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You know ZP, I never really thought about it before, but doing this up every week probably takes a fair amount of effort, doesn't it? Just wanted to give you a metaphorical pat on the back and "Thanks" for doing this stuff.

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@hollitz said:

It's probably not the best course of action to take, but I usually try to verbally hurt the people who say intolerant things. Ignoring the problem is the reason why problems remain. Things don't get better by looking away.

You really should (at least here on GB where the system is in place) flag the stuff for the mods. There's an old saying: Two wrongs don't make a right.

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The most important thing to remember about D&D, or any of these sorts of games: Don't take it too seriously. I mean, if you watched the Pathfinder videos here, I probably don't need to tell you that. But I can say from experience that playing a little fast and loose with the rules, and being "imaginative" with what you do in the game (whether as a player or the DM) goes a long way to making the experience more fun.

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@mrfluke: Cool! I hope there's lots of secrets like that in the game.

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@mrfluke: Dude, what the hell was that thing? I never saw anything like that in my time with the game!

Also, I love all the dancing videos.

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@jadegl: You wrote a good blog! You deserved that.

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@geraltitude: I barely found any chests at all, let alone chests with decent loot in them. Literally, I think I found TWO outside of the one in the tutorial. Maybe three. And I don't remember finding anything useful in them.

Yeah, the uninterruptedness of the explore mode sounds cool. But for the Beta at least, I didn't really have anyone to play with (the friend I did play with had just started, so we were going through the actual missions in the time he had). So far as playing the audio through the TV, I play games in my living room, and I still live with my dad, so I'd rather it go through the mic. You know.

Grenades are rad. And the fact that they're based on a timer makes them feel different from most games. Funnily enough, there's been several instances where I went to hold the grenade button, thinking I could "cook" it like in Call of Duty, only to remember that's not how it works and just have the grenade get thrown. That didn't end well!

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@geraltitude: Thanks for your kind words! :D And now my response to some of your points, in no particular order:

I did try playing/chatting a bit with one of my friends, but he didn't seem to be into it. It doesn't help that the PS4 mic is terrible, so the audio quality is also terrible.

The Strike is easily the best mission in the Beta, I should have touched on it more than I did (if I did at all). That may be the thing I was going to write about, but forgot.

I dunno about the explore mode, I didn't really see any reason too. I know there are some hidden chests, but I was getting plenty of decent loot from the enemies, missions, and the shops in the Tower. I didn't really feel the need to go looking for chests, unlike Borderlands, where I am always scouring for chests.

Yeah, the PvP took me a while before I really got into it, but that's not to say that it's going to hook everyone. Destiny's kind of a weird game compared to most other shooters. So much emphasis on all these weird skills, all the leveling, gear, etc. I can see how it wouldn't click with a lot of people.

I agree, the AOE stuff is KILLER. But I like it. I like using the grenades and stuff to temporarily block paths while I reload, or run away, that sort of stuff. It's good for post-mortem kills too, which I always get a kick out of.

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