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Just got me a Wii U and would love to get me some friend on there :) NinID: BaranBaran

Feel free to add me :) Cheers

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Currently on my 3rd day and enjoying it a lot. Spend a lot of time fishing, racking in roughly 10k per run (full inventory). Still haven't caught any sharks (fins)... I'm too slow I guess. I have also payed my first loan (rank 1 house) and currently working on the upgrade for it. Also doing a public thingie to get a bridge assembled, but that's not my first priority atm (and my inhabitants aren't really contributing... yet).

Got 1 new villager since I started. An awesome, wrestling loving duck, named Lucho - and tommorow will mark the arrivel of the 2nd :) Looking forward to that!

Besides that I visited another guys town this morning. Was pretty cool :) Gave me some pears, so I'm now on my way to produce that besides the two fruits I already have (oranges and apples).

If anyone's up for playing, feel free to add me :)

FC: 2921-9076-5160

Name: mnB

Edit: Oh... totally forgot the coolest part so far. Found a stranded sailor duck at the beach yesterday. Turned out he was a captain who forgot where he was going. We figured out it was Belgium and off he went. Later I received a gift from him through mail:

A miniature Manniken Pis statue that's now wetting my floor all day long.

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Hi guys and gals! Just got the game and would love to have some people to play with :)

Username: Baran
Friendcode: 2921-9076-5160

Feel free to add me and i'll do the same when I'm home from work :) Write here or PM

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Got one streetpass hit the day after I got the system (while riding the train), but havent gotten any since, even though I carry it with me everyday : /  However seeing that green light was pretty awesome :) Wish there was some sorta way to communicate with the people you meet through streetpass.

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Hey guys, heres my friend code : 

Ill add everyone on here :)

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Hi Choi. Cool thing you got going. I'm currently under education in 3d art (2nd year), so if you need any help (or have questions) I'm ready to lend a hand. I work in 3ds, Maya and zbrush - mainly as a modeller and animator (got knowledge in rigging, light and texturing aswell). 
Ill follow you, and see how it all evolves :)

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360 : mnBaka 
Could really use some active people on my friendslist, so feel free to add me : )