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@do_the_manta_ray: Well said! And yes, I am American. I live in Massachusetts, which is mostly liberal, but I live in a small town that has a lot of not so liberal people in it. They're mostly the libertarian types though (ie, don't care about social issues, just want the gov't to leave them alone). Of the not so liberal people, I mean, I'd say my town is not overly conservative, it is still Massachusetts, after all.

As many issues as I have with my country, I do still love it, and it'd take a lot to get me to change that opinion. But I'd rather help change the parts of it that I don't like.

@believer258: It did take a lot of courage! But as I was telling a friend over an IM earlier, it helps that there's only two people that I know outside of the internet that read this blog. That doesn't mean it was easy, but it was easier. And thanks! I feel like a broken record for thanking so many people, but man, it's just so heartwarming to see so many people saying so many nice things.

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@marokai: How about the Let's Get Bopped Together Crew? You know, like LGBT, but done up with Dave Lang slang? Lang Slang?

Well, thanks! I'm not much better at not dumb sounding names.

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Happy for yooooou!

I pictured that as Bad Box-Art Mega Man yelling that as he leaped through the air, which made that seem extra awesome.

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@viciousbearmauling: Well, there was one guy that just said "video games" that seemed like he was making some sort of comment about my writing a blog like this on a game website, but I put it in "off topic," and everyone knows that video games are only about 30% of what the GB crew actually talks about.

Also, thanks duder! I'm pretty sure it'll stay positive, it would have gotten foul by now if it was going to.

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@earlessshrimp: Then, Volgin uses a small nuke that The Boss brought with her to nuke Sokolov's research station so the information about the Shagohod (but not The Shagohod itself) will be lost, and the US will be blamed for the attack. So, Premier Khruschev tells President Johnson that they have to do something about it, so Naked Snake is sent back in.

He meets up with a lady code-named Eva that likes to show off her breasts (but is never actually topless), there's some sneaking, he meets a drunk that talks about Metal Gear, Volgin is implied to have sexually abused Eva, there's some more sneaking, boss fights, Ocelot twirls his guns, Major Zero talks about disguising guns as snake, more sneaking, a guy controls bees, Snake walks through a ghost river, is tortured, loses an eye, does some more sneaking, and eventually defeats Volgin, The Boss, and The Shagohod. Oh, yeah. The Shagohod was a jet propelled tank that shoots nuclear missiles.

But then it turns out that Eva was really working for the Chinese, and Ocelot was really working for the Americans (by which I mean the Philosophers, never mind that they were disbanded (he was a triple agent)). Then Naked Snake gets re-code named Big Boss, and he refuses to shake that guy's hand, and salutes The Boss's grave.

EDIT: Oh yeah, both Eva and Ocelot were really just trying to find The Philosophers' Legacy so they could get the money for their respective masters. Ocelot got it in the end.

EDIT AGAIN: Oh, and also it turns out The Boss was ordered to do all of that from the beginning by the US gov't. She was loyal to the end.

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@earlessshrimp: Well, it all started in the time after World War I. All the world's super powers (USA, China, Russia) got together and formed The Philosophers. And they started amassing money that they would use for nefarious things.

One of their members had a daughter, who would later be named The Boss. When the Boss was in her early 20s (World War II), she was put in charge of the Cobra Unit, which was the world's first commando unit. During the invasion of Normandy, The Boss gave birth to the boy that would later become Revolver Ocelot. Also, this happened on the beach as they were fighting the Nazis (Ocelot had to be c-sectioned out). Ocelot's father was a psychic who was also Russian, and called The Sorrow.

But then the Philosophers took the baby Ocelot (because that's what they do), and after the war ended the Cold War happened, and the money the Philosophers had (The Philosophers Legacy) was spread around the world and hidden. The Boss went back to the US, and The Sorrow went back to the USSR. The Philosophers were dismantled.

Eventually The Boss killed The Sorrow for some reason, and trained Naked Snake in CQC and stealthing.

Then, in 1964, a Russian scientist named Sokolov wanted to defect to the United States, so they sent Naked Snake to get him out, but then The Boss betrayed him and took Sokolov back, as she sided with Colonel Volgin, the rest of the Cobras, and young Ocelot.

Then, a week later...

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Come over here, @mooseymcman!

*community hug*

Thanks for sharing this with us, duder. A lot of us struggle with hiding some aspects of ourselves, and it's great to see and accept the truth about who we are. :)

That's basically how today has gone. A little less chest groping though. For better or worse.

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@fredchuckdave: I'm not saying that his works are uniformly good, I'm just saying that the man has written a lot, and through sheer quantity of work he knows a lot about writing.

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@yummylee: Well, it's not that simple (as you know). I mean, I can walk up to just about any lady and start hitting on her, and at least feel like there's a chance she might be receptive. I can't do that with guys. But I know that was said mostly in jest.

And yeah, you'd think that all us LGBT people would try to band together, for justice and love and all that sappy crap. But no, apparently not.

@fobwashed: Nope, so far as I can tell, I'm the only one using a 2D version of York with an American hat and an eyepatch as an avatar. Also, thanks duder. And yes, Metal Gear is pretty confusing, even though it's helped me understand myself a little better.

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@karlpilkington: I legitimately want to find a way to meet up with you in real life at some point, Tom. Not sure when, or how, but we'll figure it out eventually. Then we can do something actually stupid.

@earlessshrimp: Damn, that's a good one!

@spoonman671: I qualified it by saying it was according to Wikipedia, specifically their list of famous bisexual people.

@csl316: It gets to be a real problem some of the time too. Keeps me up at night.

@demoskinos: It's not being flustered so much as it is perplexed. And hey, you're one of the people I Tweet at the most, and actually replies back most of the time, so I had to put you in there. (Also I couldn't remember your GB username, so that's where the Miku thing came in).

@artelinarose: I do know that's a thing! Every time I see someone mention it and I try to read about it I get confused. I'd say bisexual. I mean, we could probably have a very lengthy and involved discussion on this topic, but I'm just going to say that I'm bisexual, because anything beyond the "normal" genders just ends up confusing me. And as a transgender person I'm not really sure where or how you fit into any of that, so I'm just going to shut up now so I don't say anything offensive because I'm too dang happy at all these wonderful responses.

Also, the "pan" makes me think of Pan from Greek mythology (the goat man with the flute), and I'd rather all the "bi" puns open to me now.

@zudthespud: I actually have a playlist on YouTube that is three different versions of that song. There's the full length one, the shortened one used on the show, and the one with the footage from that and Rorie singing along. And yes, I hope that I live to see the day when people don't have to come out like this. Really, as much as all this support means to me, the fact that it is such a big deal means that we still have a ways to go as a society.

@dalerax: You didn't derail anything. You've got the right idea, we shouldn't let society tell us what to do.

@clonedzero: It definitely has its appeal. Not being limited to one gender in who I'm attracted to definitely opens up more opportunities for relationships and experiences that other people won't have.