3,000 down, 2,000 more to go...

I hit the 1,000 mark for wiki editing points the other day, and I must say, it's MUCH nicer to be able to edit entries without moderation now. Especially nice for simply grammatical/spelling corrections and such. I'm looking forward to hitting the 5,000 mark and being able to add things without moderation, but I'm also worried I'll be too overzealous in adding content, particularly relating to iDevices and touch screen gaming. It seems that GiantBomb isn't quite as focused on the video game industry and technology as a whole as it is on specific consoles and games. For instance, trying to add concepts like the "App Store" or "stylus" are both not allowed, despite having a huge impact on gaming (especially the app store). Or adding an entry for "iDevices", which is an extremely common new term in referring to the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, was also declined.  So far it seems pretty inconstant as far as what is allowed and what isn't. My goal is simply to add as much gaming related content as I can, particularly to the cutting edge mobile platform genre. Lets hope I don't get in trouble for doing this!


iPhone Game Spree

As someone who writes for TouchGen, I feel it's my duty to continually add new iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad games to GiantBomb. So far I've had no issues with getting additions approved, and I'm waiting till I hit the magic 1000 point number so I can start adding/updating games more quickly. With over 80 million devices on the market, I think the iPhone/iPod is quite a viable gaming console, and it's time to show some love on GB, even though I know the big guys aren't big fans of mobile gaming. :S


I have too many other web projects...

So I won't have time to maintain a blog here, but I love these quests! ;)


Lost: Via Domus

I almost hate to admit it, but I'm playing that "Lost: Via Domus" game. Being a huge fan of the series, it's actually pretty fun. The voice acting and characters are sometimes off, but it's pretty creepy like the show, and very generous with achievements. ;) The graphics are actually really good, and the story line is interesting. But yeah, don't get it unless you're a fan of the show, heh.