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They shouldn't have done that.

I'm still glad I stopped playing this game. It's abusive.

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Big Boss invented AXE body spray in the 1970's. Anything is possible.

Also Doritos and Mountain Dew. But only in the Japanese version.

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@flstyle said:

TL;DR version

This Metal Gear fanboy lacks the ability to tell the difference between canon and non-canon content in Metal Gear Solid games and has made a nonsensical theory regarding Raiden time-travelling through different parts of the Metal Gear timeline based off of non-canon content.

I'm one of the biggest supporters of Metal Gear lore on this website and even I can tell when someone is going too far.

Thank you for summarizing that so I didn't have to actually read it.

Also I agree. There's no time travel in Metal Gear.

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Is this the song that plays during the credits that everyone hates? I still haven't heard it. I kinda want to keep it that way.

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I just want to give Alex a big old awkward hug. <3


We're all rooting for you Alex.

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That's hilarious. That's amazing. Can't wait.

Also, the game looks really cool.

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@nux: They haven't, but presumably it's a piece of shrapnel from the helicopter crash at the end of Ground Zeroes.

I know Kojima has said that he wants Big Boss to more closely resemble a demon, and thus a "horn" and a loose belt in the back that dangles like a tail. I kid you not.

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@demoskinos: I wouldn't be surprised if they started adding characters from other games (or versions of characters from other games) as DLC later on. I'd imagine the extra work to make them look right in the new engine would be enough for them to justify charging the extra money.

Also, that sounds incredible and I wish I had actually played that now.

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@onarum: I'm pretty sure Kojima has said that Phantom Pain won't have campaign co-op like Peace Walker did, but I'd love it if there was some sort of co-op in there. The big open areas would be perfect for it.

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@onarum: Hm, I dunno. The other team looked like player characters to me, with some of those animations, and tactics and whatnot. If I was playing a co-op mode, I'd rather it be a smaller player count, but with a higher enemy count and more of a focus on stealth.

Based on what's been shown of the PC version of Ground Zeroes, I'm inclined to say that Kojima and co is doing right by the PC version of this MGSV stuff. And given that the PS4 can run it at 1080P 60 FPS (or so they've said for Phantom Pain), there's no reason to not think that the game won't BLAZE on PC.