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As a 40s something gamer, I can honestly state the recent shenanigans have not swayed me. I still love GB and it's community (for as much time as I can devote to it). I play games for fun (always have) and don't dig deeper into the BS that has been consuming the industry. I would place a safe bet and say the majority of the paying public doesn't care either.... mountain out of a mole hill, so to speak, cheers!

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May cancel and put the $400 on the new iPad - I use the iPad 3 everyday so that's really where my gaming habits have gone to.

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BTW I'm getting both the PS4 and Xbone, so could careless what it has or doesn't have. It's just great fun watching the drama coming from Redmond, really they should win an Emmy or something.

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They can't remove the Kinect requirement because it's integral to the operation of the...oh wait, that was last week's talking point.

Credit: Joystiq forums

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I choose to celebrate a life well lived and the many chuckles freely given. Thanks Ryan for all the happy memories.

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Credit to Matt at the Touch Arcade forum

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I've failed my year walk. I brought light to a tunnel's dark womb, and unknowingly gazed upon symbols that would soon consume me. I saw visions of arrows at the dermal stone, but suddenly I was lost and never felt so alone. Now deep in the woods my cold body lays still, silently blanketed by the unrelenting chill. Soon another year walker will happen upon my poor soul, and lay me to rest in the arms of a well-dressed steed, awaiting my arrival in a brook that bleeds.

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Early Psygnosis games on the Amiga- Barbarian, Shadow of the Beast, Blood Money, etc.

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Leather Goddesses of Phobos

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Forza Horizon - Rally DLC is da shit!

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