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Timesplitters 4 and would like a successor to Eternal Darkness.

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@falserelic: Yeah its just pathetic that I try to do my job and what I'm told and get in trouble for it or it really seems like they do shit to try to make me quit like messing up all my stuff so I have more work, its quite sad. I guess in a way it is my fault because I do the right thing, point out issues and don't take shit and they don't want that. They want a mindless sheep like the other guy that works on my days off. So doing the right thing gets you in the crosshairs.

There are days when I almost just walk out but yes you need a job first because there's probably a 80% chance you won't find anything. It took me about 3 months to get this job and this was a last resort because I knew the HR. It doesn't help that the job market here sucks because we actually have low unemployment. Nebraska if you're wondering. Didn't have much luck in Iowa either before I moved back here. I'd also love to chat with others about getting wrongfully fired and how they just get away scot-free with it. I'm sure that a ton of people have had that experience. How long have you been at the current job if you don't mind telling?

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@calmgamer: Yeah I love those games. I saw they have a new one. Might pick up the last bug one and the new one.

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I like it but I prefer the bomb with no eyes like the thumbnail for the podcast on iTunes.

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@karkarov: My notifications must be off. Yes very good advice! Working on right now. Really wish the job market was better because I'm sure there are a ton of people in my situation and it is so draining on my life force.

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Should've put for ps3. I do have Diablo 3 that is a great one, I think once I beat it I'll use that. Like the hear all the voice acting first. Its kind of a weird OCD thing. Also got Hearthstone and barely played it and Magic as well. Think I'll give Hearthstone some more love. Need to get Rouge Legacy too and Binding of Isaac on ps3 since my pc version runs like ass.Thanks guys!

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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on good games to play while listening to podcasts or music. There was a post from a couple years ago but it didn't have many recommendations, not to mention not current. Pretty much something that doesn't have a whole lot of story or other modes to play. Like Jeff always says about Dynasty Warriors is the definition of that but I'd like something modern with guns and preferably offline but doesn't have to be. Stuff I got that I play while listening are Minecraft, Dungeon Defenders. Black Ops 2, RE6 and just got Starhawk. I'd love something kind of like Mass Effect 3's online but offline with some form of progression. Was thinking about getting that God Mode game, that's mindless fun.

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@froggeh: For real? I saw nothing to invoke that reaction. Now granted I just watched a playthrough of it since I don't have a ps4. Are there a variety of things that can happen?

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Wait what is the origin of that gif? Can't be from this demo.

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Hopeful of this. I didn't jump and scream like the chick in the trailer but I just watch a playthrough maybe I need to play it for that. I liked the lack of jump scares and they seem to have a good sense of atmosphere. Would like to have another good SH game for once. Fingers crossed.