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As someone with a job and understanding of the work that goes into a mod it made no difference to me. However, the Nexus option of "pay what you want" should have been included and this would have been not an issue. Mods are for the talented and the less talented continue to bring the industry and community down.

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Trying different games and genres, it a great concept more people should try.

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Stopped buying games day one years ago so its all good.

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Im in the midst of my ds2 play through, which is fantastic, but no way in hell will i drop full price for a mod. Now when its $10 sold.

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I just recently cancelled my sub because i dont think the content is worth it. the site has become too much wrestling, anime and old games for my liking. Im about moving forward, and GB seems to be looking behind. If i was mgr. i would currently have scheduled:

Breaking brad: Ziggurat on Hard

GBE: Vinny full play through of Bloodborne

As this is a community driven site, why was Thursday night throw down abandoned? So many popular MP out there and nothing? Seriously? Fighting games, shooters left and right and they dont wan to play with the community for a few hours?

Multiple quick looks of certain titles. Some of the games understandable only require :30-:45 minutes but to game like Pillars of Eternity and Dragon Age it isnt enough these are popular games that deserve more than the sub par qls they have received.

Series of jeff playing Nintendo shovelware.

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You know these games are done right? I bet they have a new Metroid, HD versions of Wind Waker and Galaxy just sitting on a shelf in the office. When you can release a 20 year old mod at full price and sell a million copies, why rush. Its not like they are creating new characters, worlds, story or game play. Nintendo has it MADE.

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Vinny is an all-star who could start his own Lets Play site and garner millions of hits. Alex, as with a lot of game site persona's, not so much.

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How about that dumbass one in RE6. I dont remember his name, but i do remember yelling Enough, just fucking die already.

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I know right, isnt that the genius of this franchise your own self discovery?

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I still remember there was an actual Amiga demonstration at my school at the time and nothing came close when we saw Larry Bird vs Dr J One on One. Commodore ruled in its day.