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And here I was planning to delete and redownload it every week or so just to spite charge download server fees to Konami.

Seriously though, that's a bummer. I'm not surprised, but it's still disappointing to see.

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@wchigo: Well, I can tell you that I played all of Demon's Souls using my DualShock 4 on the PS3. It's pretty easy to set up. Go into the PS3 menus, and there's an option for managing accessories, or controllers or something. Anyway, in one of those, there's an option to scan for new devices. Get that going, then hold the PS button and the Share button at the same time on the controller for a few seconds, and it should sync up the controller to the PS3. Granted, you'll have to go to the controller settings and set that controller to be controller 1, and you won't have 100% functionality. There's no rumble, no motion controls (not that Demon's Souls has that) and the PS button won't do anything in game, so you'd need to have a DS3 handy for anything that requires that. But as for in game, it works perfectly. The Share button has the same functionality as the Select button.

If my explanation is...lacking, or accidentally incorrect, you can find the information easily online. I should add that this doesn't work for all games (damn you Burnout Paradise), but it works in most PS3 games. And once you sync it to the PS3, it stays synced, so you can hit the PS button to turn the PS3 on (don't ask me why it then doesn't work once the console is on, I don't know). And if you want it re-synced to the PS4, just plug it in via USB and hold the PS button for a few seconds.

Hope that helps!

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@wchigo: As negative as what I wrote about Demon's Souls is, I still think it's worth playing if you like the other Souls games. It's definitely the shortest one of the bunch too, even if you don't power your way through it like I did (I dunno that I'd recommend playing exactly as I did).

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@rmanthorp: You're certainly in for something special with the ending of MGS4! Just last year I had a friend over who hadn't finished the game before, and we had a pizza and I watched him finish the game. That was a fun time because the end of MGS4 is the most MGS thing possible. I know a lot of people hate it, but I love the ending, partly because so many people don't like it, but also because it's the best.

Have fun! You should have plenty of time, because I don't expect they'll get around to MGScanlon 4 until July. Definitely post E3, and I reckon it'll take at least a month post E3 before Dan can convince them to start up the MGScanlon train again.

@impartialgecko Yeah, totally. Dark Souls 1 still holds a special place in my mind since it was the first one I played. I've definitely felt that dread in the other games, so I know what you're talking about.

@redfox742 Yeah, I'll probably stick with normal, maybe bump it up to Hard for MGS3. I have played MGS4 on hard before, and it was definitely harder.

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Yay! Working for me too! :D

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Huh, that one with the Witch is odd.

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@wchigo: Yeah, I was doing kind of the same thing with the PS+ games for a while. But eventually I realized that as someone who likes writing (lengthy) blogs online, I'd have that many more games to write about, so I try to play as many of them as I can!

And how difficult Bloodborne's Platinum will be for you really depends on how well you can get past those bosses in the Defiled Dungeon. As frustrated as I did get, there's nothing about those two bosses that I think is "cheap." Well, I mean, yes, one hit kills aren't fun, but all the attacks and everything have the same exact "tells" as when you fight those bosses elsewhere in the game. Just like everything else, it's about being smart, knowing when to be aggressive, and knowing when to stay back and be safe. That last one though, Yharnam, still my least favorite boss in the game, but as with everything, your mileage may vary.

Good luck though!

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@atwa said:

Who wears watches

its 2015

I wear a watch.

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I thought this was already announced? Or, at least Swery told me (at PAX) that it was coming to PC. I dunno!

Still, rad!

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Well, guess I'll have a new anime to watch.