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    I'll second Fire Emblem and Zelda: LBW. The others mentioned are all very good, but those two in particular are personal favorites. Mm, those two and Animal Crossing. And okay Mario 3D Land was inc...

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    On Newness in Video Games

    I'm sitting here not buying Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but really wanting to buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, when suddenly it occurs to me that this is something I'd meant to check myself on ...

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    That letter really synergizes the focus of their corporate journey's viability transition for me.

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    The rapping itself was on point--swift, percussive, etc.--but the instrumentals were bland, like they just slapped on a couple background loops and called it good. The game, similarly, looks to be an...

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    Correction: Those character upgrades are permanent. Props to you, Brad, for getting so far without them!