Games that I really like, but will never finish for a mostly stupid reason

I've played a lot of games. And the vast majority of them I have never finished, nor do I ever plan on finishing them. I'm assuming that the major upside of having grown up in the Intellivision and then NES eras is that I'm used to not ever seeing the ending of a game, so I'm okay with not finishing them and I don't feel like less than a man for it. But then there are games that I really enjoyed until I came across on little hiccup in the playthrough that made me never want to pick it up again
For the sake of clarity, only games with an actual story arc/ campaign are elligable

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Bullshit checkpoints. I hear that.  I was stuck on Legendary at Cairo station where this endless train of idiots keeps boarding. I have to go back and switch all my weapons around and just HOPE that the soliders around me don't get themselves killed since I tend to only be successful if I have some covering fire.  After a while I finally gave up, since I like New Mombasa more anyway.
I stuck through Psychonauts and was rewarded, mostly, but there were times when I felt a bit frustrated. You remember what that situation was? I didn't get every little thing but I got pretty close to perfect completion.