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This game looks like it will be fantastic, well deserved!

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Infiltrating the White House seemed pretty tough...

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Thanks mjk1, I got Jungle #2 and Desert #2.  Still stuck on Desert #3 though lol.

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I'm looking for Jungle #2 and Desert #2 and #3.  Bombcasts don't work for me, nor do I pay much attention to Jeff/Ryan to know what their likes and dislikes are...

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Here is the link

For those too lazy to read, I will sum it up (but it is worth reading the full article). In June, the director of The Incredible Hulk, Louis Leterrier, claimed that Captain America had a brief cameo in TIH. Later, he changed that claim and said that the scene had been cut from the film due to it not being suited for children, however promised that it would be on the DVD. When they received the DVD, FilmSchoolRejects went through the deleted scenes frame by frame and found Captain America!

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You just abuse your controllers somehow.  Nobody's had any problems with them, so I think someone's just out to hate on the 360 >:(

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Shippuden is better.  New techniques, more details into the storyline, etc.  At least this one doesn't have seasons of fillers....

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Diamond for me.

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I haven't played a FIFA game since 06, and the only thing I didn't like about 09 was the inaccuracy of crosses compared to 06.  I know it's a long time since I bought a FIFA game, but the crosses are terrible I find.