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Well written, clear eyed, and unified. This is why I love this site. Thanks.

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I don't have to like a person to like their art. Phil Fish always seemed prickly to me, but he made a fantastic, original game and maybe that's part of his makeup. Sometimes artists are prickly and difficult, and yet also make good art. I see many people scrutinize Phil Fish's every comment and bad moment. To me, Marcus Beer is far more insufferable and patently set out to troll Blow and Fish. I hope Phil Fish makes more games because he's good at it.

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Nothing but Love.

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Remember the end of Ocean's 11 when Garcia figures out he's been ripped off? This is how I envision Vinnie's face last night. THIS CAPER WILL NOT STAND. (Well, technically, it's just the heist part of the caper).

Giant Bomb is the greatest and I will donate money to get you more equipment.

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Thanks for the hysteria free zone. Much appreciated.

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I see we have entered the 'dueling sources' phase of the thread. There are many many opinion pieces out there on either side, but a good place to start is Wikipedia. Here's the link:

There's been a lot of research done on this. It's worth looking up - there are many research links in this article.

My two cents: the gender gap is real. It hasn't been debunked, any more than 'global warming' has been debunked.

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Enjoyed the article. In a way, I find the comments to be even more informative, as they illustrate just how far this community has to go in terms of maturity. Some observations. Many many posts here suggesting that if someone is offended by something, they should just ignore it. Written by people who apparently couldn't ignore this article. Many people do not know the meaning of the word 'sexism' and couldn't be bothered to look it up. Including the welsh dude from gametrailers. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH "SEXY". It has everything to do with making individuals of a certain gender "less than". Love that the welsh dude "asked his wife." I bet he has a black friend, too. It takes guts for women in the games community to speak out about this stuff. Need proof? Read the preceding 50 pages. It also is great that Giant Bomb is posting articles like this. Thank you Patrick Klepek. I bet the bombers sometimes look at these comments and have hushed conversations about the nature of their readership. Finally, the aggressive reaction to these articles reminds me of the Cleveland Indians. That's right. Anytime a Native American says something about Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland fan base just tears into them for being "too sensitive" and "unable to take a joke". The reality is that when you are part of a privileged group, the complaints of the out group always seem trivial. 50 years ago blackface was still shown in prime time in the UK, and anyone who spoke against it was subject to the same kind of backlash. But we don't see blackface on British tv anymore, do we? And one day Chief Wahoo will retire to the pickaninny dustbin of history, along with the confederate flag and yellowface. And one day the games industry will change for the better, too. I can't wait.

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Favorite: Mass Effect 3, warts and all. I loved getting to the end of that journey. And the multiplayer ws great as well.

Hated: Borderlands 2. For me, it lacked the magic that made the original so much fun. It seemed very by the numbers.

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One needs a machete to cut through the amount of straw men being thrown around here. The biggest video game fan convention manages to navigate these waters without too much trouble - apparently the big publishers who set up huge booths at PAX are fine with curtailing the booth babe thing in Seattle and Boston. The world doesn't end. This strikes me as a step forward for a games industry that wants to be inclusive. I think it would be a good thing for E3 to follow the lead of PAX.

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Many women, like my wife for example, don't feel comfortable in strip clubs or places where strippers and maxim models "work it" for cash by standing sexily by stuff they know nothing about. I wouldn't take my wife to e3 because of this. I WOULD take her to PAX. If this industry is serious about being woman friendly then e3 should adopt the same standards as PAX. To all those saying they don't care, great. If you don't care let's be more sensitive and have better standards. To all those that do care, cross the street and go to the strip club - you'll see most of the same women and you won't have to worry about pinky holders like me and educated women getting in the way.

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