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Worthy 0

What is this game? Heavy Rain meets Jurassic Park is the answer. But there's much more to it than that. There are dinosaurs, see? In all honesty, the story takes a while to kick off but when it does, you will find yourself hooked!It's one of those stories that takes place during as well as after the first movie. The game is almost entirely quick time events, which can be annoying. I ran into issues with the 'mash button repeatedly' while using an XBOX 360 controller on the PC version. I found us...

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Best RPG Of All Time...ALL TIME! 0

I've played many games throughout my life. Many many games. No game has captivated me, immersed me, stimulated me, emotionally effected me, and impressed me like this game has. An old game, from 2003, it may be, but its graphics still hold up fairly well for today's standards. The character's voice acting is second to none--it's amazing. The story is epic as it is emotionally enthralling, riddled with twists, turns, and emotional moments. The control is fluent, performance is great, and the visu...

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Everquest II: Extended 0

Everquest II was launched as a pay-to-play MMO, and remained this way for well over 5 years. It recently went free-to-play with minimal restrictions for free players, as well as a Cash Shop where players can purchase certain items with real world money. These items include new races, classes, mounts, cosmetic items, expansions, and so forth. -Graphics:  The game looks amazing. Keep in mind, this game was released the same year World of Warcraft was released. It looks amazing. It's gone through q...

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