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Fire Emblem: Awakening.

I restarted that game on three separate occasions to try and get my children right. By that third playthrough my kids were so insanely overpowered that the last few missions were a cakewalk, which worked out well because I was pretty damn sick of Fire Emblem.

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@frostyryan: Damn, I really wish this thread was a poll so I could see the pooling results. Great concept!

I see a lot of people going after free to play, mobas, and sports games so I'm gonna go with Rail Shooters! Was there ever a really good one? I mean, time crisis was ok (in arcades) but mostly for the novelty of holding a plastic gun.

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Thank You, Patrick. Thank you for all you have brought to the site and to this community. It is sad to see you go, but I hope you are excited for the next phase. Your presence will be missed.

Thank You, Scoops!

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Probably Predator, though I will gladly listen to arguments for Die Hard or Aliens.

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I have fond childhood memories of Sonic 1, 2, and Sonic Chaos but after that things get shaky. In recent years I have revisited those early Master System Sonic games and Jeff is 100% correct, they don't play. Those games are way too thin to really be enjoyable anymore.

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I barely have time to finish the games I love, so if I'm not feeling a game then I won't bang my head against it.

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I was all ready to watch this trailer stoic and reserved and fully embodying a mentality of "Don't get swept up in the hype".

But then a I saw Oscar Isaac sitting in a fucking X-Wing, wearing the uniform, with that familiar sound of engines whirring and I LOST MY SHIT!

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Also, I need to watch Attack the Block one of these days...

Attack the Block is so good.

So good!

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John Boyega out-acted the entire prequel trilogy cast without saying a word.


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@stealthmaster86: Agreed! It was really annoying to watch each season up to the movie and then have to go to some means to track the movie down. Still worth it though.

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Man of Steel - 2/5

Good god, this film got Zack Snyder'd to death. DC's obsession with making everything dark and brooding is just too on-the-nose for me these days, even the colour corrections in this film are pretty extreme. So many good actors giving such weak performances, such a sad waste of talent. Less of a Superman film and more of a disaster movie.

Oh boy, what a mess! Watch this movie if you're a Dragonball Z fan or 15 years old.