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This isn't a dating advice forum, and you don't really have enough there to justify the creation of a whole thread, so I've locked this.

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@teddie: Oh, don't get me wrong, I looooooooooove that these theories exist, and that people (including myself) get so into them. The reason I don't want the big plot twist to be "You weren't Big Boss all along" is because I care so much about this franchise, and I don't know how I would feel about that.

I mean, this isn't like with Raiden in MGS2. You know? That was, at the time, the farthest ahead in the timeline that MGS had gotten to at this point. But this is set right smack dab in the middle (more or less), and is being advertised as a very specific story that hasn't been told yet in the series. And my fear is that a big bait and switch like that is just going to lead to MGS VI being the story we were sold on this time. Not that I don't want there to be an MGS VI, I'd just rather this kinda be the last arc in the Big Boss story, and have whatever comes next either be a full on reboot, or be set so far in the future that it might as well be a reboot.

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Also, I really hope the big plot twist in Phantom Pain isn't and you were really Grey Fox all along, or something like that. I don't want the end of this game to be, "Well, that wasn't really what Big Boss was doing in the 80s, so look forward to MGS VI when we go through that." I know I obsess about that damn shadow without hair more than just about anyone else (though I'm pretty sure I saw it casting a shadow in some of the TGS footage), but come on guys.

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I've been vocal about this before, and my stance is the same. I'm 100% for a different voice actor portraying Big Boss if the story Kojima is going to tell is the story of how Naked Snake finally goes off the deep end, and becomes the sort of person that would resort to threatening to use nuclear force against the rest of the world (which is basically the plot of the original Metal Gear). Like, this is the story of how the hero becomes the villain, and I think Kiefer has a more villainous voice than Hayter.

Also, yeah, there's precedence for it being a different voice. Hell, Solid, Liquid, and Solidus all have different voices, despite being clones of Big Boss.

I still am a bit worried that there's not going to be a ton of dialog from Kiefer in the final game, though. Hearing things about how much he costs to hire, and everything involved in the facial capture process makes me think that they might be toning that stuff back a bit. Which isn't the end of the world, I'll love the game either way (because the game part looks phenomenal), but who knows.

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There are a whole bunch of pages on the main menu, and you can drag them onto other pages. It's not elegant, but they won't be on screen, any more.

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@yummylee: Well, it's good that game got something right.

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@yummylee: I played the 360 version. For whatever reason, I ended up playing both that and RE6 on 360. I think it may have been reading about the frame rate in both cases, actually.

I mean, it was far from unplayable, but it stuck out to me.

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Did you only play in split-screen? I'd think that single player would be better, not that frame rates like that in split-screen are acceptable.

This. Games in the HD era aren't optimised for split-screen gameplay

Unless you're Gears of War apparently. From the beginning right up to Judgment, those games always ran at a steady framerate even in split-screen. Well, cutscenes were a little dicey but nothing too bad.

Yeah, there are plenty of games that run fine in split screen. The Kane and Lynch games were fine, the Army of Two series was fine, Resident Evil 5 and 6 ran great, and a bunch of others as well. Sure, sometimes games didn't handle it well, but that was closer to an exception than a rule.

Eh, I dunno that I would say RE5 ran great. I remember some frame rate stuff even in single player. And more so in split screen.

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@yummylee: Not that low frame rate cut-scenes are fun to watch, but if one part of your game is going to run poorly, that's the least bad one, if you want good game play.

And yeah, I had forgotten about those. I only ever played the first two split screen, but I don't remember having any problems with it.

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It's really unfortunate, especially when there's no PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game. I'm sure the PC version is fine, as those are wont to be, but I'm not gonna play this now. I probably wasn't going to anyway (not because of the game, because I've moved on to PS4), but I have zero interest in playing a frame-y mess version. Okay, frame-y mess is probably harsh, but you get what I mean.