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@theblue: As much as I did like the more openness of the game, I do think it makes it harder to scour every inch for hidden goodies. I played many hours of level based games like the Banjo series, Mario 64, DK 64, but in those games most of the stuff is contained inside the levels, and it's relatively easy to get from one to the next. Thus, I can spend all afternoon looking for stuff in one level. But in LttP, even if it is technically smaller in size than the overall size of those other games, it's more open, and harder to keep track of where stuff is, and where I've already searched. Especially when there's a supply of new items that open up new areas as the game goes on.

Did that make sense? While I'd have liked to explore literally every nook and cranny, I also can't remember every last nook and cranny, and I was not taking the time to draw a map or something like that (though I could imagine young me doing that).

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@masturbatingestbear: I think it's worth your time, even if you use a guide here and there to help you get through the early stuff a little faster since you've already done it. I think the game (for the most part) only gets better as it goes on, so definitely try and find the time to give it another shot if you can.

And thanks! :D

@cjduke: I know at least one of two people online that absolutely love Link's Awakening, so they'd probably say it was worth your time to finish. I haven't played it, so I dunno.

And yes, a lot of people do consider LttP to be the best Zelda game. I think a lot of that stems from it coming before all the 3D ones, and this being the one that a lot of people played first. And even for those that didn't, it was a much bigger and more ambitious game than the original, so it had that going for it to. I feel like Zelda is one of those series where your first will always be your favorite. For a lot of people that's LttP, for me that's Twilight Princess (at least the first once I played more than an hour or two of). LttP is a fantastic game, but I don't know that I would say it's the best. Not with some of those puzzles that are just a bit too obtuse.

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@bisonhero: Yeah, that one was a challenge. Mostly because it took me like half the fight to realize I needed to use magic to damage him. Or, at least the regular sword didn't seem to be damaging him.

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Mass Effect is what you want. If you haven't played Mass Effect, you should play Mass Effect.

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@bisonhero: I actually didn't have much trouble on the moth. Not as much as I expected after I first saw it, anyway. Still took me two tries, but definitely not as hard as I expected.

@pyromagnestir: I am pro Uncharted 3 because Uncharted 3 is the best game Naughty Dog has ever made. There was definitely one puzzle where the solution was to push a random block that had me completely stumped for a long time.

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Yes. Wario definitely has an Italian accent.

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@zombiepie: Did I write that this week? You sure that wasn't last week?

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The first strictly side-scrolling Mario game that I played to completion was New Super Mario Bros U, and that was last year. The only other one I've completed was the Luigi expansion or whatever for that game.

I've also never beaten A Link to the Past, but at least I'm working on that one.

Oh, I've never played a Final Fantasy game before. But if Fifteen is good, I'll probably play that one.

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@ichthy: Sure, send me a PM with it, if you really don't need it. :D Thanks!

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@dprotp: I don't have a 3DS, but Zen Pinball is a good idea!