Duke Nukem Forever

So I picked this up at the local used game store for $5. I played a lot of the Duke games back in the PS1 days. Had Total Meltdown, Time to Kill and Zero Hour. They were fun in that period but that stupid, douchebag humor doesn't really work today. Sure I laughed at some of the stuff in the game but it's more of a 'you actually said that?' way. The game itself when it comes to the shooting and movement is fine, not great but playable. When it comes to the more complex mechanics like swimming and platforming, holy fuck it trips all over itself. The swimming is almost unbearable and the fact you have to be right over the air vents and not an inch to the side of them to get air just adds to the frustration. Also forgetting that in the past they had scuba gear that lasted longer in Duke 3D, back in the fucking 90's. The whole last part of the game at the dam is pretty awful but once you start the water level and on it's at the peak of the shitpile. There is a section where you are running up a stairwell as water is flooding the area and explosive barrels and regular barrels are flying down the stairs. Two hits from either and your dead, this is on normal as well can't imagine the rage on higher difficulties. There are little cubbys to the right that you can hide in but wait too long and the water catches up and slows down your progress. Died about 8 times back to back on that each time wait half a minute to have it reload the same part over and over. I'm not sure why they even bothered putting it out, I think Gearbox did it's best to fix it up and for the most part sure its a mediocre title worth maybe $20 bucks but I can't even imagine paying $60 for it.

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Thank you Bombcast

So this had to be said by me on here somewhere I think. I work a shitty overnight Bakery job that in short, makes we want to blow my brains out. Luckily I have this amazing podcast to listen to and laugh at, on a Zune no less. Ironic right? I laugh every time they shit talk it but really Zune HD isn't so bad. I came to this site a few years back for the community, before CBS bought them and never really listened to podcasts and then started listening and loved it and then started going back and find oh there is this other guy instead of Jeff hosting and then get really sad when I find out he passed away. I actually put off listening to that specific podcast until I got home and then the guys actually handled it really good but I love Ryan and he added a certain humor to the show that no one will ever replace and I will really miss him. So just thanks to having this awesome site with a great community and a podcast that makes me laugh and wish I had such a sweet gig like Bombcrew.

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Why change?

Recently there was talk of what some believe is a new direction for Dark Souls 2. This is all because of the director saying he wants to make it more approachable and understandable. I don't think it is anything to get really crazy about because the original developer or maybe the creator, one of the two, is going to be overseeing the project. I could also see where they could make it more understandable in certain aspects of the game to make info more obtainable and so it explains more. Some items for example aren't explained in great detail. Also the addition of a bestiary would be cool, maybe giving a nod to Castlevania and hinting at possible weak points as well as a drop list that unlocks after obtaining said drop from that enemy. That's all I think the game really needs just some explaining on certain parts. The whole approachable part though, that just screams mainstream and easy. I don't think they need to touch the difficulty, after all that is what Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are known for.

I had Demon's Souls shortly after release and played it constantly and then picked up Dark Souls on release and found it slightly easier but not game breaking. I enjoyed the difficulty it required you to actually think and use a bit of strategy. It's funny that most of the people that complain about it play it thinking they can run in to horde of enemies like it's Dynasty Warriors or something. You have to be careful with what you do. I remember in Demon's Souls I had died in a tunnel before getting to the Armor Spider and got mobbed by the undead enemies. I was so careful getting back to my bloodstain and right as I went to get it an undead lunged through a cluster of worm exuvia and killed me. I lost near 75,000 souls which at that time was my peak. Still I very much enjoyed the difficulty of the game because it was genuine. There was no gimmick to it or cheapness just pure difficulty.

This seems like a trend though as more and more games coming out require less and less of you. Most games back in the day made you think, they had riddles and puzzles that you had to apply knowledge to. One series I am disappointed in is the Resident Evil series. I grew up with RE and the first 3 games were amazing they had that classic camera, awesome music, puzzles and sweet bosses. Then came 4, while still and excellent game it kickstarted the downfall. It had only a few puzzles with most of the game focusing on action. Then came 5 which pretty much abandoned everything, no puzzles at all except for the laser one, all action, and ridiculous action at that. It is a good game just a bad RE game to me. It's not survival horror.

When I think survival horror the main game that comes to mind is Amnesia. This is a game where you can't even attack and are trying to avoid monsters in a dark castle with stealth elements where it is easy to lose your sanity or die. RE 5 is all about killing zombies, mutants is closer. With RE 6 it is even more so. I have only played the demo and I enjoyed what I played as an action game but it really isn't a RE game.

I think the only real RE games outside of the main line is Outbreak 1 and 2 and in some respects they have better features such as bracing/barricading door, multiple characters and the item creation. I'm not saying the RE series shouldn't changing and advance with time but it did it in the wrong way as it didn't stay with it's genre. Other games do this too, they move away from their base as some game/book adaptions move far away from their source material. To me it just seems like they try to cash in on the shooter genre with a lot of games recently. Feel free to leave your thoughts.


Yes blame Mass Effect 3

So in short, I came across a post on Playfire about ME3 with a link to a ton of FB posts from 30+ morons, mostly women (no offense), commenting on Mass Effect 3's FB page on random posts like: that guy that went and killed all those kids liked this game you fuckers, stop these violent games corrupting our kids or my favorite, this is just some sick promotion for the game. Yeah a year old game being promoted in the WORST way possible. I hate people I really do, deeply, deeply would send the fucking Hounds of Tindalos to devour everyone of those worthless fucks. I hate when games get blamed for stupid peoples actions yet nothing else like the general degradation of women is most likely because of new age morales and most rap music or people being morons is linked to Jackass. No it's only videogames, only videogames make people want to go out and murder 5 yr old kids and their MOM that worked at the school. The world would be better without these people. It's funny that the whole point of ME3 is saving people but they wouldnt know that since they can't do any research on it. I wonder if they went over to Farmville's page and started raging there too. I bet they all watch Fox News as well.


Can't visit all map locations?

Wait are you fucking kidding me? So when I was first playing this near the start of the game I was looking at the map and it had all these places like Helm's Deep and Bay of Belfalas and Im thinking fucking sweet! This game is gonna at least be decently long and you'll go all over the place!' since there is like 15 locations though a couple might be challenge missions but still itll be awesome. Not even close you basically go in this sort of circle from where you are and I guess that takes the entire length of the Fellowships journey. Its not bad but what the fuck? DId you really think you'd just add the locations and people would think anything but being able to go there? Just stop making LOTR games they are all let downs or suck huge ass like Conquest, which sucks and was a let down. UGH! Why would you add them in there if not to go to them?


Stuck at Nordinbad Siege

Ok so got to the last section of the siege where you have to defeat the trolls before they break the door well I failed. After I failed it showed be for a brief moment where I couldnt do anything and faded to red and said failed. It did this a couple more times and I couldnt pause or anything so I quit out via PS button and restarted. I get back in at the start of the siege but there are no enemies so now I cant really do shit. Do I really have to fucking restart my game or can I get on a friends game from this point, get past then quit after it saves after that?


New Game +

In recent years it seems many games have incorporated some version of a 'Horde' mode, a wave based game mode that gained a lot of attention I believe mostly due to it's inclusion in Gears of War 2. The list of games is long. Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3, Lord of the Rings: War in the North. The list goes on. One feature that is used but seldom so is the 'New Game +'. Probably remembered mostly from the Resident Evil series it is a mode that allows the player to play through the campaign again after completing it while retaining weapons and experience. The items or skills retained depends on the game. In games like Resident Evil 4 you will retain everything but in a game like Dark Souls you will retain level and skills along with all your items save certain 'key' items, such as keys and other progress important items.

A few games have had them in the past years such as Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Mass Effect 2 but I'd like to see this feature used more widely through the market, to an extent of course as to not overkill it. Most of the New Game +'s have you replay the game on the same difficulty with the exception of Dark Souls and Demon's Souls where the difficulty goes up after each successive New Game +. With the rise in difficulty, however, comes reward. More souls for your troubles. Although this could be seen as a balancing to the game as the more souls you pour into leveling your character the higher the cost to level the next time gets.

With that said I'd like studios to start getting creative with this mode. It would be nice to see a linear and otherwise boring game like Call of Duty (campaign) be spiced up by adding some cool features every time you beat a New Game +. Maybe each time make it harder, sometimes at certain firefights add more enemies or a heavy enemy or something the player wasn't expecting each time around just to keep it fresh. Every time you complete the game you could unlock something cool. It could be anything ranging from red dot sights on all the weapons you pick up to taking a tip from Halo and having the hidden language mod or confetti headshots. They could even go the way of Resident Evil 3's Mercenaries Mode and add in a point system where they faster you complete the campaign or set trials, the more points you get to unlock stuff like cool weapons or infinite ammo. In this day in age almost every game has some sort of multiplayer feature be it coop or full on competitive modes it has become a must. With this sort of innovation they could easily add some fresh air to a game's campaign and give it at least a couple more hours of play. Leave your thoughts or ideas.


Flight to Mount Doom

I love how they added a little jab at the age old theory of 'why couldnt an eagle just carry Frodo to Mount Doom?' into this that just made my day.


Starhawk Beta Thoughts

Finally got to play the beta today, I had tried earlier last month to try to get my free Plus trial but I guess PSN doesnt want my card on there so had to wait til now to get it. I don't like that there is no tutorial as I was kinda clueless as to what is going on. I played Warhawk but this is kind of different. I like the gameplay alot and the build on the go thing is really cool. I guess I'll get better as I play more of it. The only game I've been able to get into is CTF every time I try TDM it says failed to migrate.