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I always enjoyed the Adventure mode in Smash Bros. games.. taking that stuff and spinning into a fully fledged game sounds pretty enticing.

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The hair-whipping attacks reminds me of Kabuki: Quantum Fighter for the NES. This game looks pretty cool though, I like me some colourful platformers.

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Yep, the Chameleon Twist speedrun has had a few iterations now. NESKamikaze has done a lot of different speedruns. Pretty sure the ~11 minute run doesn't use large skips, that game is pretty short.

Unfortunately, there is currently no universal source for speedrun records. Speed Demos Archive (the guys who do the *GDQ marathons) has a verification process and only accepts runs that are submitted to them, so they're not guaranteed to have the most up to date videos. It was only a couple of years ago when SDA was a great source to find the best time in a game, but as the speedrunning community has been expanding rapidly the past few years they've become unable to keep up! More popular games have their own sub communities that are usually very up to date.

The guys at Speed Runs Live, a site for speedrun-racing other people, are trying to build a universal leaderboard for speedruns but there's a lot to consider due to all the weird differences from game to game and region to region. For example in Japan there are many games where it's totally acceptable to use a turbo controller. For A Link to the Past, emulated runs are accepted and treated equally as console runs. Maybe one day such a place will exist, but right now the best place to find the fastest time is probably Youtube or Niconico.

Twin Galaxies kind of had a thing but their rules (very anti-glitching) are seen as arbitrary by most of the speedrunning community nowadays. We like our glitches, I guess. So nobody takes TG seriously anymore. At least for speedruns, anyway.. I think their High Score stuff might be pretty legit.

I found it funny that someone picked A Link to the Past as their 'oh I bet I could hammer out the record in this' game. The entire Zelda series has a HUGE speedrunning community and ALttP is one of the biggest and most competitive games in the franchise. It's probably in the top 10 games for stiffest world record competition.

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@timing said:

This is romscout, right?

In my experience he's usually a lot more upbeat (during runs), but maybe he was just nervous.

Also I'm pretty sure Mike Uyama organizes Awesome Games Done Quick, whereas romscout does Summer Games Done Quick.

Yep, this is correct. This year Andrew 'romscout' Schroeder took over Summer Games Done Quick, and previous organizer Mike 'mikwuyma' Uyama will continue to organize Awesome Games Done Quick in January.

As an avid speedrun watcher and budding speedrunner himself, I am super psyched for more 'GDQ.

If anyone wants to get hype for SGDQ, you can check out the VODs from AGDQ2014 back in January here. I personally recommend F-Zero GX, Punch-Out (blindfolded!), Super Metroid, and Goldeneye.

If speedrunning sounds like something you want to try, head over to the forums on Speed Demos Archive and look around. There's a casual speedrunning subforum too. It doesn't all have to be about breaking records.

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I was reading the comments expecting to see a bunch of dismissiveness, but was pleasantly surprised to see people genuinely excited and positive about something. And then..


So much for that.

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I will confess I didn't skip to the next segment whenever Lockdown was playing.

Now I'm beggin' witcha baby, please don't leave me hangin'..

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This might be the thing that finally tips the scales and makes me buy a 3DS.

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Whaaa that nightmare sequence is crazy business.

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This was really cool. Ayesee mixed in well with the crew, some good plays, some good jokes.. looking forward to more.