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Don't really get it but the guy doesn't come across as someone I'd like, dodging questions to make a point that it is pointless. I'm just upset it doesn't have anything to do with Mountains of Madness, would love a simulator for that. On the same topic I was thinking, it would be cool to have a sort of interactive screensaver or I guess just something like this that had some depth, kind of like the Sims where people would go about their lives, have wars and all kinds of stuff and just watch that. Would be kind of neat just building stuff or the world but then having no control over the inhabitants.

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I like all but I would say I prefer spicy brown above all. I think honey is the one most people can get on board with but really mustard is the only condiment I'll put on a burger or hotdog.

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@audiobusting: Oh brother, those guys are funny. I saw that recommended somewhere else and yeah I noticed they mentioned that game and its a url on their site. Also want to listen to the chick version Taco but cant find a way to subscribe. I'll be listening to that now. Some of them are a pain to get subscribed to because, don't laugh, I have a Zune and they really only cater to iTunes these days but I finally got it somehow. I laughed a lot when Ryan and Jeff would just hammer the Zune and I'm listening to them on one. I hate apple products that's mainly why I got it but it has been working for 5 years now with no issues, more than I can say for the iPod I had.

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@studsmckewl: Yep I did that and it took me about a month or two to catch up. Was awesome though because I got to fall in love with Ryan, I joined the site right before CBS bought them but never heard the podcast until about a year ago.

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@marokai: Used to love Matt and Pat but Woolie and Liam ruined it, now it just seems like all they talk about is anime and fighting games.

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Hey guys was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for other game podcasts they listen to besides the Bombcast. I work over night at a bakery and want a bunch to listen to all week long. I have a local radio show I listen to and then I got Rooster Teeth, Joystiq, CAG, Tested and PC Gamer. I was listening to Weekend Confirmed but that is gone now I guess. I'd like something similar to the Bombcast as far as not being super serious but pretty funny on occasion. I know there was a similar post but it was from 2012 I think and figure more had to have come out by now. Thanks

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Last movie I watched was Rites of Passage on Netflix. I'd say 3/5, not terrible but pretty odd. Premise could've been better,has do do with an ancient Indian tribes ritual of drinking jimson weed tea for hallucinations and Wes Bentley trying to find a bride and it spirals out of control. My favorite part is Christian Slater's character, a crackhead who has an imaginary Mexican sock monkey pal hanging on his shotgun, which he voices.

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Think it depends for me, I never put ketchup on anything, just for dipping. I'll use mayo for the opposite except when I sometimes mix mayo with BBQ sauce. I also don't get using straight mayo as a dip, my fiancee eats fries with it. Prefer ketchup by far.

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@development: Lol no not at all, I just mean people should just be careful. I think people should put tags on book stuff that hasn't happened yet in the show, not sure if people are upset about show spoilers or not that would be dumb seeing as well this is a thread for the show. I'd just be wary searching for anything on the show, seems everywhere is loaded with spoilers.