'Child-oriented' games with a twisted, evil side

Most video game developers have to do something to make their games enticing, even to the younger generation. You have to set the stage with vibrant colors, catchy music, and an easy-to-learn control scheme that responds well, and for the little ones, just tone that last element down a notch, right? Yeah, sure, you could go ahead and soften it up for those crybaby losers, but where's the fun in that? Why not spice your game up a little bit with tremendously difficult levels, spine-tinglingly terrifying monsters and distorted, hellish music, just to throw a knuckle-ball at those wimps? Here's a list of some... 'Child-oriented' games with a twisted, evil side. Truly whoever developed these games is a psychomaniac hell-bent on terrorizing us and fueling our minds with paranoia... well, more than there already is, at least. (This is also another one of my periodically-updated lists, so keep your eye on this one, too)

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