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Game Grumps on Giant Bomb, didn't expect that. Have you guys ever thought of doing stuff with youtube shows/personalities? Danny and Arin would seem like a good fit for something like that. Or maybe it would be a disaster and you guys wouldn't gel at all. Probably that's why you don't do that stuff. lol

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@protome: Yup I have zero hype for this game until they emphatically deny there is any of this bullshit in the game, the statement that was released was vague.

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Honeymoon wasn't really scary at all. It was more... sad than anything, there was some tension but no real dread. Huge spoilers ahead;

I don't like it when good people are hurt, killed, etc... or don't get away. Even if only just one person makes it out, I enjoy the experience a lot more. I would even prefer things being left ambiguous over the "well everyone is fucked". It's not so bad when they're all terrible people, which was the usual conceit from the 80s. Either bad people or people doing "bad" things were the ones getting gutted. Movies like Honeymoon just make me feel bummed out. I do think the acting was really great, it was silly enough at the start, but cute, but they do a good job of showing how in love these people are and how the change really fucks with the dudes' mind and how he doesn't want to believe something happened and can't comprehend what it is. Also when the twist happens it's just so obvious she was abducted and impregnated with something. It was kinda hilarious foreshadowing when the husband talked about her "womb" and she said that she didn't want to have kids yet, then an alien plants alien babies in her. Hope she was on the pill because they were sure raw doggin a lot for a couple that didn't want kids yet. Ever notice how nobody puts on a condom before a sex scene in movies? They just don't even allude to it at all. Oh well. The alien taking over her brain, yet her getting enough control to want and try to kill the alien baby insider her, then after realizing what had happened that night she still wants to help the alien do whatever. It seems like it just mind controlled her or blocked out her memories or some shit. Dunno it was weird. She had the sense of mind to "protect" the dude by hiding him, but for some reason dumping him in a lake with an anchor constitutes hiding and not killing. It's just not consistent. I don't know that it really could be, as this is whatever the director wants to go with, but it just didn't make sense for her to kill him. Also, the rope was long enough to anchor the boat last time they were out there, but now it wasn't? Why did he stand up and let her throw him into the water? Why didn't he try wrapping himself around a plank in the boat? Also, how come her memory was fucked up but she remember how to tie a knot? Some nit-picky stuff but yeah, I just wasn't feeling this and the path it was going down was a bit too obvious. Film never really had any scares, some good tension though, and if you want to feel bummed out it's probably a good watch. lol

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I don't get the point of this. Skylanders has characters gated by means of purchase to unlock them in the game. Nintendo characters are all part of long running franchises, you can already play as them in games. There are already a ton of mash up games involving all the key characters as well. What exactly can they do with this that would be interesting?

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Every time I see that picture of Ryan and Patrick I get a big ol stupid grin on my face.

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Patrick, check out Dead Silence if you haven't. It's great. The ending is amazing.

The whole movie is kinda over the top and ridiculous, but that's part of what is so great about it.

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The grips look huge and awful. This is weird.

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Don't understand the hype behind this game at all. Like... at all.

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Microsoft is a business, and a fucking shrewd one. Take anything they say with a grain of salt. Their comment was completely ambiguous and answered nothing.