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he was the king

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Notorious R.T.D.

What a dude, and what a way to remember him. I love this so much, thanks for sharing man

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Wow, that's amazing!

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That's great, good tribute.

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Oh I forgot, here's one without any text (except signature.)

Also don't forget, you can copy the image address and paste it in another tab/window to download the full res image. It should be large enough to fit on a regular sheet of paper to do as you wish.

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Well shit, I was gonna set some fireworks off in my driveway tonight with glee and proclaim myself "King of the Driveway." I'm only a pretender to the throne though. No way I'm competing with that.

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This is really well done. Also, It really reminds me of the art for the GTA box art's

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This is really good

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I love it!

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Good job!

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I have not the words to say about this, expect it is lovely so here is a kiss. X

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Such a boss

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You know how a picture can sometimes say more than a thousand words? This totally fits the bill.