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I've been a teacher for 11 years, but a gamer for even longer!

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So I'm about 40 hours into FFXIII, towards the end of chapter 11, and I have to wonder, has Square ruined the series?  
The game is 100% linear, even though it supposedly "opens up" in chapter 11, I accidentally immediately followed the yellow arrow, and found myself trapped in yeat another corridor, leading me along a path exactly to where I was supposed to go next.  I find myself playing at this point just to finish, but I'm no longer enjoying myself, I just have a problem where I have to finish what I started.
I feel as if JRPG's have been declining for years, while WRPG's have continued to rise in quality.  This game just angers me on so many levels.

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Just picked up my copy...installing now!

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Ugh, that is definitely carb overload!  No spaghetti sandwiches for me.

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I have some best buy gift cards lying around, so I plan on picking it up Wednesday (sadly it's not available here launch day...).

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I played it for about 200+ hours on the pc, spread over 3 characters, and then another 75+ on the 360 over 2 chars.

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Usual Suspects
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Run to the Hills...I hate that damn song.  Only one I can't beat on hard on drums.  I've been stuck on it for months now, with no progress.  Very frustrating.

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I haven't earned any yet, so right now, no I don't.  I didn't even realize Pixel Junk Eden had trophies.  I've been playing it on and off for a week or so now.  Nice relaxing game, with a thumping soundtrack.