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Happy Trails @alexisg, I sincerely wish you the best in all your future endeavours. Thank you for everything you've given to Giant Bomb, and to all of us.

There is no man I would rather watch eating dangerous amounts of McNuggets.

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I just bought my first tv, a 40" Kogan that seemed to hit the right price-to-features ratio. Problem is that while it was advertised as having designated composite AV inputs, it has this...

This chinsy little jack with some kind of removable AV plug. It hangs awkwardly from this input and never seems to quite fit in like you would expect. This thing rarely works and when it does it looks like absolute trash, covers the screen in static, and creates horrible persistent buzzing and high pitched bleeping noises.

I bought this tv primarily to play games on which is fine for anything using one of the 3 HDMI ports, but my dreams of hooking up my PS2, N64, Xbox, Wii, etc have been bludgeoned.

Giant Bomb Duders, do any of you have good solutions to this kind of problem? I have heard positive things about AV to HDMI conversion boxes but they are still quite pricey here in Sydney.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning instantly springs to mind!

I really wanted to finish that game, but to do so meant just barrelling through the main quest, skipping all the dialogue, running past huge groups of enemies without engaging them, and ignoring damn near every side quest (of which there are maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany).

I eventually finished it by way of 3 lengthy marathon sessions on consecutive nights. My overall playtime clocked in at just under 30 hours, I can't even fathom what that number would be if I hadn't taken the critical path. I would really like to revisit the game at some point, but I don't know when I'll have such a breadth of free time available as to give the game it's due.

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I dig it! He sort of seems like an amalgam of the protagonists from Persona 3 and 4.

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@crunchyflies: For somebody who is 'a writer more than a designer and programmer' maybe it would be beneficial playing around in a smaller scale engine with a capsule programming system like Stencyl or GameSalad. While you may not use them for the finished product they're both great in teaching you to think about solving problems like a programmer would, and they're very useful for prototyping.

Using Playmaker in Unity or the visual coding in Game Maker can get you pretty far but I've found that to get the most out of those engines you need to be able to script on some level. Good luck!

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The platform of SSD for your OS and core files and then large HDD for everything else is pretty solid. The only thing I will say is don't cheap out on the SSD, they're not incredibly stable or reliable to begin.

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Does "Happiness" count?

Couldn't finish that movie.

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@kidavenger: I was in the same camp as you, think I had a Siren levelled into the mid-teens, wasn't having any fun playing it solo. I tried some games with random people jumping in but it was only more frustrating since few of them ever spoke, nearly all of them were playing the same class, and most were just interested in the loot. I encountered a recurring scenario in which higher level players would join my game and just haul-ass through the environment to where ever the objective was, triggering every enemy along the way but running straight past them, leaving me to get mobbed by Scags and Bandits while expository audio-logs played out of context overhead. I couldn't figure out why but this seriously happened a lot.

I would advise playing online co-op but only with a group of friends, that's what made the first game so much fun. Sadly, I adopted BL2 far too late after its release and all my friends who owned the game were already long over it and not interested in another expedition into Pandora.

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Planet Terror is the most consistent experience, but holy shit the pay-off in Death Proof is incredible.

In a pinch I'd probably give it to Planet Terror but I think I have a little more respect for Death Proof.