By the Numbers: Skyrim

152+ Hours of Sneak Thievin'

Over the past month, most of my free time has been lost to soaking up every ounce of lore I possibly could within the realm of Skyrim. If you know me at all, the fact that I have forsaken playing even one minute of Zelda or Assassin's Creed should speak volumes to how deep I've fallen into Bethesda's latest epic.

There may be some spoilers within. I don't think it's anything major, have been warned.

Finally, I'll have time to get back to dancing...

Today, I finished the war quest line and obtained the last achievement I needed to reach 1000/1000. There's still so much to explore in that game, but I feel like I should move on for now, especially considering with game of the year talks heating up. Still, I thought it'd be interesting to post some of my statistics and see how they compare with other people's if they want to chime in.

My character, Aria (yeah, I played as a female), is a level 53 wood elf rogue that dual wields daggers that she uses to backstab fools for 30x damage, and often switches to archery when necessary. I never put a single level-up bonus in to Magicka. I ended up with 450 Health and 350 Stamina. My Light Armor, Sneak, Lockpicking, Speech, Smithing, and One-Handed made it to 100. Pickpocketing got up to 75, but nothing else made it over 50.

Aria with Paarthurnax & Odahviing

In these open world games, once they give you the first objective and/or place to go, I generally go the complete opposite direction. That's what I did for the first 50+ hours in Skyrim. Then I did enough of the main quest to get the dragons to start showing up. After that, it was back to roaming around. The main quest and the civil war were the last things I completed. I decided to side with the Stormcloaks in the war, which may seem weird as an elf, but I wasn't a high elf, and the Imperials did try to execute me in the beginning of the game. Obviously, if you've played the game, there was a lot of gray area in making that decision. I didn't enjoy having to forcefully remove the Jarl of Whiterun after he did so much to help me in the quest to kill Alduin, but I'm sure there would've been things that I didn't enjoy taking part in if I had gone the other way.

Anyway, here's a bunch of numbers...


When I look at the raw numbers, there's some surprising things. First off, 278 locations found? Damn. I don't know what the total is, but I feel like there are tons of blacked out locations on my radar still. That one horse I own isn't by choice. I wish I could somehow get rid of him. The idea of a rogue riding around on a horse just seems really dumb to me.

Days as a Werewolf60Locations Discovered278
Dungeons Cleared104Days Passed331
Hours Slept8Hours Waiting517
Standing Stones Found15Gold Found597709
Most Gold Carried167622Chests Looted875
Skill Increases738Skill Books Read64
Food Eaten83Training Sessions67
Horses Owned1Houses Owned4
Stores Invested In5Barters1181
Intimidations5Diseases Contracted1


The thing that stands out as weird to me here is the Thieves' Guild stat. Three? How could that be right? Aside from that, 239 miscellaneous quests seems insane. If I would've guessed before looking at it, I would've thought maybe 100.

Quests Completed108Misc Objectives Completed239
Main Quests Completed18Side Quests Completed23
The Companions Quests Completed7College of Winterhold Quests Completed13
Thieves' Guild Quests Completed3The Dark Brotherhood Quests Completed22
Civil War Quests Completed7Daedric Quests Completed15
Questlines Completed5


Apparently, Nathan Drake isn't the biggest mass murderer in games this year. I killed over a THOUSAND people. Mostly via backstabs. Only 22 of those were considered to be murderous crimes though. Also, I ain't no bunny killer.

People Killed1066Animals Killed361
Creatures Killed246Undead Killed649
Daedra Killed21Automotons Killed101
Favorite WeaponBlade of WoeCritical Strikes1562
Sneak Attacks1460Backstabs830
Weapons Disarmed3Brawls Won5
Bunnies Slaughtered0


The only reason Flames is my "Favorite Spell" is that late in the game I just started casting it to try to keep leveling up since most of my rogue-ish skills were maxed out. Otherwise, it would probably be Candlelight. As for Aura Whisper being my "Favorite Shout," that's likely due to how dependent I was on the Gray Fox's Cowl in Oblivion. Being able to see people through walls from a great distance clearly helps being a sneak thief.

Spells Learned26Favorite SpellFlames
Favorite SchoolDestructionDragon Souls Collected41
Words of Power Learned56Words of Power Unlocked59
Shouts Learned20Shouts Mastered16
Times Shouted195Favorite ShoutAura Whisper


Yeah, I'll admit to making a metric ton of steel daggers to get my smithing up. Improving your weapons and armor is highly recommended. Despite being a rogue, I never really found a reason to use poison since I was usually sneaking up behind people and killing them instantly anyway. Similarly, I never found much use for trapping souls since I generally the stack of soul gems I found were enough to keep my bow charged up.

Soul Gems Used76Souls Trapped0
Magic Items Made1Weapons Improved14
Weapons Made433Armor Improved15
Armor Made48Potions Mixed140
Potions Used244Poisons Mixed86
Poisons Used1Ingredients Harvested549
Ingredients Eaten63Nirnroots Found70
Wings Plucked28


Being a rogue, you may expect my bounty stats to be sky high. But, if you're a successful rogue, it should be zero. Unfortunately, there were a few unavoidable cases where I was spotted and/or caught. But seriously...2262 items stolen? I may have a problem.

Total Lifetime Bounty2580Largest Bounty1500
Locks Picked295Pockets Picked107
Items Pickpocketed2063Times Jailed2
Days Jailed7Fines Paid0
Jail Escapes1Items Stolen2262
Horses Stolen1Trespasses31
A Nightingale on top of the world. Until the first DLC is released...
Posted by Claude

Interesting stats. Of course my stats are way different at 110 hours in. I'm playing a Nord mostly using shield and sword. I did kill me a few bunnies.

Posted by ssj4raditz

Kill more bunnies!

Posted by PeasantAbuse

You can kill your horse, even the one you get during the Dark Brotherhood.

Posted by yoshimitz707

Refusing thieves guild radiant quests being the number of quests done down. I'm sitting at -17 quests right now for them.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Did you send PsEG a sponge and a new pair of pants? It seems like the responsible thing to do.

Posted by I_smell

...Your favourite shout is Aura Whisper?

Posted by Marino

@yoshimitz707 said:

Refusing thieves guild radiant quests being the number of quests done down. I'm sitting at -17 quests right now for them.

A-ha! That would explain it. I had to refuse a ton of those jobs to get the ones in the cities I needed to redeem the guild.

@I_smell said:

...Your favourite shout is Aura Whisper?

Yeah. I used it alot to spy on where people were when sneaking. I really didn't use shouts all that much. I always seemed to forget I had them.

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Posted by Brackynews

I'm just curious if escaping your own execution at the start counts in the Crime stats. I'll be playing soon, so I'll remember to watch the numbers early on for what is "storyline" based.

Posted by Demoskinos

Great read! I have two characters going at the moment a Khajiit rogue and a Brenton mage. Been digging the mage on my PC the most. The later level destruction is pretty damn crazy. So powerful in fact that I negate to even equip a physical weapon at all. (although I keep a war axe on hand juuuust in case) My biggest issue is im still pretty early in my build since I've ping pinged between the 360 and PC and I have no clue how I want to build my mage out. I feel sort of one dimensional maining destruction magic so not sure what to do. Overall an amazing experience but gotta say...saints row 3 beats it out for my GOTY.

Posted by Marino
@Demoskinos I doubt I could play two characters simultaneously. I'd forget which quests I did for which.
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Posted by BraveToaster

I recently hit level 51 on my second character. I decided to roll a High Elf who opposes the beliefs of his race and wants to free the Empire. Just like my first play-through, I decided to roll a Battle Mage-ish build.

Posted by Marino

@Axxol: I had a similar mentality playing a wood elf. The high elves aren't exactly friendly to much of the wood elf population either, but simply as an elf of any kind, I felt like I was proving my worth and possibly changing the close-minded views of the Stormcloaks as it pertains to non-Nords.

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Posted by Krummey

150 hours in a month? Five hours a day? So...did you like it?

Posted by BraveToaster

@Marino said:

@Axxol: I had a similar mentality playing a wood elf. The high elves aren't exactly friendly to much of the wood elf population either, but simply as an elf of any kind, I felt like I was proving my worth and possibly changing the close-minded views of the Stormcloaks as it pertains to non-Nords.

Yeah, I wanted to make a High Elf who opposed the Thalmor. I went even further and roleplayed a little, which is strange because I though roleplaying was lame up until I started playing Skyrim. My character's family was part of a group that opposed the Thalmor's oppressive behavior. A civil war broke out between the two High Elf parties, which ended in my entire family being murdered. I managed to escape and made it to Skyrim, where I plan my revenge. Although my intentions are good, I end up acquiring a few Deadric weapons and eventually become a reluctant servant to the dark forces.

Posted by Marino

@Krummey said:

150 hours in a month? Five hours a day? So...did you like it?

Honestly, it doesn't seem like I was playing it that much. There were occasions where I didn't play for a few days. But I can't argue with the math. I don't think I ever left it idle for very longer either.

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Posted by Bourbon_Warrior
@PeasantAbuse Is the dark brotherhood the quest line that gives u werewolf ability
Posted by PeasantAbuse

@Bourbon_Warrior said:

@PeasantAbuse Is the dark brotherhood the quest line that gives u werewolf ability


That's the Companions

Posted by Galiant

@I_smell said:

...Your favourite shout is Aura Whisper?

So was mine. It helps when you're sneaking.

Posted by Marino

@Galiant: So, I'm not totally crazy. Thanks!

@Bourbon_Warrior: PeasantAbuse already answered the question, but I just wanted to mention that the number of days as werewolf only means I had the ability to turn into one. I never actually used it. With 30X damage on sneak melee, I was already a pretty good killing machine without having to turn into a beast. The only penalty I know of for being a werewolf is that you don't get a rest bonus for sleeping, but I never slept anyway.

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