for stuff, That place seems like a real wash of just the worst offers ever. I know amazon also has the crazy people that want $4,00 for no reason for a open copy of donkey kong. So where do you guys go for used games and or systems?

As a side question, Where does everybody sell their used games?


I maybe dumb? But it shouldn't be this hard to give microsoft money?

I loaded up my xbox today, and Got greeted with a Promo for 40% off. This lead to the biggest headache.

The above says what happened, I was painfully unaware I couldn't use MONEY to pay for my gold account? So,

Then I decided to go to the xbox / microsoft chat. The spoiler is that.

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info: at 19:47:29

Please wait for an agent to respond. The current average wait time is 4 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

info: at 19:49:29

All agents are currently assisting others. The current average wait time is 0 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

info: at 19:50:20

Privacy Statement

You are now chatting with 'Nellie'.

michael: at 19:51:08


Nellie: at 19:51:12

Hi! Thank you for contacting Xbox Support. This is Nelly. Kindly provide me few minutes to review your concern.

michael: at 19:51:28


michael: at 19:53:01

So I got a notice to renew my xbox live and a promotion for 40% off. on my xbox dashboard.

Nellie: at 19:53:27

I understand that you are having trouble buying from your Xbox console, am I correct?

michael: at 19:53:51

i bought a $40 gift card to pay for it and I can not pay for it by that.

michael: at 19:54:26

I recently took bankruptcy and I do not have a credit card. SO that would be my of paying for it.

michael: at 19:55:13

my only way to pay for it ^

Nellie: at 19:57:02

I see. I apologize for the inconvenience, Michael. Unfortunately, for you to purchase anything for your Xbox, the payment method is only via credit card.

michael: at 19:57:53

I have 42.02 on my Microsoft account to use now.

michael: at 19:58:50

Also to state it frankly it's really dumb to not take gift cards because if I bought a gold card I would have to pay full price for said gold card and not be able to take advantage of this promotion. So there is NO way for me to pay for it.

michael: at 20:00:23

If you look at my account and what I actually own with your service. I am a really loyal customer and this is making me really really mad.

michael: at 20:01:42

and honestly I just spent the last $40 of cash I can spend on entertainment for the next 3 months.

Nellie: at 20:01:56

I can certainly understand where you're coming from. Let me just check my resources real quick here.

Nellie: at 20:05:52

Thank you for waiting, Michael. I am really sorry, gift cards or prepaid codes are not able to be used to avail the promotion. The only way we can avail the promotion for your Xbox is for us to use an active credit card since that promotion would be deducted from your credit card balance.

michael: at 20:06:33

well I don't have a credit card so i just rushed out and paid $40 for nothing

michael: at 20:07:27

I am really upset ... I think i'm going to try to sell my xbox then I have about 300 games and then 200 or so on my account

Nellie: at 20:07:50

If you have a relative or a friend with a creaditcard, we can use that to avail the promotion, Michael.

michael: at 20:08:04

i'm nearly 40

michael: at 20:08:16

almost everyone i ever knew is dead

Nellie: at 20:08:22

As much as I would like to process and give you the promotion, we are unable to process it without a credit card.

michael: at 20:09:06

i come from flint which as most people know is the murder capital of the world... it doesn't lead to lasting friendships

Nellie: at 20:11:37

I see. I am really sorry, Michael. As much as I want to process it personally for you, I would not be able to process it because the system would reuqire us to use an active credit card information.

michael: at 20:13:01

alright so on top of that even when I had one linked you guys ripped me off about $100 on phantasy star universe, That's why I originally didn't update it.

michael: at 20:14:24

5 months of calling service repeatedly to only have the charge on my card repeatedly and then when it finally got cancelled I was just robbed of that money for something I didn't even play.

michael: at 20:17:47

but that's really besides the point. I don't have a credit card at all. Which is why I buy prepaid cards. The inability to pay with said pre-paid cards or money on my account is baffling to say the least.

Nellie: at 20:21:07

For the game you mentioned, whenever a purchase is being done there is a confirmation pop up that would ask if you want to continue processing the said game. It would only be purchased and downloaded once you select the option to buy it from the prompt, Michael.

michael: at 20:21:30

your basically saying your own money is no good. and that's not a great message to send someone trying to pay you money.

michael: at 20:22:18

yep and there was no cancel method from the dash and repeated calls did no good for months ...

Nellie: at 20:24:38

I apologize but like you, all customers are required to use creditcard if they are to purchase anything from the Xbox marketplace. Prepaid cards are only use for the subscription. The payment for anything in the marketplace use local currency and is being deducted from the creditcard that is linked to your Xbox account.

Nellie: at 20:29:42

May I know if you are still connected with this chat session, Michael?

michael: at 20:29:51


Nellie: at 20:30:38

Okay. Do you have any other questions for me?

michael: at 20:30:44

Well I guess I am leaving your service and selling my xbox?

michael: at 20:31:04

as I don't have any money to do anything with...

Nellie: at 20:31:20

I really apologize we can't process the promotion for you, Michael.

michael: at 20:31:50

I wonder if I can get a PS4? or if sony is this rigid with their payment options ...

Nellie: at 20:31:59

The system is set to only accept credit card payment for all purchases.

michael: at 20:31:59

I'm willing to bet they are not...

Nellie: at 20:33:53

It would actually be your decision if you want to cancel your service with us, Michael. If I only have the capacity to process this one for you. I would have easily given it to you, Michael.

michael: at 20:34:45

No actually it is exactly that easy. I have money on my account...

Nellie: at 20:35:34

If you have an active credit card, then we can process the promotion for you, Michael.

michael: at 20:37:50

so you are saying your screwed have a nice day...

michael: at 20:38:26

So checking with sony's online policy I can now pay for a $50 sony card then go onto their service and buy PSN.

michael: at 20:39:17

SO here's a question could I buy GOLD with my balance? just normal not on sale GOLD ?

Nellie: at 20:42:50

The one month subscription for Gold is $9.99. We would still need an active payment instrument such as the credit card for it to be availed,

michael: at 20:43:01

that really makes no damn sense ... SO i can goto a store and buy GOLD cards or I can buy money cards. but I can't use a money card to pay for GOLD which would be the same damn thing?

Nellie: at 20:47:39

As I explained earlier, we need a payment instrument where we would deduct the subscription you are trying to avail. Talking about subscription, you would be able to use prepaid cards to avail the Gold subscription.

Nellie: at 20:50:13

May I know if you are still connected to this chat session, Michael?

Nellie: at 20:51:05

I have not heard from you for a while. Do you still need assistance?

michael: at 20:52:44

i am just thinking of what to do

michael: at 20:53:07

cause you are basically telling me you don't want my money ... that my money is no good and i'm totally screwed here

michael: at 20:53:17

i don't have a CC to give you

michael: at 20:53:43

and even if I did I wouldn't have the money cause I just wasted it on your market place.

michael: at 20:54:03

SO why do you guys even have those prepaid GOLD cards if a CC is required?

michael: at 20:54:22

seems to me that is not the case then.

michael: at 20:54:48

you and the company you represent are making me really mad

michael: at 20:55:27

if it was just the case of a CC is required to be on live then I could understand but that is not the case.

Nellie: at 20:56:13

Can you verify what exactly is the $40 promotion for? Is it for a subscription or an online content?

michael: at 20:56:35

it's actually 35.99 for xbox live gold

Nellie: at 20:56:59

For subscriptions, the only valid payment instrument would be credit cards, debit cards and Paypal account, Michael.

michael: at 20:57:24

or buying a prepaid gold card. which requires none of those options

michael: at 20:58:23

if that been the case i would of just bought a prepaid gold card like I ALWAYS DO ! but no you put a promo on the dash that not all USERS can use. what the hell good is that?

michael: at 20:58:50

so you want to alienate a portion of your user base?

Nellie: at 21:00:46

The promotion that is shown on the dashboard is just for online purchase of the gold subscription which means that it will require a credit card and does not cover prepaid subscription.

Nellie: at 21:01:18

There are other promotional offers to other prepaid codes but that is depending on the store and its coverage.

michael: at 21:02:10

doesn't matter still the facts are there are ways to pay for GOLD without a credit card. as I haven't had one since 2007? And not everyone has a credit card.

Nellie: at 21:02:34

That has been the same procedure when getting promotional offers on the console or the website as well...

Nellie: at 21:03:05

That is right and that is using a prepaid code which you need to purchase through a retail store and not the console or the website.

michael: at 21:03:41

OK so I bought that $40 through that same retailer why is that $40 no good

Nellie: at 21:04:12

That is not prepaid code subscription.

michael: at 21:04:17

I could of just used that $40 towards a Prepaid Gold card. Instead I've spent an hour going in circles with you

Nellie: at 21:04:32

What you purchase is a currency code and not the subscription code.

Nellie: at 21:05:00

If you want to get a live subscription then you could have purchased a subscription code like what you did before as what you mentioned right?

michael: at 21:05:06

doesn't matter why can't I use money I have on my account for live.... that's what really makes no damn sense

Nellie: at 21:05:36

You can use that amount on live but not to purchase a subscription but to purchase a content and games.

michael: at 21:06:13

no i can't use it on live

michael: at 21:06:22

what good would it do

Nellie: at 21:06:24

You have done this before when getting a prepaid subscription for your account so you know that what you should be getting is a prepaid subscription and not the currency.

michael: at 21:06:51

look i only bought the damn $40 in money for GOLD and the damn promo

michael: at 21:07:05

now i'm being told I can't do that and I have no other money to spend period

michael: at 21:07:32

that $40 is gone and i'm screwed is what your telling me

Nellie: at 21:07:58

Please understand that the currency was created as a replacement for the Microsoft points and was never used to make a purchase of a promotion or subscription.

michael: at 21:08:07

take a look at my account and just look at all the damn money I've spent on this crap

Nellie: at 21:08:18

If it can be used for it there is no way we will deny you that option.

michael: at 21:08:27

I've bought it before using points

Nellie: at 21:09:21

When was that because points was never used to make a purchase of subscription. If you want I can have the account escalated and check if they can investigate the previous subscription you had and see if points was used for it.

michael: at 21:09:50

hell if i know ... I've been a member for 7 years?

michael: at 21:10:22

I own about 3,000 dollars in content? or more

Nellie: at 21:10:39

I have a copy of the subscriptions you had and none of it used your points for the subscription.

michael: at 21:11:34

are you sure? I could of swore I bought one with points

Nellie: at 21:12:08

This account had 3 subscriptions including a gold 12 month subscription and none of it used points.

michael: at 21:12:50

3 ?

michael: at 21:13:02

over the past 7 years?

michael: at 21:14:19

well then you can't see all of it because that 12 month gold was a prepaid card. and so was a few before that. I bought about 4 cards and 3 through the dash something like that

Nellie: at 21:14:46

The first subscription was back in June of 2006.

michael: at 21:15:26

sounds about right

michael: at 21:15:35

that's when i got it

michael: at 21:15:48

and that box red ringed and I had to buy a new one.

Nellie: at 21:17:09

That is still on the same gamer tag so the history of the account still shows all the subscriptions you had.

michael: at 21:18:13

ok well cool

michael: at 21:18:24

look at all that crap ... JUST LOOK AT IT!

Nellie: at 21:18:37

Click here

Nellie: at 21:18:53

I am sorry if that is how you feel but it has been the policy since it all started.

michael: at 21:19:03

SO here's also the thing. I bought this card and you are basically asking me to pay for this twice.

Nellie: at 21:19:08

You can choose that link that I sent to provide feedback about it.

michael: at 21:19:28

and I don't have the cash for more

michael: at 21:19:34

so I'm getting screwed here

Nellie: at 21:19:39

I am sorry but if you haven't redeemed that then return that to the retailer.

michael: at 21:19:54

it's been redeemed

michael: at 21:20:03

i wasn't aware till after it was redeemed

michael: at 21:20:36

and i'd be right back here with you telling me that all codes are final and you don't give real money for fake money card codes.

Nellie: at 21:22:18

If the card has been redeemed, then you would not be able to return it to the store. If you wanted a subscription, you would have to get a subscription code, Michael.

Nellie: at 21:22:28

Click me.

Nellie: at 21:23:13

Anyway, I will be documenting all that we have chatted about on your account and you can also provide your own feedback on the link I have provided, Michael.

Nellie: at 21:24:52

Do you have other questions for me today, Michael?

michael: at 21:26:25

i guess not .. considering your policy is giving me a stiff rod

michael: at 21:27:09

I guess I'm not going to be a gold member because I am currently strapped for cash

Nellie: at 21:27:18

I am sorry if that is how you feel but it has been the same policy that we follow since it has been established.

michael: at 21:27:24

and I will not be buying the xbox one now

Nellie: at 21:27:29

Click here

michael: at 21:27:40

I just canceled it

Nellie: at 21:27:46

Choose that link to provide feedback about it.

michael: at 21:27:58

I'll allocate that money elsewhere.

michael: at 21:28:18

what the fuck good is feedback going to do honestly ?

michael: at 21:28:43

why provide feedback ... do they need something to laugh at in the next meeting ?

Nellie: at 21:29:04

They can have your concern reviewed and check if what they can do about it.

michael: at 21:30:13

you are basically telling me your policy is to tell me to goto hell and you can't help me use the money I HAVE ON YOUR DAMN SYSTEM! SO in turn they'll say "YEP THAT FOR SURE IS OUR POLICY WE AIN'T CHANGING THAT! SCREW THAT GUY HE'S NO ONE IMPORTANT!"

michael: at 21:30:48

minus I've gave you guys a ton of money and gave you a bunch of Free promotion in the form of mouth service telling everybody how good your systs are and how good the service is

Nellie: at 21:30:46

I am not saying that. I am just telling you what needs to be done and what can be avoided.

Nellie: at 21:30:46

If that was everything, I'd like to thank you again for contacting Xbox Customer Support. To properly end the chat session, please click on the "Close chat" button on the upper right hand corner of the chat window. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

info: at 21:30:49

Chat session has been ended by the agent.


The TL;DR is they won't take money that you have in your account for it. Which this is exactly how I paid for my PSN script. And a few side notes. I am currently unemployed money is tight and in there I popped off about canceling my xbox ONE which I would of had to do anyways for lack of money, But it's worth a shot right? For the record I own just about every good XBLA game and Have a stack of games 8 foot tall, I also Own DLC for the majority of those games. The end.




I guess My last post wasn't the clearest so I'll try to clear up what I want to do.

I seen a bunch of these game jam things, I thought it would be cool to be part of one. I am not all that great at programming or anything So I thought I would need time to get better. I also thought about the friends of mine that didn't have that much time to dedicate to a jam. With this in mind I thought people could maybe dedicate a day a week or a few hours each day working towards the goal of having 1 "Thing" done at the end of the month, No matter what that was *Anything they came up with in there respective field or their goals. *

I would like to get a group of people together all with the interest of making games. Or loosely game related things. *Music, Backgrounds, So on, So forth. * At the beginning of each month we would show off what we got done with the hopes of encouraging each other to press on, Or at least saying our dumb ass hours spent plucking code into a computer was worth it?

Your project is your project and I am not looking for us to form a game together into some Frankenstein Voltron Lego fuck wolf nightmare. You do your own shit for fun. It has nothing to do with the jam or the people in the jam.

So I didn't much done this month. I did get a loose game plan down, Played around with some things and Done some music. I haven't been feeling well, This played heavily in impeding my progress. I made a facebook group here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/248582301959728/ If you would like to join I think most major progress updates will be posted there?

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Jamma Lamma ding dong - Michael's Jam for the sake of jamming.

This will be posted a few different places,

Would you like to be involved with a game jam, But have decided you have no talent or don't want to get made fun of for your incredibly lack luster attempts at making a game or anything to do with games? Not to worry my friend. There will be no judgments here. At least not from me.

So what's going on,

I decided around PAX, I would like to have a full ready for shitty indie hell prime time game ready to go by end of the year. It's been slow going and frustrating, My life has got in the way a lot, But not for the atypical reasons. I have been trying to do everything with this game. And this is where my jam idea came from. I would like to each month show off some of the dumb stuff I've been working on. And here lately I've been trying to cover the area's I feel I'm not too good at so some of it is really bad, But that's OK. I was thinking if people wanted to join me what we could do is as a group work on 1 thing for a month that is pretty far outside of our talent or comfort zone then show each other for a boost of moral through mutual success or failure. I would like this to happen nearly all year long. With each month yielding a project. I draw, program, design, and create everything. So one month maybe just a hand sketches of a character/s. Another month maybe a song or group of songs for a soundtrack. I would like people to feel the freedom to do the same, Not for me but for yourself. Try to enjoy something you may of once thought you hated, Or at very least wasn't very good at.

So that's the goal,

We pick a theme and a day each month summit our little piece of art, music, experiment, AI toy, plaything, or actual game if it's to your liking, Being that I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, I'm going to be teaching myself things I do not already know. I know nothing about 3D art so I may dabble in that. I was thinking that I would try to teach myself LUA and pick up the LOVE scripting language too along with it. I don't think my first project will be using that.

I was also thinking if anyone had no idea how to program,

They could use one of those game designers with no coding required like game maker, construct, game studio, so on so forth. I may mess around with some of these as well because I've been wanting to see what some of them are capable of doing as well as speeding along a project.

Here's a few lists of resources,




I hope you will join me,

If not I'm taking that as a que that no one wants to be a part of this and no one cares. So I will just keep this to myself till I put out my final game at the end of the year.

Oct's theme is Ghosts,

The end date is the end of the month since I started it late. Comment or Send me a message if you want to join.

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For Taswell kinda

I may never know exactly what to write about @ryan , I'm starting to think that's not such a bad thing. I miss you buddy. Your voice now is like a warm, soft blanket that reminds me of home. I will always miss you.


@Taswell kinda

I may never know exactly what to write about @ryan , I'm starting to think that's nto such a bad thing. I miss you buddy. Your voice now is like a warm, soft blanket that reminds me of home. I will always miss you.

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@Taswell kinda

I may never know exactly what to write about @ryan , I'm starting to think that's nto such a bad thing. I miss you buddy. Your voice now is like a warm, soft blanket that reminds me of home. I will always miss you.

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3DS Misadventures 2: Probably dead, Mostly broken.

Shortly after my last post I shaved up my head and face. In hopes it would make me feel better.


It's a been quite some time since my last entry... Sorry about that, I Am aware these are all for myself, And maybe two other people. That's fine with me. I was originally going to call this series. "Depression Quest" As It was a major bummer when I returned home with mostly bumpkiss, But then I heard of the wonderful game of the same name, And didn't want to steal it's name. I really wanted to subtitle this second one, "PART 2: DEPRESSION HARDER!" or, "The mother fucking saga continues..." The swearing breaks the rules for a title.

Being awesome at the con.


I went to 2 things with a little success, One was the motor city comic con. I got I think 14 street passes. The second was the E3 WiiU event at best buy. Which I got 12 the first day and 8 the second. Double checking with newly made friends in the streetpass facebook page for Michigan... Suggested I should of gotten more, But I was happy with that.

In no order,

The Toys R Us display unit got stole as someone took in bolt cutters and made off with it. The gamestop in the mall closed, The other gamestop outside the mall had their 3DS brick. So it refused to turn on. It's been a lean bunch of months for street passing. As I think I've got maybe 10 total aside from the above mentioned events. It was a graveyard in my plaza. Not even the worms turned.

Nintendo announced that they would help people like me,

With the wonderful relay station at all Nintendo Zone locations. So I headed to get lunch and stopped at one. That yielded nothing. I double checked my 3DS and quickly realized I needed to update my 3DS, I did so with gusto, Eagerly anticipating the rush of happy little Mii duders trapped in my plaza like deer in headlights. I went to 3 McDonalds and a starbucks. at one of the Mcdonalds I got 1 streetpass. Nothing at the others. So today, I wanted to hit it hard. Really cover everything.

Day 2,

McDonalds 1 = nothing ... McDonalds 2 =1 Mii... McDonalds 3 = Nothing .... Starbucks = Nothing.... Barns and Noble = Nothing... Best Buy = 2 Mii's... The entirety of the Mall = 1 Mii... Toys R Us Random used stores and GamStop = ZiLCH... Yet another McDonalds = Diddly Squat ...

Day 3,

I do pretty much the same run... This time only best buy yields a bounty of 3 Mii's. I bought a McDonald's iced coffee for the first time. Which was cold and wet. Tasted like burnt coffee though.

Thanks Nintnedo for the college try, But it seems I'm the only one in my town that even gives a flying fuck. Also that fucking rabbit smooth talked his way into me getting those games. "Come on their fun!" he said, "I have this bundle, It's cheaper!" he said, What an asshole. Here I am with games I can't get no where in because, My city really fucking sucks. I can buy a gun, hookers, crack, meth, and others on any given street corner... Can a honkey get a streetpass... Seriously.

I finally reached a breaking point with Isabelle. That was the last time she asked about my ghost town or anything in it.

I've sort of thought about doing some silly things. I don't know what if any I may do? I would still like a streetpass / meetup / game play thing. I gave up on that pipe dream a while ago... Maybe I'll try again? I added 95 people between here, facebook, twitter, and personal meet ups. Out of all that I think around 30-ish added me back? I've played with around 10 people on animal crossing. I may just trade it in because all it really does is illustrate a lack of interest. Who knows though? I'm ridiculously poor. So the trade could go for other games. And with that I leave you. Hope you fight your demons better than I fight mine.

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