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@shagge: It's worth saying that I am a crazy person who obsesses over these sorts of things.

@kasaioni And did you see the logo he used? Tell me that it forms a perfect V and that part is lined up perfectly is coincidence. Tell me "EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG" is a coincidence!

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@bisonhero: The man is planning to surgically attach one person's head to another person's body. That's only a few steps removed from maniacal supervillain, and that sounds like the type that would hang around with Kojima.

Honestly, I don't know. Unless he's getting a lot of money for it or something. But I feel like there's too many coincidences.

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@bisonhero: I don't think he's a fake doctor, or anything like that. I think there's some connection between the two.

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@rongalaxy: The only "logic" I could see behind this would be if this guy was a big MGS fan and wanted to be in a game (not sure that an Italian neuroscientist who is not young would be), or if Kojima/Konami are helping him by giving some substantial amount of money for this for his research and whatnot. Even then there's still some big leaps, but hey, METAL GEAR.

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@dan_citi: He's a neuroscientist that has been in the news lately over his plan to transplant someone's head onto another body. Then people found out he looks like that MGSV doctor, and a whole slew of other connections that, to me, seem like they're more than just a coincidence.

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This stuff's insane. I believe. Too many connections to be pure coincidence. I'm watching his TedX talk right now.

Also, here's a neogaf link that I think has some more info in it.

Like, look at the damn logo for the Ted X talk! Tell me that's not some MGSV level nonsense.

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I think the first half of the trailer looks really good. The idea of the world being split between worshipping Superman and hating him is really intriguing to me. But then Batman shows up and wants to fight Superman for some...reason? I dunno, it looks dumb, not necessarily good dumb, but we'll just have to wait and see. But I did not like Man of Steel, and I've had very low expectations thus far. So in a way, having half a trailer look good is more than I expected!

Maybe I'll be wrong, and the movie will be good. I'd like that. But I dunno. I'm also not a fan of Affleck, so that doesn't help.

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Brett is my new favorite thing going on the bombcast right now.

I alternate between that, and confusion because Brett is such an uncommon name that I always think people mean me when they say it.

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Brett is the newest GB hire. I know it can be confusing when listening to the Bombcast. They sound very similar.

Yup, glad to finally announce that they hired me. Because I was the first person named Brett to respond to this thread.

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The new controller and the awful/great FMV has me way more interested than it has any right to...But those song choices for the reveal pretty much confirm to me that, in all likelihood, the soundtrack will be mostly stuff I don't like. And the game's no good to me if I don't enjoy the music.

But hey, as someone who only ever played these sorts of games on easy because using four fingers was more than my hand could handle, this new controller looks cool.