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You have to understand in Warriors Orochi, characters are split into 4 classes. That character Jeff was playing is a power type character, and power type characters don't flinch when attacked. Warriors Orochi 3, especially Gauntlet Mode, gets annoyingly hard.

Dynasty Warriors, and the other Warriors games, are perhaps my favorite franchise of all time. I'm not delusional enough to believe its the best made game and I understand its not for everyone (as do most of the fan base, in my experience), but I find most people who are adamantly against it don't know anything about it. There are a lot of things at play in these games that only people who put the time in to find are going to know about, such as (in the case of DW8) weapon switches, the different way each weapon works, EX attacks (two per character), musou attacks (three per character), some characters can jump cancel.

Again, I don't think its the best game ever made. But it satisfies urges, at least.

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Got as far as some lady jumping me and killing me, screamed like a bitch, then tried to go at it again, but I didn't know what to do after that and I kept hearing whispers and the sun is going down...and...and...gonna go put on a Disney movie or something...

Horror games aren't my thing, but I decided I'd give this a go, just so I could be part of conversations. I don't think im gonna finish it though, so I hope Patrick plays through it.

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This should bum me out, but...all it means is I get to spend less money in October. kinda thankful for this...

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Have an older sister (year older) and a younger brother (2 years younger) and we've never been super close, we rarely have any real in depth conversations about anything. But we've always got along and usually stayed out of each other's business. If there was an argument, it was never a "scream at each other an call each other names" kind of argument, it's just passive aggressive and we'd ignore each other for the day. Certainly don't hate either of them, though they (especially my sister) get annoying at times. But as we all became adults we've just learned to get along even better. Still wouldn't say we're super close though, we still generally just leave each other alone. I have become closer with my brother as we got older though.

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My dog doesn't actually bark, he like...whines, almost and twitches. He does it all the time, like he's having a nightmare or something. It's weird and amusing.

My cat growls, but its so low you can't hear it unless you're up close.

It's all normal as far as I know...they haven't died yet, or spun their heads around and tried to eat me.

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..what? No...aww come on, this can't be real...

I didn't know Ryan personally, but since being a member of Whiskey Media and Giant Bomb, it truly felt like he and the others from Whiskey Media were friends of mine, and to lose one is just....shit...god damn it...

Condolences to his family and friends, we all lost someone great. Godspeed Ryan Davis, you were taken too soon but the rest is so deserved all the same. We'll miss you, man.

Make sure you stop by to visit my grandmother up there, she makes some awesome home cooked meals. ;)

(im gonna go...i dunno...cry or something now...fuck man...)

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I just checked places I enjoy going to.

Never understood the fascination with Chipotle. I have been there a few times, but...I dunno, expensive Taco Bell is what it basically is to me. I prefer Taco Bell, but only ever eat Taco Bell a midnight...seems wrong to eat it at any other time but midnight.

Also Subway. Love the buffalo chicken sub.

No Papa Johns on the list is criminal. Way better than Dominos and Pizza Hut. But I love Sbarros, get it every time i go to the mall, which is the only place it exists in my area...and most other areas in Florida.

I actually do go to 7-11 quite a's a little sad. I like their Cuban Presses. There is also a Circle K down the road where I get nice cheap fountain drinks (67 cents for a 44 oz).

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Will, Norm, Alex and Sara moving to New York (granted they still work for GB/CV...its just not teh same not having them around), and now Dave. Whiskey Media is dropping like flies... :(

But we got Rorie back! And I am okay with that! :D

Good luck Dave!

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Really? Thought they stopped like...years ago. Well...this is kinda a bummer. I suddenly find myself regretting giving my PS2 away....maybe I should go get myself a new one....

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Maybe I just don't understand business...but why reveal a new version of the same console when the next console is likely to be revealed soon? Or does this just mean there won't be a next console, a PS4, as soon as people originally thought? =/

In any case, it's a nice looking PS3, and I am honestly considering buying the Assassin's bundle, just cause I like new shit. But do I need it? No...I don't.

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