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Posted by LordAndrew

Posted by Video_Game_King

More like "big explosion of most-likely-Flash that won't show up."

Posted by LordAndrew
@Video_Game_King: It's a big explosion of stuff I suspected wouldn't show up, but I needed proof. I've got your proof right here!
Posted by Claude

A black hole is a big explosion... it's been proven.

Posted by Brackynews

If there's going to be a splosion of anything, I expect cake and doughnuts to be served.

Posted by buft

I dont see it,, what am i missing?

Posted by LordAndrew
@buft: You're seeing what everyone else is seeing. There are also some links you can't see, but as a non-subscriber you can't use them.
I didn't expect it to show up. This blog merely confirms what I already suspected. This was the test.