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@Sitoxity said:

@Moo: Part of the game? What?

Like, you get to play the game but don't have access to everything in the game. You have to pay $150 to experience the full game and have the option to buy all items. If you pay the standard version you miss on items and you won't know which ones, only that they are purely cosmetic. Which doesn't sound too bad, unless half your fun from MMO's consists of making cool characters, like for me. I suppose that is not how everyone plays MMO's. For me it's a dealbreaker cause they are not even sure what you buy/miss out on with the editions.

Grrrr Giantbomb keeps adding empty spaces between my lines.

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I want the complete client for a normal price. Since all they offer is part of the game, or more of the game for elevated prices I will skip on this game.

I like customization and spend hours in those games making characters that I like. If I would want to have access to all cosmetic items I'd have to pay $150. Right. Not gonna do that obviously. If I don't pay $150 I don't even know whether I will regret it till the moment I stop playing the game. I was actually about to buy the game, until I saw this weird business tactic. A shame, man.

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I've never seen without lens flares, I didn't even know it wasn't normal until this thread >_>

edit: Not sure about the sun, but definitely at night. Maybe my eyelashes cause lens flares? Cause when I open my eyes reaaaaally wide I don't see them. Weird.

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@sins_of_mosin said:
@ryanwho said:
@sins_of_mosin said:
I still need to see proof that the wii u can play a xbox 360/ps3 game.  Lets see it do Just Cause 2 or Enslaved.
An 8 year old computer could run the specs on those games. Yeah, that's a real challenge you put out there dude.
Then what game is worhty of the challenge 'dude'.
Battlefield 3. If it can run Battlefield 3 properly, not like the PS3/360 versions, then I'll be convinced.
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Well they already made the japanese carton boxes right? Or Pachter said something to that degree. So I suppose they likely do know the specs. Unless they aren't on the box.

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If it's going to be hostile takeover, can't the people quit and join another dev or create one of their own? I mean, if they really want to? They can't legally bind people to work for activisions bullies, right?

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Yayness :) Though I'd rather see them play through it all. Ow I really want to see them try. I just hope they haven't played it yet.
I'd just have to wait a while before watching... Otherwise it would ruin the experience, and who doesn't want to be scared senseless like that. (I don't feel like I have a choice after paying for it.)
Aptly named my character 'hamburger'.