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@joshwent: Swery seems like he can understand English pretty well, but not speak it as well, but well enough that I could talk to him. I don't think he had an interpreter there, at least at that specific moment. Still very nice though!


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My money's on Indie Love Coalition! <3

Also, soooooooooo excited I'm going to be able to see it live and in person this year! :D

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I'm going to Pax East, but not to the GB panel. Granted, that has more to do with my not being able to get to Pax until Saturday, but I digress. Good points nonetheless!

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@nightriff: Yeah, you need to play PW if you want to understand what's going on in GZ and MGSV proper. At least in terms of some of the set up, BB's relationship with Kaz, etc. Plus, it's just a good MGS story in its own right.

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@nightriff: I've never played more than 40 minutes or so of MG1, and none of MG2. I probably should play some more of them at some point, though.

But yeah, PW is rad. Well, it suffers from being made for the PSP originally, but there's a lot that I really like about it. And MGSV seems like it has all that stuff (base building and whatnot), which sounds RADDDDDD.

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@nightriff: Well, based on everything we know for sure about the game, yes. But, the idea behind one of the Gray Fox theories (the one I prefer) is that this game is basically Assassin's Creed in that you are really playing as someone who is playing as someone else. Does that make sense? I think the idea is that Gray Fox is being fed information about Big Boss to hone him into an ultimate soldier.

The other Gray Fox theory, which I don't like at all and hope isn't true, is that you are playing as Gray Fox during the 1980s. Now, the reason I don't like that theory is that it allows for a, "Well, Big Boss wasn't really doing this, so here's what he was actually doing" twist or set up for MGS6. Whereas the other one could be an Assassin's Creed type thing where he's being given the exact information and stuff that Big Boss did in the 1980s.

Really though, I hope neither of those is the case, and you just play as Big Boss. But who knows! We'll find out in September either way.

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@teddie said:

...I really hope the Map poster doesn't have that huge "CLASSIFIED" stamped on it, even though it looks like it totally does. I hate that you can't get a version with everything aside from the arm though, I don't mind figures but I already have a severed wooden hand on my desk.

@mooseymcman I mean, they are making that full scale version too.

@nightriff Just ask mooseymcman. He's been talking about that as long as I can remember.

Hm? Talking about what? The shadow? Gray Fox? Yeah, Because Big Boss's shadow doesn't have any hair that means that the game is really taking place inside Gray Fox's mind as he's being turned into the Cyborg Ninja after the events of MG2. Obviously!

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Man, I'm so torn on that collector's edition. It looks kinda rad, but half scale arm? I dunno, I want a full scale fake robot arm!

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Yes! I can finally start counting the days! :D :D :D :D :D

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@teddie: Man, you shoulda bought it when I did then. It was $10 during the last Flash sale on PSN. Yeah, that's really shitty design compared to the other versions, which aren't that bad, and occasionally that stuff is actually pretty fun. Stuff like timing button presses mid wall jump to make the other wall appear so you can keep jumping.

@president_barackbar: I feel like any site with .xxx should actually be a porn site, so for the time being, we have no plans to acquire other site name whatever they're calleds.