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@jadegl: Not to turn this into a discussion about dreams, but after thinking about color in dreams, I kinda made a subconscious effort to be more aware of the color in my dreams last night and....nothing. No vibrant colors or anything. I have pretty boring dreams, actually (aside from a few details that I don't think are appropriate to share on forums, but not what you think I mean). Oh well.

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In the nude.

I was going to say to watch one, and then the other, but really this is the correct answer.

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You mentioning the color of your dreams has made me realize the lack of color in mine. Not that I dream in black and white, just that there's never anything vibrant about the colors in mine. Huh.

Anyway, nice write up here. I was never really big into ghost stories or anything, but I enjoyed PT. Looking forward to what the final game ends up being.

Also, that thing in the sink in PT is honestly one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen in a video game. Ugh.

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@bisonhero: That would make sense, what if that guy just ends up being Ocelot? I mean, he's kind of taking care of Big Boss as far as we've seen.

That can't be, Ocelot is seen in full on western cosplay with a horse in the trailer. He didn't have the time to change his clothes, or acquire the horse.

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You sure the debris isn't in his head on the table in the hospital before the coma? It looks like it is in that picture you put there. Or is that hair? It's been a while since I watched this trailer.

Either way, you put a lot of thought into this theory. Not sure which side I fall on. But ever since my Dual Millers Theory was disproved in the trailers, I haven't really been putting much thought into theorizing about the story in this game. Just waiting for it to come out!

EDIT: After staring at that freeze frame of Big Boss on the hospital table you included, I'm pretty sure he DOES have the debris in his head. It's tough to see, and I get why people missed it in the trailer, but it's there.

EDIT 2: Or...maybe not. I rewatched the trailer, and in motion, it looks less like he has the debris in his forehead...Damn you Kojima!

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That's pretty rad looking!

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Locked; necroed.

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Locked because it was necroed.

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I'm going with the one I own, my PS4.

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"A S Rank," or "AN S Rank?"