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You bring up another point that I find a little silly. The Hound shows up at The Bloody Gate and is like, "hey guys, I have Arya Stark, this super important person that everybody thought was dead all these years," and then the guards there just let them leave without a question? They don't just let any idiot man that gate, so I found it a little implausible that they didn't take them captive or something. Surely they are away of the relationship between the Arryn and Stark families, both through blood and friendship.

Shit, has it actually been years? I mean, I guess it must have been after all the crazy crap that's gone on, but these asymmetrical seasons are really fucking with my perception of time.

Also, the show has done a good job of mentioning how the common people keep their heads down while the lords strangle each other, and the people of the Vale seem like the kings of not giving a fuck about other people. I can imagine the conversation went something like:

Guard 1: Wait, did that guy say that was Aria Stark?

Guard 2: Yeah, think so.

G1: Should we go and talk to him about that?

G2: What, talk to the dude with the melted face? After you.

G1: That guy did look fucked up.

G2: Yep.

G1: Looked more like a boy to me anyway.

In fact, if it wasn't for the Hound's predilection towards sudden violence (or the eventual bounty on his head), I doubt most people would even approach him, gate guard or not. Lady Arryn got tossed out the Moon Door, the creepy brothel dude is now in charge, some girl that looks like she raided Maleficent's wardrobe is with him, and now the Hound's here with a girl that laughs at her Aunt's death. Fuck. That.

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Really don't like Hound jobbing out like that. From everything I've read he's a top tier fighter and he loses to Brienne. That just seemed shitty. Losing him sucked. Losing Tywin sucked even more. All the good actors are leaving. :-/

Good finale though. Really enjoyed the season overall and I'm hyped for the next one. The long wait now begins.

Brienne kicked Loras Tyrell's ass, and Loras was the guy that unhorsed Jaime in a joust a year before the show started. If there is someone as big and raw as the Hound aside from his brother, it's gonna be Brienne.

They've also seeded some hints that the Hound's wounds were slowing him down a bit (I think Aria even pointed out that he seemed to be "walking slower"), so I don't have a problem with him losing; as you mentioned, Brienne's kicked plenty of ass so far, and they had a real raw fight on top of that.

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We need a ruling on what should be spoiler tagged; I can't be the only one avoiding all tags since most people aren't labeling book or show beforehand. I really don't think show spoilers should be marked off at all, as this is a discussion thread for the show and you'd have to be a crazy person to open it without watching the latest episode, but whatever. Anyway...

On the whole, I think this was a stronger season than the last. I had the Red Wedding spoiled, so that may have something to do with it, but even without that, those who died before this season felt a bit more vulnerable than those who were offed this time through. I maintain that massive, supposed-to-be-thousands-of-men-fighting battles are the weakest part of this show, but even that was mitigated by giants and fucking wall sweeping death anchors (or whatever the fuck that awesome bladed chain thing was). The one on one combat felt better in every respect; tighter choreography, better framing, and staggeringly brutal, and that long panning shot during the Castle Black fight wouldn't look out of place in a big budget movie.

Outside of the action, the character development continues to be a highlight. Sure, sometimes things are mishandled (that weird Jamie rape scene that was sorta swept under the rug) or a bit heavy handed (Sansa may be a master manipulator now, but I'm not sure she needed to look like Jafar to get that point across) but overall I'm still pleased and interested in the majority of the cast, even if Dany playing problem whack-a-mole feels a bit...well, let's just hope they do something else with her next season before we get back into that Red Wastes feeling again.

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Everything you need to know about this episode:

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place for this, but as a regular Giant Bomb listener, I thought it was a topic that might be worth discussing. I'm less active on the Giant Bomb forums, as I tend to avoid being active on forums, in an attempt to limit my frustration with the world; though this place has never been a negative place, unlike some of places I've posted.

Just a heads up: posting a topic like this (or anything containing the words entitlement or misogyny) tends to bring the negative out of a lot of people here. Not saying you shouldn't do it, but just keep in mind that you might not like the result.

As for your question, I thought the Uncharted games (at least the first two that I played) did a fair job of portraying realistic relationship development; it didn't feel forced or sudden when Drake and Elena decided to get together, but rather a natural progression from two people who rely on each other intellectually and in combat, to relying on each other emotionally. I mean, it wasn't the most nuanced attempt in fiction (the backdrop of a cover shooter is a bit too bombastic for that kind of subtlety), but it at least didn't feel like Drake "earned" her, so to speak.

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You don't have to buy a game day one, so I don't care if they embargo them past the release date. Until I feel I know enough about a purchase, I can wait, as most pre-order "bonuses" are bullshit anyway.

As others have said, if they let positive reviews run early and embargo negative ones, that's a problem.

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The Mountain's scene is such hilarious storytelling shorthand. Thanks to the never ending recasts, we need to reestablish that the Mountain is:

  1. Big.
  2. Likes to kill people.
  3. Australian Welsh Icelandic
  4. Angry.
  5. Really big.
  6. An asshole.
  7. No seriously, fucking huge. They shot him from such low angles that they must of dug a trench for the camera.

So, toss him a few extras and let him chop 'em up, and tada! Instant character. I mean, it won't matter if Oberyon stabs him to death anyway, but I have a pet peeve for scenes necessitated by recasts. He isn't even that complex, as the above list points out. If they could actually stick with one guy (y'know, like the first one), and just show him riding around burning shit once a season, this silliness could be avoided.

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@legend: Got a whole bag right here. Starting with that video, it leaves no doubt in my mind that the guy is nuts.

@flappy Think it might be this one.

EDIT: Here's the snippet for anyone else looking for Jeff and Ryan's take on the whole thing back in 2009 (at 3:45):

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"The game is terrible."

It clearly is not. If a game doesn't appeal to you that doesn't mean it's a terrible game.

I have no idea if this game is terrible or not. I haven't mentioned the quality of the game even once. Hell, I didn't research this game at all beyond what's on the Kickstarter page, because I'm only looking at the quality of his pitch. I will tell you that I have no idea what I'm fucking looking at, which doesn't bode well for....anything. But that's not my issue, as plenty of bad games have been funded on Kickstarter without my opinion on them made public. My issue's been with the way you've worded your posts to make it seem like we were/are letting this guy down.

"The guy is crazy. He must be insane!"

Go listen to his game engine video, watch the vlogs he did with Tim Rogers and read his Kickstarter comments. He is obviously a very sane and intelligent person when he is not playing the evil character of "Bob" which he only seems to do on the game's website and nowhere else.

No, I'm calling bullshit on this. "Playing the evil character of Bob" and "obviously a very sane and intelligent person" are mutually exclusive in this case. I can't tell if he planned this whole thing from the start (or just threw a tantrum and tried to spin it as something else later on), but stunts and false personas are not the way to get Nintendo to take you seriously, or to garner additional fans, or to endear people to your game, or whatever the hell he's trying to get out of doing that. It just makes you look fucking crazy. So, if that was his goal, I guess it worked?

"Some of these pledges must be fake."

The guy who made the biggest pledge is the coder of The Stanley Parable. Other people have pledged more than $20 too.

There's very little information surfacing about that, but a bit of digging shows that to be true. Since it seems to be legit, I hope Bob's Game turns out to be everything you hope it will be, I sincerely do. Hell, I hope it does so well that Nintendo has to come crawling to this guy and beg him to put it on their systems, just like I hope every little indie title becomes a massive Minecraft style smash hit. I always root for the underdog, even if I'm not willing to actually support the underdog with my cash.

I'm not going to pretend this looks like a masterpiece created by a well grounded individual as you seem to be. His pitch is a mess, his videos are a mess, and he seems like a mess. Everything about this seems like a mess, and I'm going to grab some popcorn for the ride, because this is going to go places. Good ones or bad ones.

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As someone else noted above, the person that dropped the particularly large donation may very well be a prankster. Making a pledge doesn't necessarily mean you have to keep it. Kickstarter lets you edit or cancel pledges before the funding deadline. It's also possible that the person that made the pledge could call their credit card company and get the charge declined (which then opens up new, strange complications).

Ah, but I'm pretty sure that you cannot back out of a donation if it would drop the campaign below its target, as I remember a story which involved a pledge of $95 counting for $9500:

When the campaign was nearing it’s end, a backer from Brazil by the name of Gabriel Pinto decided to raise his pledge by just a bit more. Pinto wanted to pledge $95.00, but since he separates his dollar amount from his cent amount with a comma rather than a decimal point, Kickstarter saw the $95.00 as $9,500. Because of this accidental pledge, it sent the game past it’s goal of $99,000. Seeing as how it was a huge mistake, Pinto tried to retract his pledge. But due to Kickstarter’s rule that if your withdraw you pledge to the point that it reduces the funds to below it’s goal, he wasn’t able to take back what he had mistakenly, and painfully, pledged.

Now, nothing stops this person from using a payment method with no money in it, or as you said, he or she could just call to cancel the charge. Hell, it might even be legit, if we're thinking optimistically. But whatever it is, it's just another weird page in this game's weird history.

(As for that poor guy, others raised their pledge amounts to allow him to drop his. Eventually, I think everything balanced out.)