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This is, the worse case of "entitlement syndrome" I have seen in a while. Some of the points in the article are without merit (game prices have stayed at a premium while the cost of movies have gone down" Really?).

It's just laughable that a bunch of butt-hurt consumers (caused by the ME3 ending perhaps), are labeling this company as the worst in America, because of a game's ending or the price of a DLC, when companies like Goldman Sachs are * genuinely* screwing people over and lowering the quality of life for many.

Do people feel so entitled and is their perspective so ridiculously skewed that they can't see that?

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This is... pretty disgusting. Especially coming from a company that thrives from re-releasing the same three games over, and over, and over.  Can't buy SFIV used? How about Super SSFIV, but wait... that's used too and no longer available new. You have no choice but to buy SFIV arcade. 
I know I'm jumping to conclusions here, but at the very least, this is a very dubious developmental decision. At the very least I should be able to erase my own data and re-play again for fun. I did it with Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted 2 (even after getting the plat for UC2.) It happens.

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You could give everyone in the world a bag of gold coins... some people would still bitch that the bag is too heavy, not the right color, then threaten to sue.

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Is a Disney/Mickey game coming out for the Wii, 3 weeks before Xmas.  It's also #3 on Amazon behind DKC and Black Ops.  It probably won't fail.  But I'd like to see an HD port...

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Oh great, now they're going to make another one.  Thankfully the market isn't flooded with shooters, so we could always use more... :/

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You can't go wrong with Tales.  Lost Odyssey is also really good.  Tales has a more frantic battle system, while Lost is slower and turn based.

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This game came out many many months too early.  I bought the collector's edition, and I didn't last long.  It's a broken, broken mess.  The awful UI alone is enough of a reason to be frustrated. 
I didn't pay $70 to be a tester for a buggy game, I paid $70 for a finished product.  Normally I don't resort to profanity in posts... but fuck you, Square Enix.

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Rumble when used right, can become almost second nature and become part of the experience.  It's best when it's not obvious but still enhances the game, like sound effects.  I think it becomes a gimmick when it becomes too obvious.  

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Virtual Console is a great way to play any that aren't on the collection, but the games are $5-$8 each.  Zombies Ate My Neighbors is on there but it's the SNES version. 
I would definitely consider getting an actual Genesis after buying the $20 collection.  $20 isn't much, and there are some games you are only going to be able to play on the actual Genesis.  Plus cartridges are awesome.

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Some games shouldn't be made into movies.  Seriously, what would the plot be?  Before you answer, just go see the new Clash of the Titans (bad movie).  If that's not good enough, pretend Kratos is in it?  Done.  (this is why some games shouldn't be movies)