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Pretty much anything reviewed over the last 10 years. If it got a 6 (out of 10) its probably pretty good. Pussy, i mean expert reviewer, difficulty seems to skew a lot of results.

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First rule of Nintendo, you dont say anything bad about Nintendo. Second rule, see the first rule.

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Like any game ill wait til its $20. I think what people tend to foget, as most people are not very smart, is this has been in develpment for 3-4 years. That means a lot of its systems are going to be very recognizeable. The one dissapointing aspect i have heard was during a stealth mission there is no option. You either do it right, or restart. I think the game will get slammed by "reviewers" if it reliant on qte's and such, but what do they know. It looks fantastic, and love the setting so its all good from a players perspective.

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@nodima said:

Finished games, please. Every early access Steam game looks and sounds the same to me, or there's just not enough there to be playing it for 30 minutes.

Ill go the other route, so does everything released by Nintendo or other AAA developer.

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Ill go with Red Dead but by a narrow margin over Sleeping Dogs. Both carried an interesting story from start to finish, both had great characters, and both were just plain fun and hard to stop playing.

Also not counting mass effect because its not really open world.

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Ive been going hard at Avernum Escape from the Pit(103hrs) for the past 2 weeks. No real fast travel in that game is murder and im just about dungeond out but real close to the end. Also still grinding at Ghost Recon Online which i guess is my comfort food at the moment. Im not great and ive been on since inception, but its cool to see a game continually change. All i want from that game is more maps. Ridiculos none have been released yet. Once i finish(hopefully this week) been wanting to jump into Starpoint Gemini 2 for some space time.

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Closing comments from a review has the best line ever:

In combining the compulsion of match-three puzzlers with a certain other compulsion we don’t talk about in polite company, HuniePop offers a refreshing and dangerously addictive take on the classic dating sim. At first glance it might remind you of the 18+ Bejeweled knockoffs that litter Newgrounds’ adult section, but it has them beat handily in terms of both mechanical intricacy and production values. HuniePop is pornography – darn fine pornography at that – but it’s also a shockingly good puzzle game. Occasionally those two identities feel at odds with each other, but for the most part they work in concert to show you a good time.

Thats pretty cool. Also there needs to be a quick look of this pronto.

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Is this version 1.2, or 2.0 conversation? I swear this is a monthly post.

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so, will each episode be exactly the same with except with better graphics?

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2014 had Divinity, Persona Q, Grimrock 2, and arguably Wasteland 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition. That is not a wet fart year for RPG'S.

South Park, Shadowrun:Dragonfall, Xenonaughts, DeadState, etc....... dozens of good rpgs are released every year to narrow it to a few is impossible.