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@rubberluffy: As a guy who had nearly zero exposure to anime, I was more or less mesmerized at the time by how different it was from western animation. Does it hold up? Obviously not. But it takes me back to the time when DBZ and Ronin Warriors were part of a subtle Japanese invasion of American children's television, along with Power Rangers.

@chainreaction01: Personally I thought the third Madoka movie was hot garbage, but I can't really say why without spoiling it. That's coming from someone who had to be more or less forced at gunpoint to get over the magical girl setting until the show picks up, but oh boy, did I love it when it got going.

I also thought the 2nd season of Psycho Pass was a letdown. Letting the bad guy escape on a boat? A totally bullshit explanation for why the bad guy can do what he does, that stretches the fiction to a breaking point? I was disappointed by the middle of the season, and it never redeemed itself.

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@corevi: That's good to know. I'm hoping my malaise is caused by my familiarity with this particular plot, and new settings/characters will pique my interest again, rather than it stemming from Jojo burn-out in general.

Hopefully they can redeem this season with a spectacular ending.

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I don't know what it is about Jojo, but it's just not meshing with me. The original OVA was one of the first pieces of anime I had ever seen, and I loved it. I was worried when they announced a new series that'd start at the very beginning of the manga; I had no connection to those characters, so I figured it wouldn't grab me in the same way. How can you top Dio, Jotaro, or even Iggy?

With German medical science, that's how!

And it blew me away! Not only did it still have Dio, but Stroheim always put a shit eating grin on my face whenever I saw him, the weird bubble/clackers/ribbon fighting styles were amusing, and each Jojo iteration kept things fresh. With the way they were able to capture my attention utilizing characters that were new to me (and carried no nostalgia based attachment), I was beyond amped to see a modern take on the ones I knew and loved.

Imagine my surprise when it didn't pan out.

Now that I've been exposed to the whole family, Jotaro seems to be the least interesting Joestar out of all of them, or the least interesting one to get this much screen time. The pacing feels glacial; while I'm all for sticking as close to the source material as possible, the OVA's condensed plot arc kept a brisk pace that these last two seasons are sorely missing. (It probably doesn't help that I know where this story goes, so having it take so long to get there is amplifying that feeling.) The Stand Users that they added back in haven't contributed to the show in any meaningful way, and some of the returning enemies received better treatment in the original (I remember the Justice reveal was far less telegraphed in the OVA; it's one of those scenes that I won't ever forget.) Hell, even the OPs/EDs aren't as good as they were in the first two seasons, and while I love "Walk Like An Egyptian," "Last Train Home" is way too mellow for a series that relies on a manic kind of energy. It all just feels so slow.

I assume it will pick back up as our rag-tag group of heroes reach their goal, but I'm not sure how much of that feeling will come from the show, and how much will be my fond memories of the OVA.

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Haven't played Blood Bowl in a long time, but if you're down with having a bunch of Chaos Dwarves slam you in the face in a 2-1 game, I'm down to do the slamming.

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I had never even heard of this being a thing.

I wonder if this is an North American thing. I have never heard of somebody pulling this off anywhere else.

This is what I was thinking too. Never seen the Japanese, Danish or Spanish police storm some streamer's house.

Not saying you are unaware, but in case anyone isn't from the US and doesn't know: SWAT isn't like normal police. You probably have an equivalent in your country, but in the US, SWAT stands for Special Weapons And Tactics, and operates much closer to a military force than a normal police force. They are only (or should only be) called out in high risk situations that fall outside the normal capacity of the police: armed hostage situations, anti-terror operations, entering fortified compounds, things like that. Their gear is also heavily militarized; assault rifles, tactical utility uniforms, rigid plate ballistic vests, armored personal carriers, and special optics (fiber cameras, night vision goggles, etc).

It's one thing to have police officers come and kick down your door. It's another to have a paramilitary squad wielding pistol grip MP5s toss flashbangs into your house, prepped to run into terrorists or hostage takers or whatever.

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I think Ryan's rant about Sonic 4 is pretty relevant in this case:

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Any fondness you may have had for PM because of Fable or Populous or whatever shouldn't carry him any farther. I mean, he's been doing this shit for years so it's not like it's shocking or anything, but at least then you weren't being asked to fund the game directly, where all you have to go on is his word. Hell, even Sega hasn't tried to crowdfund a shitty Sonic game yet.

Ambition is great. Promising everything under the sun just to get funded is not.

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I love how most of the 2015 games have a fat number after them, while only one '98 game does, and it's a 2. Everything's a sequel now.

Part of the reason for that is due to hindsight vs foresight. It's easy to predict that something like MGS V or Uncharted 4 will be stand-outs due to their long running history, whereas there may be undiscovered gems that are missing that kind of fanfare and as such are flying under most people's radars right now. When you look back at 98', we know exactly what shook the world, but I wonder how many had MGS or Banjo-Kazooie on their "next year" list in 97'.

There are a shitload of sequels coming out, but I bet we'll see more surprises like Darkest Dungeon as the year goes on.

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@bocam: I don't know if that qualifies them as anti-Semitic, but it does qualify them as fucking scumbags, and I came here to post the same thing.

No matter how you may feel about Patrick, this proves that Gawker is more or less as worthless as people have said. There may be some good staffers and articles that come out of that place every once in a while, but why anyone would want to be associated with it is beyond me.

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Both answers are reasonable. There's nothing wrong with having a very tough game that can be modded to be easier.

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As with 90% of all games over the last 12 months, SLI/Crossfire support is/was busted. Bad shadow flicker, under-using the 2nd GPU, weird stuttering, and so on. They seemed to have put out a patch to sort of address this, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. nVidia rolled out a SLI profile, so that's good, but as usual AMD is dragging their feet.

Sadly, the game isn't coded as well as something like Ground Zeroes, so I can't get my aging 6950s to run the game without Crossfire and still be remotely enjoyable to look at.