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Wow, that's really cool. Good on Sony for adding stuff like this. Glad it's helping!

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It's really cool that this is on the main page! You're moving up in the world, ZP! Or something like that!

Also, thanks for including my blog, as always. And thanks to whoever put my PAX blog on the front page too. Was that you? I seriously don't know.

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@cjduke: The original lets you use the d-pad, which I think would make timing the landings a lot easier. I didn't really get a lot of time with it on the Vita, so I'm far from an authority on the matter.

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@fredchuckdave: Yeah, that's what I've heard. Which is kind of a bummer, because the thing I need to unlock to get the last upgrade on my machine gun... Oh, wait, I already mentioned that in the blog! Oh well! It is cool that it doesn't just get reset the next day. I wonder what happens if Super Earth gets conquered. Probably just resets again.

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This trend really, REALLY needs to end. That, or they should be, like, $10 downloadable games. I'd be totally cool with it then, just make this stuff all super budget priced. But I can only assume it'll be like, $40 or $50 for the games (the rumor I saw elsewhere made it seems like it wouldn't include Origins).

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It kinda sucks that society has done this to us. Made it that we feel awkward to tell our fathers that we love them because saying things like that isn't "manly." Ugh, I hate society.

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@pierre42: Honestly, I don't really care that much either way because I feel like Big Boss should sound different than Solid Snake, and I've liked what I've heard of Kiefer Big Boss so far.

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@pierre42: The official story was always that since they were doing facial capture, they wanted someone who could do that better than Hayter. Kiefer Sutherland not only has more experience using his face to act, he also just straight up has a head more shaped like Big Boss' than Hayter does.

The prevailing fan theory (or at least my theory) is that Hayter will have a cameo as young Snake at some point. I dunno how likely that actually is, given that (I think) it's still the original voice actor in the Japanese version, but who knows.

Though, honestly, as of late I've been thinking that someone else should have been voicing Big Boss since MGS3. But then I suppose we'd be having a whole different discussion over that guy being replaced by Kiefer.

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Thanks for including my blog, and as always, keep up the great work! :D