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I love you all!

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Just wanted to say, it's all ok. Everything's ok. It's all good. Everything's acceptable...We're all good. Let's all have a hand shake... I love you all. Everything is ok... Handshake. All notions are good. We're all friends. Everything is ok. Handshakes all around. Friendship! Everyone is acceptable. Love! Love is all that matters. Love....

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I'm kinda in a strategy mood at the moment. I haven't played an RTS since Starcraft 2 first came out, and it had a ton of hype surrounding it. Is that still the most played RTS out there right now? Any suggestions on a strategy game I could start playing?

I know SC2 is old enough that I'll probably get destroyed by everyone, so if anyone has any advice for that particular problem as well, I'm all ears.

Also, as a side question, anyone know of a good multiplayer turn-based strategy game (I don't really like Civ because matches take 1,000 hours)? Is there anything that plays like Final Fantasy Tactics, or Fire Emblem, but that is multiplayer/competitive?

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, that's a good point. For one, I was probably being wildly reckless back then. I just know, several years later, I listen to the "speeds" of these movies and think "yeah ok, whatever." This is coming from a person that doesn't even own a "speed" car...