My MMO Resume - List with mini-reviews

A list of all the MMO's I've played (or watched enough of to form an opinion).

This list is a work in progress as I add my own impressions of each game.

By the way, I hate the fact that I can't format the text in the comments for each game.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Would be cool to see your reflections on the games as compared to each other, especially the ones that have since gone away.

Posted by melcene
@ahoodedfigure:   Thanks, I think you're right.  One of these days I'll have to go through each of these and give some mini-reviews.
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@melcene:  Cool.  Let me know when you do, if you remember to.  Like reply to me here or whatever.  The only games I've played here have been Everquest and Anarchy Online, and both not for very long.  I've studied EVE since it makes for interesting and messed up culture stuff, but I haven't played it one bit.
Posted by smokemare

Yes, as someone who has had a passing interest in MMO and is now something of a critic of the genre, I'd love to read your reflections on these, please start adding some!  If can reflect on 25 of them, I'll give you a recommend - I promise!

Posted by melcene
@ahoodedfigure: @smokemare:  Alrighty, going to try to start doing one or two a day.  Keep an eye out!
Posted by smokemare

Interesting comments on D2 and UO.  I agree with the point of D2 not being an MMO, to me D2 was a bit like a drug dealer - promising to deliver, but never quite delivering on it's promise.  Whatever items you found always thought 'If I could just find something a bit better....'
I always found TCP/IP play a bit borked because of the hacks, dupers and griefers... But then you still got these things to a lesser degree on realm.  Realm felt a bit borked too, from the ridiculous item storage limit.  It would have surely been easier on Blizzards servers to give a big stash than have everyone and his best mate make four mule accounts each with 12 characters.
I never played UO - I played some of the ealy Ultima games, I guess what Ultima had, and which the original SWG had was player buildable housing. 

Posted by Vitalogy11

Were Tabula Rasa and Planet Side kind of similar. When I hear both names my mind mixes them together.  Was one of them better or more popular then the other?

Posted by melcene
@Vitalogy11: Sorry, this is still a work in progress, and I haven't gotten around to filling in TR.  I would say they aren't similar at all.  Planetside is very pvp-based.  Tabula Rasa was very PvE based.  The only thing the two had in common was that technology in the games was ahead of today. 
Tabula Rasa could have been a very popular game thanks to having Richard Garriott's name attached, and the simple fact that parts of it truly were innovative.  Unfortunately, he decided that going into space was more important, and the game ended up getting shut down.  It's lifespan was very short in the MMO world. 
Planetside was also popular, but it had Sony for backup.  It's still going today, though servers have been consolidated.  But as I mentioned, it's nearly all pvp-based.  Think of having something like Halo in a persistent world.  Not separate maps for quick matches, but one huge map that changes depending on player interaction, where each side has their own frontline which may get pushed forward or backward.  Objectives to capture and defend, that actually mean something besides some points for a quick match.
Posted by amomjc

Aww with all the reviews you were giving I was actually interested in someone's (yours) opinion about WoW in each expansion set. When I see someone who is actually an MMO veteran, its interesting to see their opinions change with each expansion for WoW.

Plus, /sadface that you apparently didn't play Starwars Galaxies. Sounds like you would have like that one quite a bit before SOE ruined it with NXG.

Edited by melcene

This list is completely a work in progress.  Some of them I still need to get around to updating, and I still have a couple more to add.  I didn't play SWG though, but with everything I've heard, I'm kind of glad I didn't. 
I'll definitely have to get around to updating this! :)
Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Bravo on all the work! I picked up some cool suggestions from it, but I'm not sure I can be a mmo addict fully again.
My drug has been Lord of the Rings Online for the past years, you should give it another try.
It has the best free to play system ever and right now I am playing the game, fully, for free by just putting time in it (not a whole lot even).
Sure I get your complaint about the female Dwarves but they're kind of never spoken of in the Tolkien universe, I can understand the choice to not have them.
Go for the Hobbit female then! They're a bit like that too, if a bit more jolly!