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Well shitfuck, i'm about to die due to dumb spending when the game started. x) gimme another shout when you set up the next game

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Diplomacy for dummies: don't make deals based on future promises, make alliances with people you don't trust, fund the enemies of your enemies and never ever ever give anything away for free.

edit: don't you guys watch game of thrones?

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We've only just kicked off an already it's consuming my life... god damnit

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Ticks over at 49 to x)

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Does it tick over on the hour or is there a set time?

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Get in already we're 5 away from starting

Edit: 4!

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@fartGOD666: This has nothing to do with mens or womens rights. I'm pretty sure there are loads of women who wont stand for this shit and will kick your ass in an instant if you treat them like this. I'm pretty sure there's loads of men in the industry too who have shitty bosses and get humiliated on a daily basis.

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There is another #GiantBomb channel over on Rizon. We're not as nice as Ahmad's channel tho

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TB used to be pretty good but all the youtube fame has gone to his head. Constantly hurling insults at his viewer base and self righteous crusades that are so laughable they're a downright PARODY of current gaming culture. When he's casting SC2 is fine but i'm completely fed up with his attitude. Like we OWE him something for making all this youtube content. I thought the fat paycheck from youtube took care of that but apparently nothing less of complete and utter reverence for his high holyness will do.

TL;DR BLERGH Totalbiscuit

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Sounds like capcom bitchslapped him so HARD. Retract that shit or we'll make sure you never compete anywhere ever again!