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A short mystery 0

Firewatch has a very smooth and colorful art style that stands out from most games out there today. I enjoyed the story a great deal. It was paced very well and the mystery that they start and add on to little by little was awesome, even if the conclusion wasn't that satisfying. The game gives you a few options in terms of setting up relationship and decisions on how to go about things. The PS4 version has a few minor issues such as frequent stuttering and textures not full completed as well as ...

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A fresh change 0

The way Assassin's Creed was adapted to a sidescroller was a smart and refreshing change of pace. I wouldn't like to see all the games go this way, and though I was hoping to see China/Japan as a full game release, having some side stories like this allows Ubisoft to narrow it's scope of the story it's telling. The gameplay is good and the visuals are decent. The art really impresses when they make use of Chinese brush strokes in cutscenes and the background on some levels. My biggest complaint ...

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Cyber fun 0

Syndicate is a fun cyberpunky game. Enjoyed the abilities and some of the more futuristic weapons. Coop seems cool as well but no one plays anymore on PS3 anyways. Only problem I had was the aiming always seemed off. No matter how I tweaked it it was either too fast or too slow. Not to mention there was no separate options for iron sights so I mostly hipfired. This didn't detract from the fun of the game though....

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Decent Coop Game 0

What I enjoyed most about this game was the little insight videos. I always like learning different stuff like that and it's a neat thing they did with the game. For the most part I enjoyed the game and its story but some of the platforming is down right bad. So first off, I played this whole game coop with my wife. She is not the best at videogames and gets frustrated easily but there were some jumps and climbing sections that required more fluidity than the game has. For example the walking tr...

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Fun Adventure 0

I really enjoyed this game but there were a few puzzles that almost turned me off. The game would've benefited from a hint system I think. I also can't get over that I had to sit for minutes while a snake choked me to death. Also some of the puzzles were just dumb like the knot untying one. I'm not a big adventure game person in this classic sense but I do enjoy them. What I hate is when I feel like I can't get the answer myself and need to go online and then see a lot of others feel the same. I...

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Good story, same game 0

I'm always enjoy the story in the Black Ops games and this one is very good though it takes a little too long. The gameplay is relatively unchanged, save the fact it isn't as free as in AW. Somethings in the campaign loadout wise could've been explained better, for instance I went through half the game without the wallrun/double jump thinking it was an unlock somewhere when its just an upgrade in the traversal perk thing. Multiplayer is still fun, still get killed a lot. I think the nightmares m...

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Great Horror Game 0

I loved this game and what it did conceptually. I do think it's sort of a one playthrough game as far as experience goes since you know what the opposite choices outcome will be most of the time. Still the game makes choices matter in a way few games do. There was one choice outcome I felt was very badly implemented and one in the finale that is not really telegraphed as well as it should be as far as consequence of said choice. The movement controls are poor at times and the inspect mechanic ge...

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Short but good 0

I this was a pretty decent mystery game and just the right length to not feel like it was dragging. There were technical issues, foremost the game not showing select prompts until it was in the perfect angle. One other thing that I disliked was a lack of character development or involvement. Ronan isnt really a douche, he's just kind of meh and his wife says swagger waaaaaaaaaaay too much. Other than that I think the main mystery was decent with a conclusion you won't guess. I also liked all the...

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Awful 0

While not an unplayable game, it certainly suffers from large amounts of bugs and issues. The story is pretty bland and forgettable, same goes for the characters. The combat and shooting is not fun at all, not to mention not very effective or accurate. The platforming and climbing is decent and works when you can actually get in the position to do it. Your character moves very quickly and sloppily making it a hassle to get into the right position that often times requires specific accuracy which...

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