I played the shit out of these, mostly out of spite

Occaisionally I'll come across a game that is so mundane that I take it to be an affront to my existence. There isn't any awful on the level of that Big Rigs game, or great like OoT in it, it's just a plain ol' boring game.... that I spent money on. And when I come across these games, I play the shit ouyt of them just to feel like the money I spent was justified

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Posted by Brackynews

RagePlay > RageQuit
Winners never quit! You're a winner, son!

Posted by TheJohn

I feel you on the THPS 3 and 4, duder

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I don't think I can empathize because I tend to just give up on a game that pisses me off, even mildly.  But that's some serious tenacity.  You've played through FF VIII more times than I did and seemed to like it less :)