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I have been pc gaming before pc gaming was a thing and never got into any of the crazy dual/triple monitor high resolution mainly because of 2 things:

1. Cost

2. When resolution> 1080P thats where you have to put in that extra PC love. Keeping drivers UTD, drives clean, monitoring temps, etc. to maximize and maintain settings.

I currently have had a Samsung 27"(1080P max) for the last 2 years and would highly recommend, however:

1. My office/ PC gaming room only has 1 window in which i have it Gerstamnned(blackout)

2. Only 1 HDMI input.

3. I have it sitting on a book(Office 2007) which is pretty thick because the stand doesn't adjust.

If you are not into all the bells and whistles of a PC i would stick to a single monitor and spend the extra on a pair of Astro A50 wireless and you will be all set.

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Im hearing good things about Rimworld, but there is also Banished and Project Zomboid. Some are still early access but enough content available to scratch that itch of survival. I dont know if this is exactlly what you were looking for but worth a look.

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You must work for the games media. Myself, ive played a bunch more games no one ever thought were any good, or never heard of and having a good time.

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Game Informer just recently did a pretty good article on Lets play from its origins to current status and he was one of those they listed as their favorites, so i checked it out. WTF? I wonder why i keep my gaming hobby secretive in which i dont talk about it in the office or around friends.

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I S ranked the game but it really did become a choir after a while. The game is entirely too long and the biggest problem is the lack of enemy variety. That combat, for me anyway, is what needs to be implemented into an MMO to make them appealing. Actually, Vindictus is the only one i can think of that has come close to having that sort of action in an MMO.

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Look, the game looks great but after buying Strike Vector (sale) this weekend on Steam there better be a whole lot more than just dogfighting with 40 million backing it up. I actually think they are biting off more than they can chew. It would have been better to build the basic foundation and then expand out into the universe. They could have released that current build with full oculus support as is dog fighting game on Steam for $20 and sold a million copies in less than a week. I hope they succeed, because if not, with the support and coverage it has received, it will make the Mass Effect ending hate look like a Nintendo review.

Also, after watching the demo i will never attend a VG event or show....ever.

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Watching Achievement Hunter playing Cloudberry Kingdom, non stop laughter.

I dont think i have ever watched a full series, other than the ER here, but i do tend to watch a lot LP's done by Splattercat. There is something to say about being articulate, informative and entertaining all at the same time(Ryan Davis was and will always be the absolute BEST). I also like that his titles are more strategy focused meaning that they are basically ignored by a majority of sites.