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That's great! Fantastic job!

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@slag: *Reads some of the link.*

Wait, by "light therapy" you meant a literal light? I thought you meant "light therapy" in the sense of it being therapy but not a huge amount of it! Hahaha, English language, you're so silly!

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@slag: There's...A lot of reasons why seeing some sort of doctor about these things would be a good idea, but also reasons for why that's not likely going to happen. Mostly because of cost. But I've managed before, and I'll keep managing now.

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@cjduke: Having talked with other people about Inquisition (not specific story stuff, general feelings), I think I might know what you're getting at. But I could be wrong. I know you haven't blogged much lately here on GB (or if you have I've missed it and I'm sorry), but I'd read up a full post on it.

That or I can finish the game before you and you can comment on my blog about it.

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That's a long-ass blog.

Yes, and I forgot to mention something!

I forgot to complain that in the Events Mode, if you fail an event, it boots you back to the events selection screen, and you have to hit start to restart it, rather than just letting you start over without going back to the other screen.

Also, the pause screen is junk. Its good for positioning screenshots, but there's no menu or anything. You need to hold L R A and Start to exit out of matches, which is impossible to do whilst holding the Game Pad normally (fine with Pro Controller). I know it's what the other games did, but it's bad design.

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I'm not gonna lie, this setting has me interested.

And hey, now I can move on beyond Unity without playing it!

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I came in here to say Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and Shovel Knight, but it looks like people have already recommended those.

Instead I'm going to recommend that you buy a Pro Controller if you haven't. The Game Pad is neat at first, but in the long run, you're probably going to want a Pro Controller. Especially for games like Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2.

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@believer258: I was just reminded of the unique Honey Badger quest in this game (not really anything you said, but I thought I'd reply anyway cuz why not?). It makes you confirm that you want to do the quest about five times, and then...I won't spoil all the details, but the weapon it makes you use is an LMG.