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@happyfatman said:
" Band of Brothers is my favorite of the ones I've seen (The Pacific being the other).  My issue with The Pacific is the fact that it tried to focus more on the personal lives of the characters rather than the big picture, which I think made it more boring than Band of Brothers. "
I agree, it should have concentrated more on the conflict and the relationships between the soldiers
" I can't recall the name of it, but there was a BBC series about a group of guys that came home and through various reasons ended up joining a PMC and going back. The series followed the arch of that PMC and an old medic dealing with life and family troubles at the same time. I found it on netflix.ca and loved it, but sadly I can't remember the name of it. If you can find it though, I highly recommend it. 
EDIT: Got it! It's called Occupation. "
awesome, i'll check it out!
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So with all the fuss around Crysis 2 I decided to finally play through the predecessor which was resting on my Steam pile of shame for about a year now. For some reason I never got to advance beyond the very first enemy encampment. 
Having sunken about 3-4 hours into the game today I am really torn between being fascinated and extremely frustrated by it. 
Yes, the visuals are stunning even by today's standards. Facial animations are lifelike, environments are diverse and believable - a jungle does feel like one and a mountain in the background looks extremely high and beautiful. It feels like you could go anywhere and do anything on the island the game takes place on. It is a perfect playground for shooting dudes in the face. 
Crysis also features a nice little story. You're a member of a US special unit armed with the nanosuit. You are in the middle of a military conflict with North Korea when strange things start to occur. Great setting which allows for various unique gameplay opportunities. And this is where the game began to lose me. 
Although it is fun to toy around with unsuspecting enemies cloaking Predator-style and disposing of them in creative fashion, everything else surrounding the suit mechanics feels very clunky. To me it begins and ends with the way Crysis refuses to hold your hand most of the time. Every time you recieve a new waypoint it is usually a couple of kilometers away. you can either drive or walk there. And while one could see it as a freedom of choice there is always a predetermined path you are supposed to be taking like a certain road and jungle areas around it and more often than not this path is not very obvious. On several occasions I took the wrong turn on some road fighting through numerous enemies and reaching a dead end somewhere on the wrong side of the map. During a different chapter of the game I was floating through some very well designed interior areas in low gravity. There were no waypoints at all and it was often tough to find the exit. 
And I agree that Call Of Duty's dumbed down "press x at the glowing objective" approach might be not the best solution but I feel that a tad bit of hand holding would make the game so much enjoyable. Just give me a "objective is the other way" notification If I'm driving in the wrong direction for 5 minutes or "you might want to look for explosives" if I'm desperately trying to fight a tank with normal weapons. 
I hope Crysis 2 did address some of these issues (it does look like a more linear shooter to me).

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Be warned that apparently NWN2 is not compatible with Snow Leopard!

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@king0fprussia said:
" I imagine GB will be on it in the coming weeks.  I'm more interested to know if Blizzard will somehow conflate the WoW and SC2 achievements into some sort of "Battle.net" achievement listing. "
agreed, it should work like it does with steam stuff.
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just a tipp, if you are aching for this game on the iphone / ipad there is a very good version out there called dominion (+ dominion hd on the ipad) 
it has all the same rules, objectives and bonuses and is really a very sleek version of risk on the platform.

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cool, i expected something like this instead of an original song: 

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same here

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just a hint, FF #2 is a character but is listed under concepts

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@MrGarcia said:
" Trailer is making me want this game. Nooooooo! "
that's kinda the point, isn't it?