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They won't change the way the Cryptarch works. The materials and currencies are worth more than purple gear, save for weapons. People cry endlessly about getting Ascendant Motes and such but you need a metric ton of them to upgrade your gear to get past the Light ceiling. Purple gear is much easier to acquire in comparison, it is on vendors.

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Most of the story is simply world building. It's no surprise to me when you consider the westernised MMO roots of the core gameplay systems.

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Long live Gbeast.

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Ruby may look indifferent to this situation, but in reality she is only laying on her side for easy access to belly rubs.

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I don't remember.

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Gavlan wheel.

Gavlan deal.

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It has baked-in elemental scaling. Any weapon with baked-in tertiary scaling is good given you are leveling its scaling stat since you can infuse it for even more scaling (and then use a weapon enchantment spell to increase it further). It isn't going to match the raw power or reach of a well-scaling 2h weapon, but with the proper build it can do amazing damage for a shortsword. If you're going the str=faith>dex shortsword route though, eventually you will want to upgrade to a lightning infused Sun Sword to replace your Heide's.

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"Soul of the ineffable. This once-magnificent soul continues to exert influence over the land, even after the eons have reduced it to these remnants." - Old Witch Soul description

Right. And Duke Deja's Fear drops Seath's soul so I am supposed to think that means Seath turned into a giant spider? Every mob in the game doesn't have to be a rehash from dark souls 1. The witch can have all the influence she wants, that doesn't make the Lost Sinner the witch, or mean my suggestion is complete nonsense which you seem to suggest it is. This is why I don't like Dark Souls lore people, if the wiki doesn't force feed it to you or Epic Name Bro doesn't say it, it must be wrong!

They have influence over those near them. In Freja's case you find Seath's influence and power encased in crystal. The Duke of Brightstone cove was influenced by Seath's soul and experimented with the crystal that Brightstone's workers found in the mines and made monsters as Seath did. Remember too that Seath was also known as a 'Duke'.

There's too much evidence to deny they are linked in some way, the NG+ souls just kind of knock you over the head with the fact. That they are the exact same people/creatures? Most likely not.

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77. You can power-stance dual crossbows.

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68: The coffin on the beach in Things Betwixt will give you a sex-change.