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For around a week, every time I've watched a video on the site the player's sound is muted by default. If I play a video without correcting the sound before hand it permanently stays muted forcing me to reload the page and restart the video.

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Had a lot of fun doing reviews and wikis there in the early days. I loved the podcast, the community was pleasant, and the video content was terrific.

It's sad that Screened is no more. I would visit the site every so often after the Whiskey buyout, but it just never felt the same.


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Final Fantasy 6 is both the best and worst place to enter the franchise. You are literally starting the show with the show stopper.

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Amalur is the perfect game to chill out with and catch up on podcasts, which is mostly how I played it. But, yeah, it is kinda generic and boring. There are a few interesting things about the character systems and the combat is relatively fun, but there's a huge amount of very bland content in that game that does not demand to be seen in any aspect.

I have been having this very same decisive struggle as you. I would like to play some of that game again because there was some fun to be had stealth killing people and levelling up the jack-of-all-trades character class. But here is Australia the sale price is $17.99 and the price for everything is $23.99, and that's just too much money for this game. Even at $12 it's a bit of a stretch.

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Microsoft has stores?

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So... is now the time to buy a 3DS?!

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@hunkulese said:

I saw how poorly DmC did and how all the fans hated the game and it was nothing like the previous games. I also saw a rumor that they may act like DmC never happened and just make a DMC 5.

I have loved the Devil May Cry franchise since the first game and I think DmC is fantastic. If not for my deep nostalgic love of the first game, I may even say it is my favourite in the series.

The very idea of Capcom ignoring how good DmC was and just making a DMC 5 is significantly more disappointing than anything Ninja Theory did.

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What I took away from Final Fantasy XIII is that everybody is fearful of and racist towards Australia. But once you meet an Australian you realise that they're okay, but still kinda shitty, just like everybody else in the world.