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Wait, what happened? Was it proven to be false? I'm confused.

Ah, so the in game doctor wasn't based on that guy after all. Bummer.

Fun whilst it lasted, though.

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@humanity: It's on that big road right before The One Reborn. Those glowy guys in the glowy circles near the big skeleton mess monster things that have carts for butts (I think).

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@thunderstorm101: Cool! I didn't realize until a little bit ago that just posting the animated gif might lead people to think he was using THAT to promote it, rather than the static image.

This whole thing is bizarre. Even if it really is coincidences, at least we had some fun.

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Oh god, that picture from that photo shoot he did. O_O

Yeah, I'm pretty convinced now that this is a guy that would do a cross promotional thing for a video game like MGSV. I think the guy is a real doctor, and I think he's going to attempt that head transplant (assuming they get the funding and everything), but he seems...odd. In a very Kojima like way. If you told me that shot from that photo shoot was a leaked image from MGS4 style FMV that is in MGSV, I would 100% believe you.

Also, glad I left my mark in the original post, haha. It should be noted, if it's not obvious, that the guy's Ted X logo wasn't animated, that was someone else who did that. But it still lines up perfectly.

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I still think that MGSV will end with a part credits scene of Solid Snake sneaking up on the Outer Heaven you spent all of the game building up.

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Definitely Gehrman, because it's basically just the fight with The Boss from the end of MGS3. A duel with your former mentor (sort of) in a field of white flowers (sort of). I mean, less emotional resonance, but it's a fun fight.

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@bisonhero: I still think it's possible that Canavero could be a legit doctor, in on it, and have this procedure he's working on not just be a scam. I know, it's ludicrous, but so is everything about this, Metal Gear, transplanting a head, etc.

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@boozak: Madnar's got a lot more hair.