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Probably Predator, though I will gladly listen to arguments for Die Hard or Aliens.

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I have fond childhood memories of Sonic 1, 2, and Sonic Chaos but after that things get shaky. In recent years I have revisited those early Master System Sonic games and Jeff is 100% correct, they don't play. Those games are way too thin to really be enjoyable anymore.

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I barely have time to finish the games I love, so if I'm not feeling a game then I won't bang my head against it.

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I was all ready to watch this trailer stoic and reserved and fully embodying a mentality of "Don't get swept up in the hype".

But then a I saw Oscar Isaac sitting in a fucking X-Wing, wearing the uniform, with that familiar sound of engines whirring and I LOST MY SHIT!

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Also, I need to watch Attack the Block one of these days...

Attack the Block is so good.

So good!

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John Boyega out-acted the entire prequel trilogy cast without saying a word.


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@stealthmaster86: Agreed! It was really annoying to watch each season up to the movie and then have to go to some means to track the movie down. Still worth it though.

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Man of Steel - 2/5

Good god, this film got Zack Snyder'd to death. DC's obsession with making everything dark and brooding is just too on-the-nose for me these days, even the colour corrections in this film are pretty extreme. So many good actors giving such weak performances, such a sad waste of talent. Less of a Superman film and more of a disaster movie.

Oh boy, what a mess! Watch this movie if you're a Dragonball Z fan or 15 years old.

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The X-Files: Fight the Future 4/5

Haven't seen it since I was a kid, but recently my partner and I have been re-watching The X-Files. Having just finished season 5 it seemed logical to watch the movie before venturing into the 6th season, and this movie holds up remarkably well!

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I would personally enjoy seeing all the ways you man break FF8's systems and manipulate the hell out of that game to make it quicker. I've always wanted to go back and finish FF8 but it's hard to get excited about the prospect of grinding.

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According to Steam I've put 7 hours into the beta, I'm really enjoying it but it doesn't feel like I've seen all it's going to throw at me. I've yet to encounter any game-breaking bugs or technical flaws, the weirdest thing I've encountered is the game's penchant for bringing up my taskbar and that it will only work in windowed mode on a 32 bit operating system.

Balance is the biggest sticking point for me at the moment. The game has a lot of really cool mechanics that are dynamically interacting with each other, but right now the economy of 'train warriors to retire warriors to breed stronger warriors' doesn't feel like it yields any noticeable results. With the difficulty of the combat and the speed that units die from old age, I'm yet to get any unit higher than level 4 and when I do I'm almost always forced to retire them as a Regent in the hope that they will breed better trainees or make a good standard in the Crucible but I'm just not seeing these results! Instead I'm forced to spend research time on recruiting new units, a system which appears to favour awful stats and degenerative character traits, and then marry them off which lets a bunch of awful traits permeate through my next crop of units. Maybe I'm just getting some bad numbers? Because I've never had a unit with entirely good traits who wasn't also infertile, it's a little frustrating.

This leaves me with a roster of lemons, rookies, and drunks with which to fight the game's battles, which ramp up in difficulty way too fast. In a very small amount of time you go from fighting the tiny introductory "Seeds" that go down in one hit, to being decimated by "Bulwarks". Killing these things requires each individual unit attacking them every turn for two of three rounds, that's a lot of coordination to take down a single enemy especially when they do a lot of damage and there's usually 6-10 of these fuckers per map along with a bunch of enemies that just run up and explode on you. Battles just don't feel fun to fight in their current state.

Massive Chalice is built on a lot of really cool ideas and concepts but bringing them together into something cohesive is a tremendous ordeal. Even though the game might be technically far along in development, in terms of satisfying gameplay it is still a long way off. The team working on this certainly has their work cut out for them, I do not envy them at all and I wish them the best. From what it seems so far they've been really good at responding to people's feedback and patching the game along the way. I can only hope they continue to do so.

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Happy Trails @alexisg, I sincerely wish you the best in all your future endeavours. Thank you for everything you've given to Giant Bomb, and to all of us.

There is no man I would rather watch eating dangerous amounts of McNuggets.