Best of 2010

melcene: Best of 2010  
(This one is for the 52 Annual Giant Bomb Best Games thingie)

My Top Games of the Year

Ok here it is.  My top games of the year.  No, I didn't get up to ten of them.  I realize there are a lot of games NOT on this list that are on other people's lists.  Either I haven't gotten a chance to play them yet, or they just really weren't my thing.  Red Dead Redemption, for example.  It's sitting in my husband's Christmas stocking right now.  CoD:BO just isn't my thing.  I can recognize that these may be great games, but to me, they just aren't in my TOP games of the year.  Oh well.

List items

Posted by JJWeatherman

WoW isn't even on my own list, but I can totally respect it's ability to completely reinvent itself and keep a user base for as long as it has. It's pretty incredible.
I haven't been able to get into Fallout 3 or NV. I tried with F3 for a few hours, but it just didn't click. I hypothesized a little while ago that I thought I couldn't get into those games because the settings are "bleak as hell". I think that was my exact thought.  :P

Posted by melcene

Yeah, I can totally see that.  I think it worked for me because I find that in games I often prefer desolate, open lands to lush jungle forests. 
It just occurred to me that one of the reasons that ME2 didn't score higher on my list is the lack of loot.  Loot is one of the things that makes RPGs great!  Give me shinies to look for!

Posted by l4wd0g

The power or WoW is a very scary thing. Great list.