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Just throw grenades where people are camping, that's literally what they're made for. Clearing out rooms or drawing people out for an easy kill.

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@maddman60620 said:


For the anime-haters? Really?


I tried that one back when I liked anime a lot more and I still couldn't get it.... definitely not for converting anime haters, unless they're total pillheads too. Then maybe.

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About five years or so, not counting my christmas edition avatar!

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I voted for the bottom three, and so far the community seems to agree.

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When I wake up. Showering is an essential part of waking me up every morning. Though a night-time shower is pretty great.

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I'm not too bothered by framerates as long as they are mostly consistent. What I don't like is when a game jumps all over the map in terms of frame rates. If a game is a solid 30, it won't bother me. 60 is preferable, but hey.

Ultimately what matters for me is resolution. I just want fucking razor sharp pixels shredding my eyes up. 4K as a standard can't come soooooner!

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600 per hour and no touching? Fuck man... I'm staying the hell out of Vegas.

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I don't hate the series, I just feel like it hasn't evolved as much as I wanted since the PS2 days and I'm bored of the basic gameplay. Some people find that comforting, I find it stagnant. Like COD but with halberds. Still.... good memories of trying to beat Lu Bu in DW4 by cheesing his ass into a corner.

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What the fuck am I going to do with three years worth of gas? Huff it? Fuck that. Jordans for life. Seriously, that's like two pairs of sneakers a week, you could just sell them or be that guy who wears new shoes every few days.

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Well if you do photo editing then yes get more ram. 2GB is not nearly enough. An SSD might make things feel snappier but I don't know if it's worth the cost.