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This is...

...not what I expected at all.

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If there is a PC option, and all features are the same, then always PC. With some rare exceptions of course.

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Congratulations man. That is huge.

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It has to be as pure as possible. That's why when you want to play N64 games for example, the crew doesn't bust out an emulator to make it look better. Sure they've used a Retron5 because some older consoles in working condition are becoming harder and harder to find. But the Retron5 doesn't upscale anything to make things look better. It gives you some options for that but never use them.

Like others have said, it has to be in its original form, without add-ons, DLC, and HD remakes.

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Nice. Plus, whoever makes the right decision and upgrades, will also get a nice audio surprise when they do.

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I will be really pissed off at games that will run only on the "new" 3DS.

I guess It all depends on what games will come out for it and how much better they will look/run on it.

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We need more Dave Lang on the site.

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Memorization and reflexes.

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Gameplay. That's why 20+ year old games are still fun to play and have lived in our memories enough to continue and sell today in modern iterations.

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I understand what you're saying and I agree with some of it. Yes the site has changed, but not for the worst. First of all, Patrick coming on board, the changing offices, then Ryan passing away, then Patrick moving away, then Vinny and Alex moving away, and now hiring Dan and Jason. Those are a lot of changes for a site, and to have the site be more or less as beloved as it has before all those changes started, is a miracle. I too wish things wouldn't have changed. But events happened that couldn't have been prevented (ex. Ryan's passing.) The GB crew is trying to keep things as familiar as possible and I respect them for that.

But let's face it. Times change and the site has to change with it or else there is no new blood to either keep the site running through subscriptions or to bring something new to the table.