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Hey all. Got a PS4 beta code for whoever needs it: 22PJ-J3ND-MCGQ

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Added anyone from page 4 and on. Still adding you guys. This is fun... though a bit time consuming. I just started playing yesterday so I'm on duty to get stronger attacks! Also we'll all be set for future Spotpass stuff :)

FC: 0187-9892-9700
Username: MisfitToy

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I added all the people that shouted me out. Added others as well. I'll keep checking back to this forum and add any new FCs as I see them. Yay! Nintendo friends :)

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FC: 0189-9892-9700

Name is same as GB account: MisfitToy

Thanks duder!

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FC: 0189-9892-9700

Name is same as GB account: MisfitToy

Feel free to PM me so I can add you too!

Thanks duders!

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Hello GB duders! Feel free to add me.

GT: MisfitT0Y (that's T zero Y)

Arizona time zone

Launch games: Ryse, Forza 5, Call of Duty Ghosts, and I'll be picking up Dead Rising 3 in a week or so.

Really enjoying myself so far but come onnnnnn TitanFall! Also super curious over the next Halo.

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PSN: MisfitToy

Timezone: Arizona (guess what state I'm in?)

Titles I've picked up: AC4, Battlefield 4, Knack, Need for Speed, and Killzone

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This has been a hard couple days. I went from grief to thankfulness of what we still have. I will miss Ryan Davis so so much. He was one of the greatest, jovial souls I can think of. But I am still so grateful for who we still have. I'm grateful for Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Drew, Patrick, Rorie, Alex, and the rest of the supporting crew at Giant Bomb that is still with us. Thank you guys so very much for continued and valued entertainment.

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He was such an amazing host. His personality is unlike any other's I've known. I will miss him a lot and feel for the rest of the Giant Bomb crew. I know some of them knew him for a long time. Hang in there guys.

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I plan to pick up Alice next month. Maybe she'll make the list then...