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No self destructive behavior? I guess Spelunky steams are done.

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It's a good game, with some great shooting. I just can't be bothered to replay the same stuff over and over so I'm pretty well done with it. Kinda like Borderlands games, I love playing them once to see the content.

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@vocalcannibal: (I'm only roping you in because you brought up the cultural stuff and I think that's the more interesting debate here. The Katy Perry video is a little ridiculous yeah but I still defend her basic ability as an artist to take inspiration from anything she wants and combine it how she likes)

It's interesting to see a debate about cultural appropriation, it's at least refreshing compared to some other debates here. I have some pretty strong personal feelings about this because I couldn't exist without it. My parents came from two different cultures to meet in a third and then raised me with that. I am the result of free cultural exchange between North America and Europe and so for me cultural appropriation simply doesn't exist.

When I create art, I mix things from all kinds of cultures all over the world. I got taiko drums and 808s, I got accordions and african rhythms, I'm mixing all that shit into one thing. I've always thought of culture and art with a global perspective and can't see myself thinking any other way. As a real world citizen I consider it my responsibility to be a cultural bridge and to try and contribute to a global culture that everyone can enjoy. I take offence at being told to think differently, or that I can only make "western" or "white" art. Especially when the only people saying that tend to be fellow whites.

I wrote all this wearing a Jamaican track team shirt as a White/French/Kentuckian/Canadian, and that sums up my views on the globalization of culture quite nicely.

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This is excellent news. POW!


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I watched them all for the first time in a marathon a couple months ago and I liked Alien the best. And as much shit as Alien 3 gets I think I enjoyed it more than Aliens. Wasn't too crazy about that one, I get why people like it but it didn't appeal to me all that much.

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@dan_citi said:

I hope she goes to Bioware and makes Jade Empire 2.

Also whatever happened to Will Wright?

As far as I know he left games to pursue robotics and other pet projects. According to wikipedia he's also on the board for Linden Labs who do Second Life, that seems like a decent fit to me. I'd love some kind of ultimate sim game from him, maybe what Spore was supposed to be but never quite materialized.

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inb4 lock

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Worked at a movie theatre just out of high school for a couple years. Small movie theatre in the heart of downtown Toronto, plus really cheap ticket prices, so we'd get all kinds of wacky locals. I'd say about 90% of the people I worked with there ended up as good friends, it was brilliant. The kind of job you can only do while you're young and living with your parents, as the pay was shit but I made so many friends, and had money to go out at night so it was also the job I'll remember most fondly. No responsibility, no really hard work, just rip some tickets and shoot the shit.

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@jeff: Is it the same time period for both the mission environments and the Tower? Seems like a Tower boot outside of 15-30 minutes is a little silly; especially given the loading screen woes.

It seems really short honestly. To me I feel like the missions and tower has the same boot timing and it's not all that long. I was hanging out in the tower, left to check on my dinner and was booted out when I got back, couldn't have been more than 10 minutes. And yeah given the loading times it sucks. I had to restart a mission because I stopped near the end to take a phone call.

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Damn that sucks, but at least the Assetto Corsa 1.0 RC is out, that's more than enough racing game to last me to 2015.