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Insanely Good Times! 2

For those gamers craving more Metroid, Castlevania, Shadow Complex, and Aquaria, they will be in state of nirvana with Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.  Adding-on to the elements of the previous mentioned titles, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet gives the player Dual-Joystick Shooter type controls on top of the format presented in this style of "Metroidvania" type games.  It makes for an experience that is more focused on the ambient experience, exploration, and 360 degree shooting, rather than on ...

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One Damn Good Adventure Game and One of the Best Games on the DS 0

Those that have played The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass will be no stranger to the layout of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.  Spirit Tracks takes the same formula of Phantom Hourglass and replaces it with a train instead of a boat and the Tower of Spirits instead of the Temple of the Ocean King.  I guess this could be a good or bad thing, depending on your tastes, but I felt that Nintendo did make some small enough changes to twist it into a good thing.  Those that have not played Phan...

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I Haven’t Felt This Ripped-off Since Luigi’s Mansion 14

Gamers expecting New Super Mario Bros. Wii to rise to the greatness of its previous 2D console installments will be left scratching their heads with a great big empty void filling the pit of their stomachs, questioning why it’s already over… this, right before the feeling of being pissed-off sets in because you just spent $50 on a 5 hour cakewalk. New Super Mario Bros. Wii has some huge, almost impossibly larger than life, shoes to fill.  It is the first time that the Mario Bros. have made a "2D...

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Awesome Game with Glaring Flaws 0

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is fairly immense in the depth department.  Some of these depth aspects include collecting a huge array of souls and items, forging player made weapons, path choices for speed runs, unlockable modes, and not to mention all the replay value included.  It’s also got a great soundtrack, and gimmicky features, like the use of the touch screen.  It’s easy to see why so many people love this game.Now, while all this is a prefect formula for making one of the best Castleroid...

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I Highly Recommend Smelling this Concrete Rose 0

The World Ends With You has some really nice things going for it, especially when it comes to utilizing all that the Nintendo DS hardware allows for. From using pretty-much every single gesture the Touch Screen has to offer, to the Microphone, to the “Mingle Mode” and “Tin Pin Slammer” (local Wi-Fi), it's all here. The only thing really missing from this wonderfully amazing package is online play, but being as it's an Action RPG it's totally understandable.Beyond the gameplay mechanics and story...

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