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@rebel_scum: This blog post was about how to be hacker, not particularly about how to hack computer systems. A tongue-in-cheek post about the hacker-less-ness of hacking in video games.

Concerning SQL injections: they are not as easy to pull off anymore as most web development frameworks have built-in functions to combat them (using prepared SQL statements, for example), but if I recall correctly there was an article about a hack consisting of an SQL injection (and some other stuff) not too long ago and the general reaction was "that stuff still works?? lol someone is about to be fired"

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I made this little web-app which lets you search for a game and it will find similar games based on the related concepts as entered by the Giant Bomb crowd: http://michaelenger.github.io/Giant-Bomb-Recommengine/

It's ...somewhat accurate and can return some strange results seeing as it is based on user-entered data which is a fickle mistress. The project is 100% open-source, so I'd love some help on making it awesome or at least some feedback on what can be done to improve the shoddy results (and terribad design).

PS: Thanks for the great API, guys <3

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That was really not bad for a first game. The use of the arrow keys as action keys was ...odd, but I got used to it quickly and I guess it makes sense if you think of them as the 4 face buttons on a game pad. If you're interested in working more on it I'd like to see some sort of damage indicator when I'm hit, my ship flashing red or something, but the gameplay works and the addition of code snippets to explain the enemies was cute.

I liked the style, as you can get away with lacking detail when using basic vectors, but adding particle effects would probably help make it seem cooler (think Geometry Wars).

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@extomar: As a fellow developer I don't want to trivialize the work that goes into conforming a store to a different country, hell the fact that our currency is written "XXX kr" instead of "$ XXX" probably causes headaches for some poor UI designer out there. Conforming to local laws is also an issue as I recall that the Norwegian government ruled it illegal for iTunes to sell songs with DRM attached and require the use of their software/hardware for playback. However, you would think that Microsoft would have all this figured out during development of the console, rather than treating the majority of a continent as secondary citizens.

Nevertheless, we can speculate on the reasons as much as we'd like, but I just wanted to point out the massive gap between console releases and question how savvy this business move was. I admit that the title was very link-bait-y, but at least I got some great feedback :P

PS: May I ask what software were you selling?

...voice commands either able to recognize the local accents or just straight up localize them.

I would love for the voice commands to be English with a little of that Norwegian flair:

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@xyzygy: You're probably right that it's too early in the console generation to claim someone has lost, especially when we consider that generations can last over 5 years. Xbox One also has the Kinect, which is an amazing piece of tech that someone somewhere has to be able to use for something incredible.

The gap between console releases has been bigger, especially during the sixth generation, but the face of the industry has changed since then and if we look at the PS3 as an example we can see that it struggled due to a late release date and higher price point. Microsoft gained a lot of fans during the last generation, but they're dropping off like flies partly from the DRM debacle and now because the X1 isn't even available unless you want to import it yourself.

However, you raise a very valid point about voice recognition, which could explain why there is such a long delay, but I would argue that anyone who has spent a day in Norway would know how familiar we are with using English and how ubiquitous English-only devices and services are here. Apple's Siri doesn't support Norwegian, but they haven't disabled the service for phones sold in Norway. I don't think Microsoft has the resources to do the staggering amount of work that's required to get natural speech recognition to a somewhat tolerable level for every language in Europe, and I think they should forego their obstinate localization practices in favor of keeping their fanbase.

@extomar: The marketplace on the Xbox 360 has been here for many years, but do you think it has something to do with the migration to local currencies instead of using a MS-points-currency?

I realize that this is a #firstworldproblem and a very local issue not faced by most gamers, I was simply awe-struck by the length of the delay. Microsoft have development offices here in Norway, so I would think they'd be more interested in maintaining this market and would have the resources/manpower to get the Xbox One out here as soon as possible.

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@video_game_king said:

@rorie said:

This is fixed on stage and hopefully should be fixed on the live site soon, if not already.

Does this mean we can resubmit older blogs to the game boards we wanted originally?

Editing an existing blog post and trying to attach it to a forum isn't working for me. Is the fix not live yet or does it only work for new blog posts?

EDIT: It works now!

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I feel like I've lost a close friend.

Thanks for all the fun times, Ryan.

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Just a warning to anyone who's interested in this game, it requires a registed Kalypso Media account to play.

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Sorry for the late replies, but I haven't been able to get into my account since the redesign.

@giantstalker: I did just the bare minimum of research for this article, so I'm wary of merging it with the main wiki article in the off chance that I'm wrong on a lot of points. If anyone else is willing to do it (and gain the sweet, sweet wiki points), that's cool with me.

@haltiamreptar: I've never heard of the norsemen not being fans of vikings, as I have always assumed that "norseman" meant "viking". Do you have a link to the NPR report?

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