An Unforgettable Day with Capcom @ WonderCon

I just got back from my first day of WonderCon and boy am I tired.  I played a ton of Super Street Fighter IV, Dead Rising 2, and Lost Planet 2.  I walked around until my feet bled, all the while checking-out tons of merch, booths, babes, and crazy cos-players.  I ate expensive crappy food and drank expensive normal water... but man, I wouldn't trade it all for the world! :D  
One of the neater moments of the day, was that I got a chance to hang with Seth Killian and crew, plus I also got to play some Super Street Fighter IV with the now famous Grimmz Grimmz was John Choi's replacement for the recently held Specialists Tournament, where he lead NorCal's Team to victory.  He's a pretty nice guy, as I also got to stand in line with him for a gewd 5 minutes or so and pick his brain all about Super Street Fighter IV, which he has early access to at home.  
Anyway, enough talk... here's some vids I filmed on my Motorola Droid and also some pics of the event (note, I didn't take all of these).  Enjoy!:  
Capcom Panel Setting-up:

Capcom Panel Seth Killian Speech: 
Capcom Panel Scrub Battle (LULZ!!!):  

Capcom's Booth 01

Capcom's Booth 02

Pads? Really?


Capcom's Booth 04

Pocket Fighter IV

Haduken Bitches

3 Cammies and a Poison

Chun is my Hun


El Bros.

Beady Petey!

Lovely, Pillows

All Day Long, All Day Strong

Ummm, YES!

Epic Life-Size Dante is Epic


Getting Hype this Weekend!

So yeah, I'm pretty excited for this weekend!!!  

If my brain's still processing things correctly, then I get to participate in the first ever U.S. Super Street Fighter IV Tournament hosted by Seth Killian himself.  The only problem is that I've been spending the last couple months playing  the new BlazBlue: Continuum Shift @ Rack-N-Cue @ SFSU.  I'm just thinking to myself who I should main in this SSFIV tourney and how rusty I probably am?  Should I just play what I know, or go in with someone crazy, like Cody, and lose on my first match? :p  
Beyond that, I also get to play a ton of pre-released Capcom stuffs such as Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2

Hell, this is like gunna be the best weekend of this year by far!!!   Man, could it really be any better?  I think not. 


Massive Summer Games Get

I'm pretty pumped and ready for summer! :) 

Amazon just had their "Dads and Grads" Sale thingy and I bought Fable II, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise.

Also, I just picked-up Mass Effect used at GameStop on the cheap.  I need to finally play and finish this before Mass Effect 2 comes-out. 

All this before I get my pre-order of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger at the end of the month. 

Some others I want to pick-up are [PROTOTYPE] (because I just finished (twice) and Platinum Trophy'd the amazingly awesome inFAMOUS!) and maybe also Red Faction: Guerrilla

My questions are where should I start?  Is it still easy enough to rack-up the Achievements in Fable II, without exploiting the Pub Games?  Is summer enough time to enjoy them all?



Just picked-up Klonoa for the Wii today @ GameStop!

Fucking Best Buy had 4 in stock, but said, "Our computer says the game doesn't come-out until tomorrow, so we can't sell it to you."  "What?!  95% of all games ship on Tuesdays and are sold on Wednesdays", I said... the lady at Best Buy just stared at me for a second and then said, "Look at my computer, I simply can't sell it to you."

Best Buy was smoking some pretty gewd crack, I guess, so... I went over to GameStop, even though I try not to buy from them as much as possible.

Anyway, the game is awesome and I'm already on World 5!... but even awesomer yet is the free Wahoo's Taco Coupon!!! :p



Old Memories from the Past... some may be Forgotten, Forever

Whelp, I'm now "done" with copying my PS2 Saves over to my PS3's Hard Drive.

I say "done" because out of my 7 Memory Cards, only 6 of them would be recognized by my PS3.  The one that will not, is not a Sony Branded Card :(

I guess I'll have to unbox my PS2 again, see if it recognizes the bad card, copy-over the Save Data to a Sony Branded one, and then go back to the PS3.  This is if that Memory Card even works anymore?!

I'm not even sure what's on that 1 bad Memory Card.  It looks to me like I got everything important, but you never know :p

Moral of the story... be careful when buying 3rd party crap.


A Week with Street Fighter IV and the Rise of Shadoloo!

Well, it's now Tuesday and I've been playing the PS3 Retail Console Version of Street Fighter IV for a week, as of today.

It's been a blast, even though MadCatz hates me and hasn't gotten me my TE FightStick Pre-Order yet.  Regardless, with 59% of the Trophies, I think I'm fairing pretty well without it.

I've beaten the Arcade Mode on Hardest defeating Gouken along the way, without continuing, netting me the Silver "Legendary Champion" Trophy.  I have also finished all 20 of the Normal Time Attack, Survival, and also the 5 Normal Trials (with a few of the Characters).  Getting Golds is next on the list, which I have to go back and do 16 of the Survival/Time Attacks over :( Lastly, I've also won nearly 200 Online Battles, which has been a blast... still need the 500 Online Battles Trophy though.

I'm going to try to finish one of the Hard Trials tomorrow, but it's extremely difficult with the Pad.  Another thing I think that I've just got to be close to getting is the 365 Daze Trophy, for doing Flashy Finishes.

I have been trying to update an Unlockables Guide I created for the Giant Bomb Community, which can be found at the link below, but I feel like I could probably do better with it:

Street Fighter IV - Unlockables Guide

Anyway, below are some screens of "me" in PlayStation Home wearing the "Shadoloo" T-Shirt, unlocked after defeating Hardest Gouken without using a continue.  My real life Shadoloo Tee is draped right next to it :p  I got this shirt @ Street Fighter Club, where I met and played Street Fighter in the same room with such greats as Brad, Vinny, and Seth Killian.

Hope everyone's enjoying the game as much as I am!  Good job Capcom! :D

"Me" in PlayStation Home, wearing my "Shadoloo" T-Shirt (Front View)

"Me" in PlayStation Home, wearing my "Shadoloo" T-Shirt (Back View)


A Tad Angry with MadCatz

I was expecting my Tournament Edition of the FightStick to ship yesterday and it did not... so I was at least expecting it to ship today, at the latest.  I just really needed it to be here before Friday, so I can pwn all weekend long.

I finally got this reply back:

"Due to the overwhelming last minute demand and a work slowdown due to Chinese New Year, Madcatz has under-produced these items for their initial release shipment. Madcatz will be providing more product to the confirmed pre-books as they become available."

"The estimated dates of fulfillment are expected to be late March & April. Once again, we apologize for the delay and will notify you once your order has shipped."

This is something I pre-ordered back during the very first run of pre-orders in January, before they stopped them!

Oh, well... I guess life sucks sometimes and things could be worse.  At least I have the PS3 Version, so the N00b Pad aint so bad.  I also already got the "Win 10 Ranked Matches in a Row" Trophy, which I think could be pretty frustrating to obtain later-on, as people learn how to actually not get owned so hard.  I was Ranked 2,399 for BP on PSN before I came to work this morning :p

I wonder how many others are having this problem with their MadCatz FightStick Order?


My Street Fighter IV Swag Pics

Here's a start, showing my PS3 Collector's Edition Box Shots.

I picked the PS3 over SeXBOX360 because I wanted the Blu-Ray damn-it!!… and also because there is probably gunna be less hardcores on PSN; so more fun for me pwning a lot more.

I'll put more up later, of things like the head-band (I have 2), my Chun-Li SFIV Action Figure (got at an SFIV tourney), Ryu Action Figure, my Shadoloo T-Shirt (Medium-sized, thank you Capcom!), Street Fighter Club Poster... whatever else I got.  But only if I have time not pwning online to get all the Trophies!!!


Front of the PS3 Version of SFIV Collector's Edition Box

One side of the PS3 Version of SFIV Collector's Edition Box (and my Right-Forearm Tatt)

Back of the PS3 Version of SFIV Collector's Edition Box

Front of the PS3 Version of SFIV Collector's Edition Box


Where You at Gamers?!

OK, so yesterday morning I decided to bust-out and sport my new Street Fighter Club Tee-Shirt, and wear it to work.

It's got this stylized version of the Shadoloo Logo going-on.  You know, the Logo on M. Bison's Hat (

Anyway, I took the SF Muni to work and on the way I got to thinking (while playin' some Disgaea 1 on my DS), how many peeps are gunna be like so jealous and ask me where I got this shirt from?  On my way to work, I do pass by places like IGN, 1UP, GameSpot, Double Fine, and the now defunct Flagship Studios.  Probably others I'm missing.

Well, by the time I got home around 6ish last night, I had not 1 single person all day comment on my badass Street Fighter Club Shirt.  Not during lunch, not at work, not on the way there or back, and not even when I went-out to get dinner... no one :(

If I had saw me, i woulda went-up and at least said, "Nice shirt!" to myself.  Where you at gamers?!  I wanna talk about some Street Fighter (or just games) with totally random stangers! :p


Had a Ball with Magic Ball

Just got all the Trophies on Magic Ball today and broke 2 million points.  I kinda wish PSN Games had Platinum Trophies though, but even getting this game's Gold Trophy was pretty easy.  Getting even 1 of the 3 Gold Trophies in LittleBigPlanet was way harder (which I have all the Trophies in too, including the MGS Pack Trophies :p)

Magic Ball has a pretty mindless fun vibe to it, but I didn't like how you could kind of exploit the Continues System.

Anyway, I'm the 52nd best Magic Ball Player in the world as of this writing! :p  Not sure if I'll every play it again after today, unless it's to play with my GF.

Wonder if they'll have DLC for it later on?

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