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@bocam: I don't know if that qualifies them as anti-Semitic, but it does qualify them as fucking scumbags, and I came here to post the same thing.

No matter how you may feel about Patrick, this proves that Gawker is more or less as worthless as people have said. There may be some good staffers and articles that come out of that place every once in a while, but why anyone would want to be associated with it is beyond me.

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Both answers are reasonable. There's nothing wrong with having a very tough game that can be modded to be easier.

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As with 90% of all games over the last 12 months, SLI/Crossfire support is/was busted. Bad shadow flicker, under-using the 2nd GPU, weird stuttering, and so on. They seemed to have put out a patch to sort of address this, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. nVidia rolled out a SLI profile, so that's good, but as usual AMD is dragging their feet.

Sadly, the game isn't coded as well as something like Ground Zeroes, so I can't get my aging 6950s to run the game without Crossfire and still be remotely enjoyable to look at.

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This topic made me go back and check to see if I had beta access after forgetting about it for what feels like months. Turns out I do. So, thanks, @likeassur! Now I need to re-summon the desire to actually play this game.

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@zamolxes: The power supply is the one area you absolutely cannot skimp on. I'd rather you cut back on anything else other than the PSU, as you're asking for a world of problems otherwise.

Now, that doesn't mean you need a kilowatt monster in a little build like this, but you should look into something in the 450-500W range. Who knows, you may want to reuse it in some other build down the road, or upgrade what you are putting into this one.

Here's my NASbox build, which used a Mini-ITX mobo, an i3-2200, and no discrete GPU at all. I still went for a 450W PSU. (Granted I have six HDDs in there as well, but my point stands.) Something like this one would sort you out nicely.

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@gamefreak9 said:

@spraynardtatum: hey those are some good name drops! Kurosawa! Check me out!

I threw that shit before I walked in the room!

"I shoulda known you'd be behind this, Fiendish Dr. Wu. Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery!"

That's society's real problem, right there. Not enough Black Dynamite video games.

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@t_wester: 3532 hours, so I might as well join you. Isle or window seat?

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If there's any hope left for humanity, exactly one person will mistake this for Thor 3, buy a ticket, and walk out. He'll then spread the word about how terrible this looks, and people will call him the Movie Messiah and obey his command to stay the fuck away.

I'm probably not going to be right on this one.

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@dudeglove: The vast majority of television is a dumpster fire, I agree, and Screened wasn't going to survive without the other WM sites backing it up; "movies + interacting with funny people" is a website, while "movies + might as well be nothing" wasn't going to cut it. Poor Rorie. His herculean effort wasn't going to change that fact that most people were never going to care about part of the site, and that was really proven when it was sold off. Very few stuck around for faceless TV reviews.

I'll have to check RLM out, thanks. Something out there has to fill that void eventually.

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Absoutely, 100%, Redline.

The images speak for themselves, but it looks even better in motion. You've gotta see Redline.