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@-cipher-: I think the most reasonable "connection" to a previous game that we might be able to expect would be her being Sniper Wolf's mother. I have no idea how old Sniper Wolf was, but I think that'd be kinda funny, it being a line of sniper ladies. Aside from that, yeah, she's probably just someone new.

Then again, there is footage of her being "interrogated" in that "red band" E3 trailer from last year, and it's the same room that Huey gets "interrogated" in that trailer. So maybe there is another connection? I dunno.

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@-cipher-: Yeah, I guess. I dunno, I still think it's weird that it's okay to put all sorts of killing and horrible violence in things, but not nudity. I know that's mostly just me though.

And I think the extent to how female Quiet is in shape (those hips) is beyond what a sex change in the 80s could do. I mean, she's too feminine in terms of her skeleton to have been a dude!

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@-cipher-: He did also say something once about this character being his response to other games with scantily clad women, but I don't know about feeling ashamed. What's it going to be? Her clothes were all lit on fire, except the bra, panties, and her fishnet leggings?

Honestly, it's an M rated game, I don't know why they didn't just go all the way and make her actually naked, but with ammo bags. I mean, it's Metal Gear, people expect things to be as ludicrous as possible, and despite what Kojima says about this being more serious, it's still Metal Gear. The end of Phantom Pain is still going to involve a guy named Big Boss, who is a one-eyed cyborg, acquiring a robot equipped with a nuclear missile.

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@-cipher-: I actually just tried to look up how old the actress portraying Quiet is, and how old Amanda was in Peace Walker, but couldn't find either!

But yeah, you're right, it's possible. Amanda never really struck me as the sniper type, or as the scantily clad type, but I won't count it out as a possibility. (Amanda may actually hold the record for most conservatively dressed female character in a Metal Gear game, or at least most consistently conservatively dressed.)

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@-cipher-: It is, but given the 9 year gap, I'd imagine that Amanda would look older than Quiet does. Quiet looks like she's in the 18-23 range, but Amanda was already older than that in Peace Walker, I think.

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@-cipher-: You know, I do think there is enough of a passing resemblance between the two that I might believe she was Chico's long lost sister or something, but she doesn't look like Amanda, so I don't think that's it.

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@-cipher- said:

Kojima did all this for one reason: to make us hate skull-face for the sequel.

And if you're a believer in the Chico=Quiet theory, which states Chico was traumatised by his experiences in camp omega so he became a woman... then that's another reason.

Dude, there's no way. Not even Kojima is that nuts. I mean, would, in the 80s, someone like Chico be able to get a sex change operation that looked that female? I mean, wait, what am I doing? I'm actually trying to come up with a logical argument against that.

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I'm still not even sure what kind of game this game is!

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@quarters said:

@yummylee: It's Miller. I just think it's "evilish revenge" Miller, after he loses body parts.

That guy's not (Kaz) Miller. The head is shaped differently.

Now, it MIGHT be McDonnel Miller, Kaz's long lost brother...

Oh, and @-cipher-, I think it's a little weird that your user name is CIPHER and your user icon is Big Boss.